SQUEAK’s training name was SJOERDSMA. His name in the field would be CHRISTIAAN (94). EVERT was the RVV Commandant for the area Salland in Overijssel and had about 350 armed men under his control. Evert’s wireless operator CHARADES , who was sent out in August 1944, had asked to return to London by Lysander, but as he had not been trained to arrange this type of operation it would be impossible to bring him out by air. He would have to come out by a land route. Squeak would go to Holland as W/T operator for EVERT to replace CHARADES. He would take all orders from EVERT but would use his own discretion in all matters concerning the security of his W/T work. He would teach EVERT the use of the one-time-pad and give him a set of codes.
EVERT would do all the encoding and decoding of his own messages.
SQUEAK would send only messages relating to W/T technical matters. He would also hand over to EVERT 5000 Guilders for himself and 2500 Guilders each for CHRIS (HUNTING, Hindering) and CHARADES (Beekman). He would be dropped during the first week of January to an EVERT reception committee at a point which would be explained to him prior to his departure. EVERT should be made responsible for taking him to a safe house and arranging for further safe houses from which he could transmit. SQUEAK alone would judge the days on which he would transmit and he would inform EVERT if he considered his messages too long.


Charades to Carry On

reported his safe arrival (95). CHARADES had decided to carry on working for EVERT. SQUEAK would therefore start working for COLONEL EDUARD (Hotz), the provincial Commandant of Overijssel, the N.E.Polder and the Achterhoek. This had been arrived in agreement with EVERT. SQUEAK would therefore handle all traffic to and from the Provincial HQ.

94) Orders for Sjoerdsma, undated.

95) From Squeak via Erme of 13.1.1945.
1 stop Christiaan (
Sjoerdsma) safely arrived Maurits (Beekman) decided to go on working for Evert (Lancker) especially for Stegerveld stop Christiaan will start working for Colonel Eduard (Hotz) the Provincial Commander Overijssel NE-Polder and Achterhoek with which Evert agrees so Christiaan will handle all
traffic from and to the Provincial HQ stop Will you repeat special order nr one and all messages still important for Dudley from seventy upwards stop Two

HQ Blunder

On January 17th
SQUEAK cabled (96): “What a bloody howler to send me away with two crystals too short!” he would change his plan frequencies and carry on with the crystals he had. London should send the missing crystals as soon as possible. London “much regretted” his news regarding the crystals (97) and confirmed agreement with SQUEAK’s suggested frequency arrangements. New crystals would be sent as soon as possible.

Charades Lying Low

reported (98) that CHARADES had had a narrow escape and was now living in hiding, without his equipment, but would start work again as soon as possible. As soon as the snow cleared up material should be dropped on the ground EVERT, which was still safe.


EDUARD reported (99) that since the end of September when at London’s request resistance had come out into the open, it had taken three months and cost many casualties to reorganize the underground forces in the area. As a measure of defence against the big concentration of police forces coming from areas which had been liberated, resistance had cut down its activity to a minimum but was preparing for the task given them in London’s special orders

Dudley to Cross the Lines

, cabling via EDUARD (100), said that if HQ agreed he would try to cross the lines during February and report on the situation. He intended to go via Gorkum and wished to return as soon as possible with a new operator. London replied (101) agreeing to this proposal.

Dutch Puzzled by London Broadcast

(Hotz) pointed out (102) that Radio Orange had broadcast that any Dutchman asking for a Ausweis Arbeitsinzet would be treated as a collaborator. In Overijssel these documents were collected in November and had been re-issued monthly automatically. People were therefore asking him for instructions.
There was no general call up in his area such as in the provinces of Holland and Utrecht but only occasional razzias. London replied (
103) that the Radio Orange broadcast applied only to Provinces of Utrecht, Noord and Zuid Holland, and not in his district.

96) From Squeak via Erme of 17.1.1945
3 stop What a bloody howler to send me away with two crystals too short stop When plan says frequency seven or eight then I will come up at respectively five or six stop Confirm tonight you understand stop Send me crystals six six 0 one (
6601) and six six four five (6645) and spares as soon as possible stop Seven

97) 5 to Squeak via Erme of 17.1.1945
Much regret your news re crystals stop Confirm you use frequencies five and six in place of seven and eight have advised home station stop Sending new crystals and spares soonest stop All the best stop

98) From Squeak via Erme of 22.1.1945
4 stop Got broadcast okay stop Special order nr one is not received at all stop Maurits had a narrow escape and lives submerged now without stop He will start operating again soonest stop If snow is gone drop new stuff for Alex Fop and MacBeff on ground Evert which is still safe stop Two

99) From Edoard via Erme of 23.1.1945
5 stop Re your three and four stop After September when on your request resistance came out in the open it has taken us three months and many casualties to reorganize the underground in this area stop In defence against the big concentrations of police forces from liberated areas we have cut down our activities to a minimum but preparing for the masks set down re your special orders stop to be continued stop Eight

100) From Eduard via Erme of 25.1.1945
9 stop From Dudley do you agree if I try within next month to cross the line to report on situation stop Intend to go via Gorkum and return here soonest with new operator stop Can you give me a password stop Nine

101) 3 to Edoard via day Erme of 25.1.1945
For Dudley stop We agree you try come out as suggested by you stop Your password is Bristol stop

102) From Edoard via Erme of 26.1.1945
11 stop Radio Orange says everyone who asks for quote Ausweise Arbeitsinzet unquote will be treated as collaborator stop In Overijssel these were asked for in November and are reissued monthly automatically stop People ask for instructions stop Here is no general call up yet such as in Holland and Utrecht only occasional razzia stop Eight

103) 4 to Edoard via day Erme of 26.1.1945
Re action Radio orange apply to province Utrecht North and South Holland only as in these provinces a special announcement regarding Arbeits Inzet appeared stop Radio orange broadcasts therefore do not apply to your district stop

Politics and Major Headache

reported via EDUARD (104) that the leaders of the KP and Lo had started a movement to separate from the NBS and form their own small, armed resistance groups on a political basis directed against Communism. In the Overijssel the KP refused to comply and had decided to stay with the NBS, though
in other regions the separatist movement had met with some success. Politics were now “a major Headache”. Could Prince Bernhard intervene or, better still, Queen Wilhelmina broadcast an appeal to keep resistance free from politics and to preserve unity?

104) From Edoard via Erme of 27.1.1945
13 stop Top KP rpt KP and LO rpt LO started to separate from NBS rpt NBS and from small armed resistance groups on a political basis directed against Communism stop KP rpt KP this area refuse to comply and decided to stay with NBS rpt NBS In other regions action has some success stop Politics now major headache stop Could Prince Bernhard intervene or better Queen Wilhelmina broadcast to keep resistance free from politics and preserve unity stop From Dudley stop Three




Bezique’s narrow escape

cabled (105) that FRANS (BEZIQUE, Jan Steman) had been twice spotted while transmitting at different addresses by German Direction Finders. On both occasions he had had a narrow escape. FRANS was now working outside The Hague. He (Draughts 2) reported (106) the presence of about twenty heavily camouflaged one-man torpedoes at Amersfoort. There was a strong German guard in the vicinity.

W/T  house bombed

On January 5th DRAUGHTS 2 reported
(107) that on the previous Thursday (January 4th) BEZIQUE’s transmission house at Wassenaar was bombed. There were no Germans or rockets in the vicinity. The bomb had exploded in a chapel during prayer meeting. Two nuns were killed and there were other casualties.
BEZIQUE was not there at the time and was safe.

(105)  16 from Draughts 2 of 04.01.45
From Draughts via Elan.
My one six stop Frans twice spotted while sending on different addresses by German transmitter finders both times narrow escape stop Now working outside The Hague stop Please send twenty eight inch cycle tyres for couriers soonest stop NUB

(106)  Srl No. B1950/48 from Draughts 2 of 04.01.45

(107)  Srt No. B1970/51 from Draughts 2 of 05.01.45
From Draughts via Towy.
My one five nine stop Thursday you bombed our transmitting MDUE St. Urzula and Jacobus Stichting Wassenaar stop There are no Boches in it nor rockets or rockets parts stop Bomb exploded in chapel during prayer meeting two nuns killed and eight wounded stop Frans was not there and is OK stop Place rockets starts strongly increased here stop

Turniquoits caught red-handed

He reported
(108) that TURNIQUOITS (Gerrit Reisiger) had been arrested on December 27th in Zeist while transmitting on the internal W/T network. He was in the hands of the SD leaders in The Hague.

Dutch agents for Germany

London requested
DRAUGHTS 2 (109) to give urgent consideration to the possibility of infiltrating agents from occupied Holland into Germany. An important factor was the provision of safe addresses with Dutch workers from which W/T operators could transmit, and also means by which W/T sets and men could
be infiltrated. If W/T material could not be got through Germany it was possible to arrange for some reliable men to operate a reception committee in Germany to which men and stores could be dropped.


On the move

irection Finders were very active and he had to keep moving
(110). He had no valid papers, and had spent his 5000 Guilders. Would London please send him some more money (111)?

(108)  169 from Draughts 2 of 06.01.45
From Draughts via Bain.
My one six nine stop Karel (
Reisiger) rpt Karel arrested during last transmitting at five stop He is in de hands of Highest SD rpt SD at Hague stop Use day plan Wey rpt Wey and night plan Bleythe rpt Bleythe to make contact with Ben (Cieremans) rpt Ben and Bob (Vree) rpt Bob stop Postscript of mine Kolon Karel arrested in Zeist rpt Zeist on December two seven (27.12.44) stop Was working Binnenlandsch berichtenverkeer stop

(109)  91 to Draughts 2 of 29.01.45
To Draughts via night Teifi.
IMPORTANT you consider urgently possibilities of infiltrating agents now from occupied Holland into Germany stop Important factors are safe addresses with Dutch workers from which wireless operators can work and means by which wireless sets and men can be infiltrated stop Jos rpt Jos is being trained for this
special work stop Could Frans rpt Frans train suitable operator locally stop If wireless material cannot be got through to Germany is it possible to arrange than reliable men lay on reception committee in Germany to which men and stores can be dropped stop

(110)  42 from Bezique of 05.01.45 Don’t have this telegram

(111)  53 from Bezique of 26.01.45
From Bezique via Bain.
My fifty three stop My money five thousand guilders spent stop Received two suits of which one not my measure if possible send Pieter coat shorts under clothing etc stop Broadcast OK rpt OK stop
Please send me letter or message from Sheila stop Love to her stop



Scheme to Defeat Population Register

was informed (112) that a message had been received from SOMER of the Dutch SIS that according to a representative of the Dutch illegal movement who had just arrived in England, the control register of the Dutch population would be completed by the Germans towards the end of February.
All new “Ausweise” would be booked in this register together with the number of the holder’s identity card. This man held that the only way to save the illegal movement was to supply from England 200.000 unnumbered identity cards for distribution to illegal workers. London was asking
DRAUGHTS for his
opinion on the subject.

C -in-C Asks “What is Infantry Division?”

cabled (113) to General Van VOORSTEVEKING, of the Dutch General Staff, asking for information in English and Dutch regarding the war establishment of an infantry division.

Surrender Talks: Gerbrandy’s Anxiety
Professor GERBRANDY cabled (
114) to PRINCE BERNHARD with reference to the report about the surrender negotiations with the SD by four members of the Dutch Resistance Group: “It is with great anxiety that I learn of these negotiations”, wrote the Prime Minister. “The political consequence for the future are very serious. What is your opinion?” BERNHARD replied (115) that he had asked the DRIEHOEK to investigate and to seriously punish the offenders. If the report were true then the punishment would be execution.

112) 501 to Northaw of 18.1.1945
113) 379 from Northaw of 24.1.1945
114) 533 to Northaw of 28.1.1945
115) 391 from Northaw of 29.1.1945