Even with the provision of the finest Home Station equipment and Signal Plans, reliable communications cannot be maintained with our agents in the field unless they are suitably quipped and supplied, not only with such fundamental equipment as their WT sets, but also with the hundred and one accessories that are needed to make their task possible.

This section is primarily the link between bulk store supply, under control of AD/G, and the Country Sections of London Group, and it always operates with the firm intention of giving reliable and intelligent service to those Country Sections so far as it humanly possible.

Whilst at first sight it might appear that all that is required is merely the passing of Indents from Country Section to Supplies, far more is, in fact involved, though this work proceeds smoothly and unobtrusively from day to day.

Firstly, the Section deals completely with the large number of technical queries, often on non-radio matters, that concern the Country Section in connection with the equipment for their agents, and it is always ready to give advice as to the particular type of equipment likely to be most suitable in every kind of circumstance.

The Section is responsible for the technical supervision of every single Indent (over 3000 per annum) passed by Section or Group, including Mediterranean and Far East, to AD/G making suitable amendments to them or referring them back for fuller information where necessary.

The Section carried out the progressing of all London Group Indents, seeing that the material is available at the right place at the right time and advising Sections as to delays where these are inevitable.

Suitably detailed records are kept covering all Supplies maters so that any query can be dealt with without delay.

The Section controls the Eureka Packing Section at RAF Tempsford through its Radar Officer. Keeping the Packing Section supplied with necessary accessories, the Section controls every Eureka set, including its acceptance test, from the time it leaves the factory until it is in the hands of the agent in the field. A comprehensive check is kept on the movements of every one of hundreds of sets, each recognisable by the code number allotted. This Eureka service involves provision of instruction booklets and spares, advice on packing for air operations, and delivery to and collection from the Parachute Packing Station at RAF Henlow. In addition if the sets are not despatched to the field immediately, each set is checked and its accumulator recharged monthly.

The Section is responsible for the detailed post-factory check of every single suitcase WT set allotted to London Group, and no single set is issued unless it is 100% satisfactory.

The Section, in maintaining very close liaison with Country Sections, is continously of assistance to their agents in connection with their gear, providing explanations and information as required.

The Section is responsible for the maintenance of all WT receiving equipment at HQ, which amounts to no small labour in provision of charged accumulators, etc. (The Section runs its own Workshop and Charging Rooms)

The Section possesses a Reserve store of operational WT material, from which most essential items of WT equipment can be drawn in an emergency.

The Section is responsible for the co-operation of availabilities and requirements of all Sections and Groups in connection with monthly allocations and yearly requirements.

Finally, the Section is responsible for control of allocations and supplies to kindred users outside SOE and deals with associated queries regarding supplies and availabilities.

All the above functions involve intensive detailed work which would be quite impossible without the wholehearted efforts of the clerical and stores staff concerned.

In particular the work of Sgt. T.M. Watson is deserving of high praise. This WAAF NCO who has declined a Commission in order to continue her work in the Section, has always displayed the greatest keenness in carrying out efficiently and cheerfully duties, which, after all, are of a tedious nature.

Also deserving of commendation are Cpl. Murphy and L.A.C. Blossom. These two RAF personnel, although doing their work almost unnoticed, carry out their duties in a manner which is in keeping with the highest traditions of the Service. The amount of work they do is amazing. Cpl. Murphy, over a period of some weeks was handling upwards of three tons of stores a day, which L.A.C. Blossom tests completely no less than 1500 suitcase sets per annum in addition to his other duties.