SCULLING & TURNIQUIOTS                                                                                  (Contacting LO)


Pulling together

Referring to London’s recent admonition
SCULLING (Sjeerp Postma) cabled (40) that there need to be no misgivings about the resistance forces in his area. The various groups were working well together. He reported (41) that he was planning to save bridges in co-operation with airborne troops. He could prevent the demolition of the bridges south of Vianen and could delay the demolition of the bridges across the Lek for about half an hour. London asked (42) what he could do without the co-operation of airborne troops, as this could not be guaranteed.

Falling apart

SCULLING (WITTE DIRK) (Sjeerp Postma) cabled (43) that the protection of the Lek bridge was doubtful owing to the open nature of the country. He could however prevent the destruction of the canal bridge south of Vianen. Internal dissension had again broken out in his area (44). He requested that in the interests of unity, COR should be appointed Utrecht regional commander. His (Sculling) plans for protection of the bridges could be effective only under a young commander such as COR.

W/T sets found by farmers

Material dropped to the ground PARIS had fallen outside the dropping area and had been found by farmers
(45) Through being “stupidly hidden” the material had got wet and only one of the four sets and one receiver could be used. Would London please drop again very soon on Paris? All the Dutch Police in that area were working with the resistance, and considered it impossible that the Germans should have put out false reception lights. SCULLING reported (46) the presence of a complete SS Panzer Division near Barneveld. He now had a telephone link between Utrecht and Nijmegen (47) . Could London drop penicillin and apparatus for making gramophone records of the BBC news?

(40)  10 from Sculling of 4.11.1944
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Strenght of Resistance in Utrecht
London asked
SCULLING (Postma) (48) to give the approximate strength of the resistance forces in Utrecht, and state how many of the men were armed. He replied (49) that there were about 7000 “real partisans” and many saboteurs, and their numbers were growing. The armed strength, however was only about 2000. In Central Holland perfect unity had now been achieved by “melting together” the KP, RVV and OD under a single
Plan to Safe Power Station

again asked (50) that more care be taken with dropping operations. One container had exploded in the air, and another had fallen a kilometre away from the dropping point, and had been found by the Germans. He submitted a plan (51) to save the PEGUS power station. This was the only source of electricity supply for the whole of Central Holland.


, SCULLING’s W/T operator (Gerrit Reisiger), reported (52) the arrest in Utrecht of SCULLING (Postma), CUBBING (Cieremans), COR and 13 district commanders, all of whom were taken at a meeting. On November 27th TURNIQUOITS cabled (53) on SCULLING’s code that he would
probably ask for the bombing of the prison where
SCULLING and the resistance leaders were confined. All resistance would be impossible if these key men were not liberated.

Cubbing (Cieremans) was never arrested he and a resistance member called Ome Jan had been hiding in the building where the arrest took place on top of a large cupboard on the attic.


Escape after arrest
TURNIQUOITS cabled (54) that he had escaped after arrest. He had been hiding for 24 hours. He would do his utmost to save all the wireless material. He still did not know the reason for his arrest. It was possibly that WITTE DIRK (SCULLING) had been wounded. London congratulated him on his escape ( 55). No more material would be sent until the situation had improved. No further contacts should be made for the time being.

(48)  47 to  Sculling via Waveney of 18.11.1944
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(55) 10 to Turniquoits via Waveney of 26.11.44



Bribes German soldier
SHOOTING (Luijkenaar) reported (56) that he had bribed a German soldier to take him to a safe place while the razzia was being held in Rotterdam. GERARD (PODEX, Mulholland) had been picked up. Two men had been shot, and one taken by the SD. Many were still in hiding. SHOOTING had been buying food for them, but could not keep this up with the money he had at present. Would London send some money as soon as possible? The food situation was “getting hopeless” .


CHARADES (Jaap Beekman) reported (57) that 300 trucks had been derailed on the line Almelo-Coevorden. Several of these were carrying tanks. The trucks were plainly visible from the air. In a further message (58) he reported the presence of a prison camp in Ommen. This was a danger to the underground movement as the prisoners were frequently “made to talk”. CHARADES forwarded (59) a message from EVERT (Kapt. Lancker) reporting that telephone traffic east of the IJssel had been entirely crippled by the efforts of his group. How long was this to continue?

Advised to cease action …
In reply, London congratulated EVERT on his good work, but suggested that for security, and to prevent reprisals, no further action should be taken at present. HQ would, however, like a repetition of this attack in conjunction with an Allied advance. If this was possible would EVERT advise the earliest date by which he would be prepared to make a similar attack, and the BBC message which should be broadcasted as a signal for action.

And Contract
London cabled (
60) that it was preferable that EVERT should control a small well-organized group rather than a large one, which would inevitably be penetrated sooner or later. This request did not mean that EVERT was being “sabotaged” by DUDLEY. It was a question of safety.

(56) 12 from Shooting of 27.1.44

(57)  Srl No B 2936/59 from Charades via Wesun of 5.11.1944. Can’t find this telegram.

(58)  Srl No B 4389/15 from Charades via Wesun of 11.11.194
Opgave kamp Ommen stop Huis Eerde is het hoofdkwartier van de Sicherheitsdienst en Veldgendarmerie stop Barakken kamp BEST HMERB ZRG bevat enkele gevangenen doch deze zijn een gevaar voor ons daar zij herhaaldelijk tot spreken gebracht worden stop Om dit barakkenkamp woont het controle commando in houten huisjes stop Noordelijk van Huis Eerde is een BE UHD voor Duitschers stop

(59)  Srl No B 4618/33 from Charades via Wesun of 15.11.1944
61 stop Rapport van Evert stop Telefoonverkeer oost van IJssel geheel gestremd door onze actie stop Hoe lang voortzetten vraagteken stop

(60)  42 to Charades via Wensun of 24.11.1944
42 Voor Evert stop Geen kwestie van sabotage door Dudley maar wel een kwestie van veiligheid stop Hebben liever kleine groep maar veilig dan een groep die te groote omvang neemt en die onvermijdelijk vroeger of later gepenetreerd zal worden stop Laten deze kwestie natuurlijk in van BNBS maar
dit was doel mijn bericht stop

DRAUGHTS (second Mission) & BACKGAMMON                                           (Contact with RVV and OD)

DRAUGHTS was warned (61) that the Germans were putting out false lights, and as some of his reception committees were not using the correct lighting system, he should take steps to rectify this at once since pilots were being warned not to drop unless the everything was in order.

British admonish rival leaders

S was given the following message (62) to all resistance forces in Holland:

Russians to be dispersed

reported (63) that the Russians near the coast of North-Holland would be split up into small groups among German Divisions throughout the country. They wanted to resist and according to DRAUGHTS’ contact, were willing and able to destroy the Germans now with them, and could defend their area against the enemy. They had supplies which would enable them to hold out for about a month. This would be of great value if the Russians could take the fortress of IJmuiden, and prevent the destruction of the harbour. London regretted (64) had the Russians were to be split up, but the Allied High Command emphasized that no mutiny should take place until called for by them.

British message: DC’s reply
The Commander of the Delta Centrum replied via Draughts
(65) to London’s appeal for unity in the following terms:

(61) 96 TO Draughts of 1.11.1944
To Draughts via night Torridge
96. We believe Germans putting out false lights and as some of your receptions are not using correct system please instruct your committees make sure correct lighting system and correct signals are used because pilots being warned not to drop unless all correct.

(62) 98 to Draughts of 2.11.1944
To Draughts via night Plym.
Same text as in telegram as in diaries.

(63) Daily Summary No, 61 of 4.11.1944

(64) 102 to Draughts of 3.11.1944
To Draughts via night Torridge
102. Regret your news about Russians but Allied High Command stress importance that no mutiny should take place until called for by them.

(65) 181 from Draughts of 4.11.44
From Draughts via Torridge.
Same text as in telegram as in diaries.

Gas training for German officers

reported (66) that on October 15th  a secret meeting had been held in Rotterdam by high German officers as a result of which all German officers in occupied Holland had been given detailed directions on the use of gas. London advised DRAUGHTS (67) that special medical kits for use by doctors working with resistance forces were being prepared. Each kit contained sufficient medical supplies for 500 men for one month. If DRAUGHTS was in touch with suitable doctors would he indicate the names of dropping grounds where it would be convenient to receive these packages.

Call for airborne troops

The Delta Centrum reported
(68) that 300 German troops had been sent to Den Oever in North-Holland. It was expected that they would put the sluices out of commission. This would cause a daily rise of between one and three centimeters in the level of the IJsselmeer, with catastrophic consequences for the surrounding country. The underground forces were probably incapable of preventing this action. Would London take into
consideration the dispatch of airborne troops to this point?

And RAF action

reported (69) that razzias were now taking place in Rotterdam. Thousands of Dutchmen were being transported to Germany. He asked London to destroy completely the railways directly east of Amersfoort, and Utrecht and North and east of Haarlem. The Delta Centrum reported (70) that the enemy were removing Dutch streamline, diesel and electric rolling stock to Germany. Strong guards prevented action by resistance forces. It was suggested that the RAF should destroy railway bridges near Groningen, Zuidbroek and Nieuweschans.

Weapons stored in ship

had 15 tons of his weapons safely stored in a ship in Amsterdam (71). London advised DRAUGHTS (72) that in order to safeguard security resistance cells should not exceed 100 men. DRAUGHTS was told (73) that it was unlikely that airborne co-operation could be arranged to prevent the proposed German demolition of the locks at Den Over. DRAUGHTS should plan to do what he could, and keep London closely advised of all developments. DRAUGHTS cabled (74) that in case of big razzias in Amsterdam he would try to carry on with his work, but if this was not possible, he hoped London would not mind if he closed down for a few days. London agreed (75) that DRAUGHTS should “take things easy” to enable him to take stock of the general situation.

(66) 199 from Draughts of 9.11.44
From Draughts via Plym.
199. On October 15 a secret meeting has been held in Rotterdam by German top officers with the result that to all officers in occupied Holland GEKADOST has been given stop This document contains directions for use of gas in 15 parts stop GEKADOST means Geheim Kommandos Aachen stop Details about origin of this news will follow stop The DC stop

(67) 127 to Draughts of 11.11.44
To Draughts via night Torridge.
Same text as in telegram as in diaries.

(68) 204 from Draughts of 11.11.44
From Draughts via Plym.

(69) 209 from Draughts of 12.11.44 Don’t have this telegram.

(70) 210 from Draughts of 14.11.44
From Draughts via Plym.
210. Last few days our electric train material being taken to Germany behind German engines stop Long rows of steam line and diesel trains and electric material of line Amsterdam Rotterdam stop Transport over Nieuwerschans and cannot be prevented on account of heavy guarding stop Request you destry first Groningen Waterhuizen near Groningen second Rvijzwam bridge near Zuidbroek third railwat bridge direct east of Nieuwerschans stop The DC stop

(71) 211 from Draughts of 14.11.44
From Draughts via Plym.
211. Ship with 15 ton weapons safe in Amsterdam stop No news about aircraft which is missing stop I think shot down above Frisian Island or IJsselmeer stop

(72) 132 to Draughts of 14.11.44 Don’t have this telegram.

(73) 137 to Draughts of 16.11.44 Don’t have this telegram.

(74) 225 from Draughts of 18.11.44
From Draughts via Torridge.
225. In case of BDG razzias in Amsterdam I will try to go on with our duty but if not possible I hope you don’t mind if we close for a few days stop

(75) 142 to Draughts of 18.11.44
To Draughts via night Torridge.
142. Your 223 level IJsselmeer not complete looks as if some figures are missing stop Reference maximum level not clear because if enemy prevent sluicing entirely level would automatically increase until overflow occurs stop Agree you should take things easy to enable you to take stock of general situation stop Should we stop operations for a while.

Containers on glass-houses

DRAUGHTS reported (76) that a load had been received on the ground Sally on the previous night, but the dropping had not been correctly carried out. The containers had fallen nearly 800m. from the pinpoint and damaged some hot-houses. 19 containers had been retrieved. How many had been dropped?

Huge razzia planned

reported (77) that the Germans, during discussions with the Dutch authorities, had let it be known that in a very short time all Dutchman from 17 to 40 years would be deported to Germany. No more than 2000 exemption permits would be granted in Amsterdam, and those only to people employed in factories working for the enemy. DRAUGHTS expected razzias in Amsterdam to begin on November 22nd.

Only Propaganda - London

London cabled
(78) that 21 containers had been dropped on the ground Sally. It was pointed out to DRAUGHTS (79) that although further razzias were expected it was felt in London that a lot of it might be German propaganda to intimidate the resistance forces. DRAUGHTS should not become disheartened; London would do what it could.

Draught’s retort

replied (80) that he was “hardly relieved” by London’s view of the situation concerning razzias. The arrest of more than 40.000 men in two days in Rotterdam meant to him something more than German intimidation or propaganda. Approximately one-third of the RVV and OD members had been rounded up in the razzia, but practically no KP men had been taken. London warned DRAUGHTS (81) that Christiaan Lindemans alias KING KONG, now in allied hands, was a confessed traitor. DRAUGHTS should cut contact with any of his known associates.

(76) 229 from Draughts of 20.11.44
From Draughts via Torridge.
229. Sally received load last night but dropping was not correct nearly 800 metres from pinpoint and damaged some hothouses stop 19 containers in our
hands how many did you drop stop Reception Oliver was not on because of German activity stop

(77) 230 from Draughts of 20.11.44
From Draughts via Torridge.
Don’t have this telegram.

(78) 144 to Draughts of 20.11.44
To Draughts via night Torridge.
144. Saturday night Sally aircraft did not take off because of engine trouble stop Oliver pilot saw Sally reception and dropped 21 containers stop Sorry about this and will change Oliver BBC message and signal as per your request stop Await your further news before dropping to Sally again stop

(79) 145 to Draughts of 20.11.44
To Draughts via night Torridge.
Same text as in telegram as in diaries.

(80) 228 from Draughts of 22.11.44
From Draughts via Plym.
Same text as in telegram as in diaries.

(81) 151 to Draughts of 22.11.44
To Draughts via Torridge.
Same text as in telegram as in diaries.

RAF urged to disorganize razzias

DC” cabled (82) via DRAUGHTS that he regarded the mass deportations now in progress in Holland as a most serious blow against Dutch man-power. The resistance forces were doing everything possible - for example, sabotaging the railways, helping the men to escape and giving them instructions to hide. This was not sufficient  however, and he suggested a system whereby he would give through his W/T notice of the whereabouts of large marching columns in order that London should send fighter aircraft to intimidate the German guards, thus making possible mass escapes. He hoped to be able to give advance notice of the razzias in Amsterdam, which were expected to bring in 85.000 men. It was suggested that London should send fighters to shoot up the soldiers making the closing ring around the city in the early morning before the razzias started. In the later stage the planes could dive down and bewilder the soldiers at the gathering points, thus preventing the formation of orderly columns of civilians. The fighters would give a deadly fright to the enemy, and in his opinion would disorganize any large razzias.

All agents to break contacts

and DUDLEY were instructed (83, 84) this that in the view of the extensive razzias and penetration it was considered that for security and as temporary measure, (a) They should break away from the resistance forces. HQ would advise them when to resume contact, which would be as soon as possible, consistence with safety; (b) they should reduce W/T traffic to a minimum, merely keeping HQ informed of the latest situation; (c) all heads of groups should break contact with each other, and reduce contact with their subordinates to a minimum; (d) activity of resistance forces should be limited in order to reduce contacts between cells. It was realized that these
measures would be difficult but it was essential that they and their communications should not be caught in Gestapo drives. It was emphasized that the measures were temporarily, to meet the existing dangerous situation.

Draughts to stay in Holland

stated (85) that he would like to get back to England for a few days to talk things over, but he was told (86) that unless he considered he was in danger. HQ would prefer him to remain where he was. It was extremely difficult to get through the lines, added to which were the additional dangers and delay of getting back by land or air.

(82) 254 from Draughts of 24.11.44
From Draughts via Plym
254. I regard mass deportation of men now in progress in this country as most serious
no more text visible.

(83) 162 to Draughts of 25.11.44
To Draughts via Torridge, direct.
162. Owing to extensive razzias and penetration which is going on at present consider it essential that in the interest of all concerned resistance should strictly observe the following temporary measures stop Firstly all heads  of resistance groups should break off contact with each other and reduce contact with their subordinates to a minimum until the situation improves stop Secondly limit all activity to reduce contact between cells stop Thirdly reduce wireless traffic to a minimum stop We consider these measures vital in order not to lose your valuable support in the future stop

(84) 163 to Draughts of 25.11.44
To Draughts via night Torridge
163. Further to our nr 162 stop Latest information makes it essential you break off contact with resistance but remain in WT contact with us stop Keep us informed or local situation stop We are watching closely our end and will advise you when the time has come to resume contact stop Realize this will be difficult for you but consider in interest of resistance that you and your communications should not be caught up in Gestapo drive stop Emphasize this is temporary measure to meet dangerous situation stop Contact will be resumed at soonest date consistent with safety stop

(85) 266 from Draughts of 27.11.44
From Draughts via Plym
266. Your 165 stop More or less a joke but would yet like to be back a few days to talk things over stop Euterpe Straat well done each building a direct hit but only a few Germans killed stop Losses civilians not too high stop We think razzias starting Monday morning stop
Take a drink for me Olly stop

(86) 167 to Draughts of 27.11.44
To Draughts via Torridge.
167. Glad to hear bombing successful stop Operations have only been stopped temporarily and will be resumed when things quieten down stop Unless you consider you are in danger would prefer you remain where you are stop It is extremely difficult to get through the lines now added to which are the additional dangers and delay of getting back by land or air stop Glad you are taking all necessary precautions stop Our message was not meant to be a joke but we do have the complete picture and it was sent in the interest of all stop Rotterdam asks if you will take message for Frank stop

No razzias raids

The Delta Centrum were informed
(87) that their request for fighter attacks on German soldiers taking part in razzias could not be granted, because (a) the weather was a doubtful factor; (b) the unavoidable time lag between the report of the target and the possibility of attack; (c) other commitments which the RAF were likely to have at that time; (d) the danger to the civilian population. The Delta Centrum cabled (88) that they would follow London’s orders to restrict the activity of the underground forces as far as possible

(87) 168 to Draughts of 28.11.44
To DC stop Reference your 254 this target not feasible for following reasons firstly weather secondly time lag between report of target and possibility of attack thirdly other commitments which Air Force likely to have at that time fourthly dander to civilians population stop We cannot think of any effective way in which we can help you from outside but will consider any other suggestion you put forward stop

(88) 273 from Draughts of 29.11.44
From Draughts via Torridge.
No text visible.


Disagreement on W/T security

complained (89) that two of his crystal frequencies were identical with those of DOUWE (BOATING). These frequencies were, therefore dangerous and London must change them as soon as possible. London cabled (90) that HQ was well aware that plans worked by BACKGAMMON and BOATING had two identical frequencies allocated to them. This was quite in order and he could cease to worry. BACKGAMMON replied: “ Thanks for your helpful advice but I do not care about BOATING or anybody except the Gestapo. Perhaps you are aware that crystals identical with these have been captured by the Germans (91). In a joint message (92) HANS (DRAUGHTS), DOUWE (BOATING) and BACKGAMMON disagreed with London’s crystal security arrangements. They proposed an immediate change of all their frequencies. They could not change their addresses, and they were transmitting from the same place all the time. They thought a signal plan with nine different crystals for the next three months highly advisable, since frequency  changes were the only security measures they could apply.

(89) 31 from Draughts of 24.11.44
From Backgammon via Plym.
31. Reference AHIRAJ (thirty?) two of Douwe stop My frequencies one comma four and five same as Douwe stop These frequencies thus also dangerous stop Change them soonest and send two of the new frequencies each stop Two BREX

(90) 15 from Backgammon of 24.11.44
To Backgammon via night Torridge.
Your 31 stop We are well aware that plans worked by you and Douwe have two identical frequencies allocated to them this is quite in order so you may cease to worry stop

(91) 33 from Backgammon of 25.11.44
From Backgammon via Plym.
Thanks for your helpful advice but I do not mind Douwe or anybody except Gestapo stop Perhaps you are also aware these identical crystals are captured by Germans stop This must be QCEETIQO HHXURAL though you did not mention Germans at all seven
no more text visible.

(92) 34 from Backgammon of 30.11.44
From Backgammon via Plym.
From Hans, Douwe and Bram stop We do not agree with your crystal security arrangements stop We propose immediate change of all our frequencies stop We cannot change our addresses and are transmitting from one place all the time stop We think signal plan with nine different crystals for next three months highly advisable stop Many frequency changes are only security we can apply stop Frequencies we are using now are partly in German hands partly much used from places we are using stop We hope you see our difficulties stop When possible all different crystals for Douwe and me stop Please send also one of your excellent steam generators and one wind charger with two accumulators type three BCZ thirteen mark one stop Send also winter clothing and rubber soled shoes six seven stop No joke but security stop Message Hans two seven two arranges reception requirements Douwe and me including crystals stop