Jaap Beekman, SOE/BBO agent/marconist.

orm T.1
                                                                           HISTORY SHEET
                                                                                                                                                        PARTY 33.0B
                                                           (To be submitted to S.T.S. H.Q. in duplicaye
                                                            after1 st week. Third copy to be attached to
                                                                                  Form T.2.)
S.T.S. No. 6                                                                                                                                      School No. 11

Name by which known:  BARENDS
Nationality:  Dutch                                                                   Born at: Zwolle
Date of birth: 21st December 1919
Profession:  Assistant - surveyor
Family     (Giving full particulars of circumstances, location, etc.)
Father: - (pensioned) lives in Zwolle         
Mother: -                  ,,           ,,

Eight brothers: - 5 live in Zwolle, the three others live at 1. Heerlen (Limburg)
2. Eindhoven
                                                                             3. Haarlem
Four sisters: - Llive at 1. Zwolle
                               2.      ,,
                               3. Den Haag
                               4. Hilversum

Married or single: Single.                                                         Children: NONE

Languages (With order and degree of proficieny.)

Dutch: Perfectly.
German: Fluently.
French and English. Fairly well.

Hobbies: Homing Pigeons.

Areas intimately known: Knows extremely well Zwolle and 's Heerenberg (Gelderland) Achterhoek.                                                        Very well: Den Haag.

Military History. Joined Army 10th October 1938 (3rd Regt. Huzaren in Den Haag.)
                      February 1939, signed for 6 years. Was in action at Ypenburg (Den Haag) from 10th to 15th May 1940.

Past History (including Education, diplomas etc: in Chronological order and past employment.)

Studies:     Till the age of 12. School: Lager Onderwijs, Zwolle School VI.
               From 12 to 17 he went to the M.U.L.O. at Zwolle (Diploma "A")
               From the age of 17 to 18 - worked as assistant-suveyor at: H. ROETERT
               Steenbruggen Wipstrikkerallee 27II. At 18 years old (1938) till 25th
               June 1940, in the Army. Left Army to join Police Force in 's Heerenberg
               (25-6-40) Convinced by two French Prisoners to leave Holland, he
               escaped the 16th May 1942. After passing through Belgium and France, he
               left, Spain 24th July 1942, for Curaçoa (West Indies)
               Left Curaçoa for England 2nd September 1942.
               Arrived in this country 17th December 1942.

Zie Beekman familie.


N                                                                                            Dutch                                                                         OB.11

Name:  BEEKMAN, Jacob
P.T.C. 5-2-43
N.T. 11-2-43
Born  21-12-19  Zwolle
Occupation   Marechaussee
Pte. Address c/o Dutch Headquarters
Relatives  Father and Mother (BEEKMAN)
              Celebesstraat 3, Zwolle

Remarks  To be engaged as student at STS 6 commencing 12-2-43 alias BARENDS, Sgt. J.

D/CE.3a to NL.  13-2-43.
Herewith AF.G.1033 for Sgt. Barends from Camberley Reception Depot.

D/CE 3a to MT.1  9-3-43.
This student was issued with one of our special AB.64 Part I on 17-2-43.
Our Special Issues merely seek to refer all queries to 98 Horse Guards etc.

O.S.A. signed 19-4-43.
   S.D. signed 19-4-43.

2/Lt. Ashley STS   20-2-43.
Character (First impression) This man is kind and goodnatured. He is cool-headed and seems to possess a steady enthusiasm for this work, a sence of fairplay and of comradeship. He is keen, even balanced, docile and cheerful. he does his best to work well and behave correctly. 

Past History: Born at Zwolle in 1919. He is single, he joined the police in June 1940 at 's Heerenberg. he left 33 land in May 1942.

This man continues to work well. he is disciplined, keen, even balanced and good tempered. He is rather a heavy beer drinker,
but is does not seem to affect him al all.

Past History: His father and mother live at Zwolle. He has 8 brothers and 4 sisters; most of them live in Zwolle.

My opion on this man's character has not altered. He has an exellent character, very willing, helpful, modest. I consider him very suitable for this type of work. He claims to speak German fluently. Volunteered for the Army in 1939 (for a period of six years). He was in action in May 1940 near Den Haag.

Rest of the page is redacted.


From T.3
                                                          PARA-MILITARY REPORT

S.T.S. No. 24B                                                                                                                      Party 33 OB

(To be submitted after Para-Military Training in duplicate to S.T.S.  H.Q. Third copy to be attached to form T.1 and T.2)
                                                                                                                                                                    School No. 11
Name by which known SGT. BARENDS

Grade D

The following standard and ability has been obtained in training at S.T.S. No 24B

1. Physical Training.  Quite Good, but very clumsy.

2. Close Combat.  Very strong, but slow and apt to be hesitant. Has missed a good deal of this subject and needs more practice    - % in test.

3. Rope work. Will attempt any exercise given him, but as he suffers from giddyness at any height above 12 ft from the ground, it has been impossible to allow him to attempt most of the exercises, as each time he had to helped to the ground.

4. Fieldcraft. He has not done very much of this subject, but shows himself keen to learn and has made up lost time by watching and imitating the other students.

5. Weapon Training. Is a good natural shot and has not suffered by his absence in this subject. 43 % in test.

6. Explosives & Demolitions. Good.  Has done extra work at night to catch up. and remembers what he is taught. He has missed much practical work.  52 % in final test.

7. Signalling and communications. See separate report.

8. Reports etc.  The few that he has done have been good.

9. Map reading etc. Still rather slow, but is accurate in all his work in this subject.   50 % in test.

10. Schemes & Tactics. As he has only taken part in 4 Schemes and led 2, both by night, it is difficult to give an accurate report, but in what work he has done, he has shown himself a capable leader.

11. Boat Work.

12. Navigation.

13. Special Training (giving particulars)

Instructors Remarks. A good hard working student. Unfortunately, he spent 10 days of the course in Hospital and it has been impossible for him to make up for all the time he has lost.

Commandant's Report. In the little I have seen of him, he struck me as being a very capable man, and it is a great pity that he has missed so much of the Course. Had he been here the whole time, he would have been far and away the best of the party. as at is, he will need a lot more practice in demolition, especially practical work. His horror of heights will be a great handicap to him in his future work.

Date. 14th April 1943                                                                              Signed Mc..... Major O.C. S.T.S. 24 B

Date 16th April 1943                                                                                Signed C. Balden Lt. Col.
                                                                                                           Commandant Arisaig Area


MT4/17                                                                                                                           28th April 1943

To: DR for N                                                                                                                       From: - MT.4
                                                             Sgt. Barends  33OB.11

Appended is an extract from a report received from STS-51 in respect of the a/m student who was at that school from 18-4-43 - 24-4-43.

"This NCO did not like heights and was quite unhappy on the training apparatus. He carried out the training very well, however, and his three descents were good. He did not seem te be affected by altitude in the enclosed space of the Aircraft. He was given instruction and practice on the use of the "S-Phone" and seemed quite confident of his ability to operate it.

                                                       THREE DESCENTS     1ST CLASS


... student - suggestion which was not accepted. The Commandant promised to ring up the hospital to find out how long they intend to feep him.

This student came back from hospital the 6th April. The instructor is taking him seperately and putting him up to date with the training.

STS-51  24-4-43
Very reliable man. He chose this work because he simply loves his country. H eis honest, frank, kindhearted, good natured, understanding and disciplined. I feel sure that whatever the sort of work he is intended for, he will carry it out very conscientiously. This man is very sound on security matters.

Cpl. Ronnfeldt STS-52  24-5-43.
Although he was inclined to be rather noisy when he first arrived at this school, he soon calmed down, and is now quite well behaved. He is companionable, good humoured and has confidence in his own abilities. He goes to every danve and thoroughly enjoys himself, both on the floor and in the bar. Sometimes he is a little unsteady on his feet when returning home, but is not quarrelsome, nor does he get up late the following morning. He is very fond of the society of women. His confidence in his own abilities may have been greatly strengthened by his former experiences with the Boche. As a Dutch mounted policeman, after the occupation of his country, he was stationed in a village in the Eindhoven region near the border, and has related many incidents to the security personnel, in which he found it very easy to hoodwink the Boche. He may have to be watched for over confidence.

NL to D/CE.M.1  28-4-43.
This student is going to Station 52 early next week to commence training as a W/T operator. Attached are his previous reports.

D/CE.M.1 to MT.2  1-543.
There is no security objection to this student proceeding to STS-52 on 2-5-43.

Sgt. Ronnfeldt STS-52  14-8-43.
Since his engagement to
27.X.17 (Yolande Unternährer), this student has been leading a much quieter life than hitherto, spending most of his spare time on strolling round the grounds, or in taking a leisurely stroll to the village for a quiet pint in the company of his fiancee. In fact he seems to have become a reformed character. He continues to be very popular with the other students.

STS-34  1-9-43.
Little academic intelligence, slow-wittedbut practical and cunning. Stolid, self-opinionated and self-indulgent. Showed little interest in security, took few notes and when tested knew little about the subject. Most work under an experienced and strong organiser.

STS-51  27-11-43.
Completed one night parachute descent. He participated in all phrases of the training. Very cheerful and industrious. Taking his previous jumps into consideration he can be classified FIRST CLASS.

O.G. Group C to D/CEM.1  27-4-44.
This student is in the possession of AB.64 made out correctly with his training name. However, I understand that when he was in London recently he was issued with a pass which showed his original name, so that if he had been controlled at any time his passwould have shown a different name to that on his identtity document.

D/CEM.1 to N  29-4-43.
Passing on the above information.

STS-47  23-5-44.
He is a confident and accurate operator.
Morse: Sends 21, receives 21.
Skeds: Excellent.

STS-40 S-Phone: Worked quiet well and has a satisfactory knowledge.

Language: Capable of using English.

: Qualified to operate and maintain.

Eureka: Good pass.

Recommended: Qualified to operate and maintain Eureka in the field.

R.C. Work: Satisfactory.

General: A cheerful athletic type of student who showed great keeness in his work. He has the personality to make a good leader in the field. Also recommended to operate S-Phone and Eureka.

STS-50  1-7-44.
C.O. remarks: A good operator who has developed extremely well during the last two months. He cured his several faults in his W/T work.

28-8-44. Proceed to the field.

13-4-45. Arrived in UK.


Rank: 2/Lieut.
Rate of pay: Paid by Dutch.
Caom. Training  12-2-43
Schools Att: STS-6, STS-24, STS-47, STS-51, STS-5. STS-52, B-Group, STS-61 and STS-40.
Operational knowledge: Considerable, in the field from 28-8-44 till 13-4-45.

Sec./Students: None.
Reas./Disp: No further work available.
Rec. by Country sec: Return to unit.

19-5-45. Sworn out by Capt. Rees.


Form T.4.                                                                FINISHING REPORT
                                                                                                                                  Party No. WX/17
S.T.S. No. 34                                                                                                              School No. 33OB.11



Particulars of Finishing Training Given
:  Two week course.


Little academic intelligence, slow-witted but prectican and cunning. Stolid, self-opinionated and self-indulgent. Showed little interest in security, took few notes, and when tested knew little about the subject.
Must work under an experienced and strong organiser.

Codes report:

Revision of Playfair on conventions already arranged, and Double Transposition. Envelope opening. Exellent - routine practice required.

Date: 1st September 1943.                                                                                      Lt. Col.
                                                                                                               Commandant, Group B, S.T.S.


VS/4607                                                                                                                 12th November 1943
To: N.
                                                                                                                                 From O.C. Group "C" S.T.S.

                                                                    33OB 13 - Barends
                                               Reference your NL/TS/147 dated 10th November 1943.

You are coorect in understanding that arrangements have been made for revisionary W/T training at the Group "C" schools. It is agreed that a/m student shall proceed to S.T.S 5 on the 29th November for this purpose.

redacted part]

Please also inform us whether it is your intention that he remains at the school for the whole two months before proceeding to the field, in order that a suitable training programme can be drawn up

                                                                                                            S.B. Spooner
                                                                                                          Lieutenant Colonel
                                                                                                          O.C. Group "C" S.T.S.


COPY.                                                              Orig: copy in KOOPS' pers.file

NL/TS/164                                                                                                                     1st December 1943

To: O.C. "C" Group                                                                                                                  From: NL

                                                                    33.K.1  -  Sgt. KOOPS (
Gerrit Jan Kuenen)
                                                                    33.OB.11 - Sgt. BARENDS

Can arrangements please be made for the a/m students to proceed to S.T.S. 5 on monday, 6th December 1943.

Sgt. KOOPS left S.T.S. 5 in order to go to the field, owing to a change of plans he was unable to go and will now be kept back until the beginning of January.

Sgt. BARENDS who was to have gone to S.T.S. 5 on the 29th, was delayed as there was a possibility of him departing shortly for the field.

redacted part]

It would also be appreciated if arrangements could be made for him to practice W.T. whilst there.


COPY.                                                         Orig: in KOOPS' pers.file

FVS/5157                                                                                                                    3rd December 1943

Subjects - Movements, Students

To: O.C. S.T.S. 5                                                                                                          From O.C. Group "C" S.T.S.

                                                                       33.K.1 - KOOPS
                                                                       OB.11 - BARENDS

The a/m students will proceed to the school under your command by the train leaving Waterloo at 15.45 hrs. arriving Guildford at 16.27 hrs. on Monday, 6th December.

Sgt. BARENDS is a fully trained W/T Operator, but should be given a revisionary course, together with daily skeds to S.T.S. 52.

redacted part]

Sgt. Koops is already known to you.

                                                                                                         Signed S.B. SPOONER
                                                                                                           Lieutenant Colonel
                                                                                                          O.C. Group "C" S.T.S.

Copy: NL (Railway warrants enclosed herewith)

STS 5 - Wanborough Manor, Puttenham, Guildford, Surrey - initial training establishment for SOE operatives.


MT3/2665                                                                                                                    2nd October, 1943
To: DR for N                                                                                                                 From: Mt.3

                                                       96 Hour Scheme - 7/WX/17/101
                                                       BARENDS                  33.OB.11

Herewith one copy of the Duty officer's report, the student's own report and the Police and Contact's reports in respect of the above mentioned student who took part in a 96 Hour Scheme in the Bristol area from 30-8-43 to 4-9-43. Will you please return the Police and Contact's reports as soon as possible after persual.


                                                  REPORT ON 96 HOURS SCHEME - 7/WX/17/101.
                   BETWEEN 30th August and 4th September '43 (No interview took place after the scheme.)

: W/T Operator's scheme in Bristol.

Barends went as a shipping clerk, born and educated in Holland, trained in a shipping firm and with some sea-going experience. His cover for visiting Bristol was not very good as it was simply a case of one city appearing as good as any other in which to spend a vacation. However the polive gave him credit for sticking to his story.

He considered that he could obtain similat work in Bristol and his room was available if he retirned in a week.

He stayed at the Greyhound Hotel, Broadmeat, Bristol and then moved to another house, of which he gives no details in his report.

He does not think he was followed but he took the usual precautions, use of public vehicles, quiet streets, etc. In his report he does not mention his method of encoding, concealing documents, etc.

Major [
redacted].  Barends thought Major [redacted] would be very useful to his organisation, in providing storage and accommodation. Barends found great difficulty in finding a pretext for an interview and after once being rebuffed telephoned and made an appointment . Only one interview took place. The contact reported very favourably on his natural manner, introduction of the pass-word and his practical suggestions. He thinks that he is very suitable and has had practical connection with this type of work previously.

On the whole, Barends did quite well. His biggest mistake was in volunteering information which revealed his ignorance of civilian conditions in this country and obliged the police to question him further on this subject. He had little chance of maintaining his general cover, but the police formed quite a high opinion of him.

He suggests work-people in the suburbs and soldiers in cafes, but gives little detail.

The dead Boites-aux-lettres seemed suitable and accurately described. Both the live boites-aux-lettres seemed well chosen and one was tested and apparently found satisfactory.

He chose the usual places, cafes, hotels and the Post-Office and his nationaltlity appears in his choice of the statue of William III as another rendezvous.

He only gives two - his own room, voltage 210 and the contact's factory where he noticed DC electricity. He comments on the observation and alternative exits from these sites.

The message in two parts was very well done. He wrote a long innocent letter, of which the coding was exellent.

Considering his linguistic difficulties, he did quite a good scheme. His report is not sufficiently full to astimate how much work he put in to his other tasks.



                                                                                                         Duty Officer - Lieut. Powell-Evans.


Serg. J. Barends.


Maandag 30 Augustus.
5 uren door Bristol geloopen op zoek naar woongelegenheid. Voor één nacht plaats gevonden in Greyhoundhotel, Broadenroad. Alle hotels in Bristol voor de geheele week volgeboekt. (Zeer weinig hotels omdat een groote gedeelte van Bristol verwoest is). s' Avonds ontmoeting met een persoon in een koffiehuis die me een kamer bezorgde bij zijn moeder thuis.

Dinsdag 31 Augustus.
's Morgens naar mijn nieuwe kosthuis gegaan, adres Mrs.[
redacted] Bristol. 's Middags bezoek gebracht aan de pottery firm Pounting and Co. Lodge Eanteway en mijn contact den heer [redacted] te spreken. Ongeveer 1½ gewacht doch de heer [redacted] had geen tijd. Innocent brief en brief in veil language geschreven.

Woensdag 1 September.
Bristol verkend en gezocht naar geschikte werkplaatsen in boites aux lettres. 's Middags den heer [
redacted] opgebeld en deze verzocht mij 's avonds te komen. s'Avonds onderhoud met Mr. Vesioun te diens huize.

Adressen gezocht voor H.V. en huizen om te werken (geen huizen of kamers te huur wegens de bombardementen). 's Middags brief gebracht naar een "living boite aux lettres".

Vrijdag 2 September.
's Morgens opgehaald door de politie. Naar een verhoor zei de inspecteur dat hij eerst alle gegevens eens na wilde gaan en stelde me in voorlopige bewaring. 's Middags uit de gevangenis losgelaten.


1. Aan mijn kostjuffrouw verteld dat ik in Londen op een bureau van een handelsmarine
(werk) en dat ik eenige personen gedurende deze week in Bristol moet spreken.

2. Ik kon haar gemakkelijk vertellen dat ik voor goed in Bristol kwam te werken en zij bood mij aan dfat wanneer ik overgeplaatst werd naar Bristol of weer eens een week terugkwam onmiddelijk haar kamer kon huren.

3. Greyhoundhotel, Broadermend 1 Bristol. Mrs.
[redacted] Bristol.

4. Op mijn tochten door Bristol verscheidenen keer op het laatste nippertje in een ...verkeersbus gesprongen en bij het wandelen in de straten soms snel een hoek omgeslagen en een steegje ingeschoten. Ik geloof niet dat ik gevolgd ben deze week.

5. Werkzaamheden in vuile restaurant in de buitenwijken en militairen in cafes.

6. Mr.
[redacted] Rooms, Bristol. Manager van een groote aardewerkfabriek. Kon bruikbare menschen aanwijzen en had groote bergplaatsen in de fabriek.

7. Dead boites aux lettres:
a. Viaduct in Parkstreet ( onder dit viaduct loopt de Frogmorestreet. Trap naar beneden naar de Frogmorestreet (een heel stille straat) Onderaan de trap rechts is een houten deur waartegen 2 groote keistenen staan.Tusschen deze
[redacted] is een opening voor een brief. (De keisteenen zijn in geen jaren van hun plaats geweest).

b. Rechter steenen hoekpost, gleuf tusschen bovenste en één na bovenste steen van ingang naar oud bouwvallig gebouw begroeid met klimop. Het gebouw staat links naast de kerk in de Wellinton Road.

Live Boites aux Lettres.
a. Cigaretten en boekwinkel, [
redacted], een smal omhoog lopend straatje, bestaande uit steenen trappen, de eigenaar der winkel is zeer vriendelijk en een oude man.

b. Lloyd Hulway Dining Rooms, [
redacted], Easton, Bristol. Een oud vuil koffiehuis met 2 aardige oude dames. Aan hun een brief gegeven met als adres [redacted] en verzocht deze aan deze heer te geven wat zij gaarne deden. De heer [redacted] zou deze brief onder den naam van [redacted] op komen halen.

8. Plaatsen geschikt voor rendezvous
a. Voor persoon van mijn eigen stand.

Lounge van Grazu Hotel te Bristol.

Bar van Grasvenor Hotel (bij Vaadnet) Victoriastreet, Bristol.

b. Met een werkman.
Ge Priory Café, Restaurant naast Hippodrome, St. Augustines parade, Bristol.

c. Met een vrouw.
Centraal Postkantoor, Sinallstreet, Bristol.
Voetstuk van Standbeeld Willem III, in de buurt van de zitbanken, Queen Square, Bristol.

d. Algemeen.
Bij de bushalten (service 1) Broad Square, Bristol.

9. Kamer van Mrs. [
redacted] Voltage 210 Volt. Uitzicht op straat en zeer gemakkelijk uit het raam te springen. Tuin achter het huis. Fabriek van Pounting en Co. Medewerking van Mr. [redacted] apparaten om DC om te zetten in AC aanwezig in de fabriek.

10. Every Saturday H.V. in London. Time and place in other letter. Deze aanvullende brief gericht aan [
redacted]. Aan Miss Bullring, Oxfordstreet, tusschen 15.00 en 16.00 uur. Deze brief meegegeven aan een militair die naar London ging.

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Bron: Personal SOE File HS9/114/1