To arrange  a system whereby these Jedburgh teams can communicate with SF Detachment as expeditiously as possible and vice versa.

Two channels of communication will be adopted for each Jedburgh team.

Between Jedburgh and SF-2 Detachment direct as one plan.
Between Jedburgh and SF-2 via London on another plan.

Note. When London is referred to it implies the associated WT station near Aylesbury.

The direct link to and from Jedburghs will operate only for one hour for each Jedburgh daily. Times as in plans.

Normal 24 hours channels are available between Jedburghs and London and SF and London.

Jedburghs will be provided with:


One set of outward code books for communicating to London direct, SF direct or SF Detachment via London.

Two sets of inward code books:
One for traffic from SF Detachment direct or from SF Detachment via London.
One for traffic originated or enciphered in London.

SF-2 will be provided with:

One set of outward code books for communicating with Jedburghs either direct or via London.
One set of code books for inward traffic from Jedburghs either direct or via London.

London will be provided with:

One set of inward code books to match received traffic from Jedburghs.
One set of outward code books to match to send London originated traffic to Jedburghs.

Indication of Routing.

All traffic from Jedburghs for SF Detachment, either direct or via London will be indicated by adding after the WT number an oblique stroke followed by the code pad number, e.g. NR 36/4281. This London receiving such a prefix from a Jedburgh will know that the message is intended for SF-2 and will be prepared to receive such a message in duplicate. When completed, one copy will be immediately put on the SF-2 out link and sent exactly  as received. The other copy will go through registry and decoding for delivery as usual distribution list. Clear copies will be marked CLDDD Validate. All traffic from the Jedburghs will be relayed to SF-2.

Note. Should a Jedburgh have passed a message for SF-2 via London and be in doubt as to whether SF-2 Detachment has received it by the time he has opened up his next direct sked with SF-2, he may offer the same message again. ID SF-2 Detachment has already received the message via London (it will be signalled by the same WT number e.g. NR. 36/4281) they will immediately "QSL" it (
did receive) or ask for any desired corrections.

Traffic from SF-2 Detachment for Jedburghs either direct or via London will be given a similar prefix to "Indication of Routing" as mentioned above i.e. the SF-2 outward code book number will be added after the WT number and Oblique
stroke. Such messages will be dealt with at London as in "Indication of Routing" as mentioned above and relayed on to the Jedburghs as soon as possible.