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@ BRUIN, Tobias

NAME:          BIALLOSTERSKE, Tobias                                                             

P.T.C.           9-11-43

MI-5 advise   copies of LRC Iterrogation

9-12-43        reports on this man have been sent to you.
S.T.S. 22

Profession       Diamond worker (polisher)

Father-Tobias, 59, diamond worker (own business), Lonsdale Hotel 23 Montague St.
                    Mother-Guartge De Graaf, living with her mother, Kruidbergerweg 99, Santpoort N.H.
                    Brother-Willem, 26, not working, living with mother.
                    Brother Bennie, 19, living away from home to avoid work in Germany.
                    Half-brother-Max, 35, married Prisoner of War in Java.
                    Half-brother-Joop, 29, POW in hands of Japanese
                    Half-sister-Dorothea, 34, married (Krebs) changing address to avoid work in Germany
                    Half-sister-Elisabeth, 32, married (Arons) ditto

Dutch, working knowledge of English, slight German.

Rowing, animal breeding.

Areas known 
Whole of N. Holland, Ameland (Province of Friesland).

Mil. History    

Past History  
Born and brought up at Bloemendaal.
                        1926-32 Lageren School, Bloemendaal.
                        1932-34 Mulo, Bloemendaal.
                        1934-35 Mulo, Amsterdam.
                        1935-37 Bouwkundige Ambachts School (architecture & building).
                        1937-40 Apprenticed in diamond polishing in Amsterdam.
                        1940     Moved with mother to Sandpoort, ostensibly working on farm, later as
                                    Chemist's assistant in Haarlem.
                        Oct.43  Left for England.


Sgt. Van Blankenstein  STS-22   29-12-43.

This student arrived unexpectedly on Tuesday evening 21-12-43. Party and school number unknown. No information available. he told me that he was sent here on a short course to learn the first elements of arthritis and that he done the rest of the training. On Thursday 23-12-43 he wrote two letters, which were two examples on bad security.
The first one addressed to Mr. Biallosterske, ran as follows; "You will probably think that this is a peculiar way of starting a letter, no date .. and no heading, but it is better to do so for this time
The work I'm doing is very hard but healthy. At night time I am very tired and only want to get in bed early, because the day's work is long My journey was anything but quick. I only arrived at Glasgow at 10 p.m. and the connection I had to catch had already left a long time ago. The next train was only at 6 a.m. on Tuesday morning and this is the only train of the day. I did not get bored because the town is very pleasant and I had a first class hotel. I arrived exactly a day late at my destination . Don't forget to answer my letter because I am cut off from the whole world..."
The second one addressed to Mrs. Costa, sais: "You are perhaps curious about certain things. It is not possible for me to tell you anything about them here and certainly not in a letter.." Mrs. Costa is his cousin. He has only seen her once before, but hopes to meet her soon. As he is a commissioned officer, I asked Lt. Tivey to make the necessary remarks, which he did in my presence. I explained to him afterwards the reason for our precautions and he agreed that our security measures were necessary. He re-wrote the two letters later on and they were posted at STS HQ on 27-12-43. Please let me know if I have to take any further interest in this student.

STS-51   4-12-43.

This officer was quite fit on arrival and worked hard during the P.T. and ground training. He seemed quite confident and cheerful and carried out the course in good style. He made four descents - two from aircraft and one from a balloon by day and one from an aircraft by night. He participated in the night exercise. Showed himself to be a serious modest type, correct in his demeanour and one who took full advantage of the instruction with excellent results.

Sgt. Van Blankenstein STS-22    4-1-44.

Left for London on 30-12-43.

D/CEM.3 to NP  13-1-44.

I understand that this student was withdrawn from STS-22 on 30-12-44 and is now in London awaiting a mission.
In view of this, your attention is drawn to FSP report dated 29-12-43 which seems to indicate that his security mindedness is not all that could be desired.

STS-40   2-3-44.

Qualified to operate and maintain S-Phone in the field, providing he uses his own

Fair. Competent but more experience advisable.
R.C. work         
Has worked very well and has a sound knowledge of the subject.
C.O. remarks      Recommended.

STS-39  23-3-43.

This student was here only for three days. During that time an attempt was made to give him, in a very condensed form, a great deal of instruction over a wide variety of topics. Quite apart from the shortness of time, it was difficult to judge his capacity, owing to the fact that his English is poor and that he shared no alternative language with his instructor. Nevertheless, he is evidently keen about the whole subject; and he has a very pleasant personality and his mental bent is evidently practical and business like. He knows what he wants to do and will use common sense rather than detailed political and theoretical knowledge to get it done.

N to D/CE.G.1   20-7-44

This agent left for the field on 1-4-44 and returned to this country on 9-7-44. he contemplates marrying on 22-7-44 and particulars are given of his fiancee.
Eva Skotting, Danish, living at 22 Oakley Street, Chelsea. Born 11-3-18 at Visby, near Aarhus. Arrived in this country 1-5-38. Ministerial assistant (first class) N.C.S. Father Paul Andre, Mother Inger Margrete Smit.

BCS to D/CEM.2   25-7-44.

The examination of this agent has now been completed and he should be handed over to SN Section.


Height 5'10¾; weight 11 st; chest normal 38"; expanded 39½; waist 29"; seat 36½; back-nape to waist 18"; centre to shoulder 8"; elbow 22½; wrist 33"; leg outside 45"; inside 34"; head 21½; foot 11".


Average height, broad shoulders. Dark hair. Long thin face. Hazel eyes. Upper teeth slightly spaced. Long vertical operation scar - stomach.
re-imposing on him certain restrictions from which Allied Nationals had been exempted by Gereral Order. Tobias Biallosterske Junior appers to have made a good impression at the LRC and we do not feel that our records of ....... redacted have any bearing on the security aspect of his case.
Born                18-4-20, Bloemendaal, Holland.
Nationality        Dutch.
Pte. Address     Kruidbergerweg 99, Velsen.
Relatives          Father-Tobias, Dutch, b.Amsterdam
                       Mother Guurtje de Graaf, Dutch, b. Haarlem, living at
                       Kruidbergerweg 99, Velsen
                       Brother- Willem, at above address.
                       Brother-Benny (underground)
                       Step-brother-Max, POW Java
                       Step-brother-Joop, in india.
                       Step-sister- Dorothea-Underground.

Remarks         Student at STS 7-21 11-43
SD signed        30-11-43
OSA signed

MT. 5-FG          Will attend SAB with 27 Can party on 21-11-43

STS HQ to Group B  23-11-43.

This student ia as present appearing before the SAB and if passed as satisfactory, will be sent into the field with the following mission. His task will be the manufacture and distribution of a booklet of instructions for the unorganised mass of the Dutch population. He himself will have to organise the distribution and the manufacture of under ground  newspapers A 96 hour scheme is not required for this student, and on completior of his course at Groep B he will proceed to STS 51. The country section have requested that whilst he is at Group B he may be given the maximum amount of exercise and physical training. Will proceed to Groep B on 28-11-43.

NL to MT 23-11-43.

Requesting arrangements for this student to proceed to Group B for the usual 3 weeks' course. He is at present at the SAB and it is intended that he should receive only Group B training and STS 39 and 51.

AD/E to MT 25-11-43.

Agreeing in this student proceeding to the above mentioned schools. (Note from D/CE.1-Spoke NL who said now going to 51 not Group B. Said O.K.)

D/CE.M.1 to NL 25-11-43.

This student went before the SAB on 21-11-43 and application has now been received for him to proceed to Group B without ant prelimenary  training. His vetting is still not complete but d?CE.1 has ruled that subject to his passing the SAB and to AD/E's approval for this course of training, there is no objection from security point of view to his proceeding to Group B on 28-11-43.

SAB report - 23-11-43.

General       D
Intelligence  4
Morse         AVERAGE
Mechanical  AVERAGE
Instruction  AVERAGE

Remarks        A young man with a far better intelligence than his rating indicates. His carelessness and lack of
                     forethought spoilt nearly all his work. He is alert, quick and showed both resource and ingenuity. In
                     addition, he is sincere, patriotic, warm and friendly in manner and anxious to return to the field as
                     soon as possible. He is immature, opinionated, has far too much youthful self confidence, even
                     conceit and is not likely to prove very amenable in training. He needs discipline and a full rigorous
                     course of training is recommended. His work in the field has been good in subordinate capacity and it
                     probably represents the limit of his suitability.

Country Sect. This man has been selected for a special mission of limited duration which can only be carried out by
remarks         someone already known to persons in the field who have to be contacted. As the knowledge he
                     already has is considered sufficient for his task, his training will be curtailed accordingly.