Op 17 februari 1944 verschijnt een rapport dat waarschijnlijk door 'Bayswater' geschreven is en dit gaat over BROADBEAN,GOLF,VAN VLIET, ook wordt een rapport genoemd over COSTER @ SOCCER. Dit was in werkelijkheid Tony CNOOPS, hij werd in de nacht van 23 september 1943 in Frankrijk gedropt om geld aan RESSER-CUPERUS te overhandigen op het Olympiaplein in Amsterdam. Cnoops vertrouwde REESER-CUPERUS echter niet en overhandigde het geld aan een ander contact wat hem door Engeland verstrekt was. Op 12 november 1943 was Cnoops terug in Engeland.

BSSSA/KV/1062                                                                                                                                                           17th February, 1944
To: L/SV                                                                                                                                                                          From:   BSS/A

Suggested lines to reply to L.397/Holland/1.(B.I.B.) DPW, attached.

The contact between the Dutch Escape Route (BROADBEAN-GOLF/VAN VLIET) and the VIC Organisation was in the first instance arranged by D/F on the assumption, not that the Dutch Line itself was German operated, but that it would almost certainly be passing very 'hot' bodies - i.e. bodies that were certainly blown and that might be German agents.
Because of this there was no direct switch-over between the two lines, instead a 'dead end' house was used: Mlle. FREDIN, Rue Pecket 60, Paris. The Dutch Line was given this address and password and VIC was advised when the bodies were to be collected from it, also that they might be compromised.
VIC did not trust ARNAUDROBERT (Richard Christmann, Abwehr V-Mann!) who was the passeur taking bodies to this address and although he has seen him, he has not contacted him more than absolutely necessary. The contact has been made at Rue Pecket (vide report of COSTER @ SOCCER).
The procedure seems to have been that a cut-out would collect bodies from Mlle. FREDIN and pass them over to PIERRE COLIN of the Avenue Emile Zola (vide report of Lt, HURST), from where they were routed down the normal Vic Line; it is on this line proper, that bodies are passed from one passeur to another in parks and public places.
When it became apparent that BROADBEAM - GOLF line was in fact likely to prove to be German operated, D/F cut out Rue Pecket entirely and sealed off all contacts.
In respect of para.3 in G.P.W. letter the end of HURST's report is interesting, indicating as it does (page 8 Para.1) that VIC's passeuse from Lyons to Perpignan had met
VAN VLIET in Paris. This was not stated as fact but it is HURST's very strong impression during a conversation which he had this woman.

It should, of course, be borne in mind that all appearance are that VIC has passed German agents down his line which he has from the BROADBEAN - GOLF line e.g. the four Dutchmen who were 'arrested' on the VIC truck in the Pyrenees; if this is so the general lay-out if not the details of the line must be known. D/F can confirm an impression that this general lay-out is frequently changed by VIC.

Kan Van Vliet, Hendrik Knoppers alias SERGEANT zijn geweest?

Hieronder nog een transcriptie van een rapport van 9 maart 1944, hierin worden de namen van de diverse lijnen in Spanje genoemd.

To: D/F                                                                                                                               VB/DF/120
Copt to FA and VM                                                                                                                 9-3-44
From VB (Barcelona)


1. Your letter FA/DF/VB/96 (what about VM (Madrid)?) of the 25th February para.1
CREAMTOWN (Figueras) set up.
I am glad
VIC is satisfied but would point out it has nothing to do with DF.750. The CREAMTOWN (Figueras) body line is working through EDITH and is known as the VIC-DODGE Line.

2. The VIC Message Line is handled by DF.750 through DF.760 and 761. as you know, these two lines are independent.

3. Your para.2 - I have been busy on some of these requirements for some time. I propose to fix up this end of the body-line through
PEP and a postbox for parcels and messages independently.

4. I had already thought of establishing a cut-out and safehouse near
S (Seo de Lugel) (your coding). This should not be difficult to arrange.

5. I will also prepare a reserve body line as an alternative to the above.

6. I also have a reserve line for what you call the 'CREAMTOWN VIC LINE' and what I call the VIC-DODGE line. This reserve line is run by
PEP and will in future be known as the PONTIAC-LINE.

7. I enclose a chart of it and also diagrams of the VIC-DODGE and VIC Message Lines.

In het rapport van FERENCE (R.A. Chaman) de marconist van de VIC-Line is ook nog het een en ander te lezen over deze ontsnappings route.

                                                                          TERUG OVERZICHT