World War II
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The war in the province of Overijssel.
Network of Jedburgh team Dudley.
Network of Hil Schipper, CAT.
Network of the resistance groups in Overijssel.
Mission SQUEAK, Sjoerd Sjoerdsma.
Dropzones in Overijssel.
Dropzone EVERT-2.
Dropzone near Zwolle.
Dropzone near Nieuwleusen.
Mission GRUNT.
Droppings on DZ EVERT.
Report of an agent called Robeck.
The IJssel Line near Zwolle
Assisting downed airrman in Overijssel.
A resistance commander called EDUARD.
A resistance commander called Herman Doppen.
A resistance commander called EVERT.
A letter from ALEX to WIM.
A letter from JAN to KOOS.