POW Card
P.O.W. Card
DUTCH Section

Born: BLOEMENDAAL, 18-4-1920

Alias: BRUIN, Tobias @ HANS

Sent: from U.K. 8-9-1944

Arrested by LANDWACHT (Dutch Police) on 10-2-1945 and was badly wounded on same date when an attempt was made to free him. Was moved to hospital in AMSTERDAM and from there taken to SCHEVENINGEN prison, N.W. of The Hague on 13-2-1945. Height 5'10¼". Long thin face; broad forehead; hazel eyes; long straight nose; dark hair; upper teeth slightly spaced; rather Jewish appearance; vertical scar, stomach.

* on 19-4-45 a message was received from Biallosterski's successor saying that B. had died of wounds seven weeks ago.