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Interrogation of TILLY                                                                                                           TOP SECRET
1. Herewith Interrogation report on TILLY                                                                                  27 Jan. 1945
2. For your infm.                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                                           Signed (F.R. Bisaillon) Maj. G.S.
                                                                                                                            for Lt. Col. G.S.
                                                                                                                No. 2 Special Forces Detachment.

Special Forces Headquarters.
No. 1 Special Forces Detachment.
No. 3 Special Forces Detachment
No. 47 Special Planning Unit (BRUSSELS)

Interrogation of SISSINGH, Jantje Albertha @ TILLY.

1. TILLY, former courier of PODEX (
Mulholland) and of WITTE PIET (Piet de Beer), attempted to come ..t with the latter when he crossed on 17/18 January 1945. She was prevented because the canoe overturned and so WITTE PIET continued the journey alone. Finally on 20/21 January 1945 she was brought across by two bargessef SLIEDRECHR (BOLLIJN and KUNST). She was disembarked in the area of MOERDIJK and reached this Detachment on 22nd January 1945. She is now being looked after by Detachment.

Real name: SISSINGH, Jantje Albertha.
Alias: TILLY.
Born: 12 May 1923 at ROTTERDAM.
Profession: Student.
Address: Jan van Gheetellaan 16, ROTTERDAM.
Documents: Persoonsbewijs R75/No. 010259, issued at HILLEGERSBERG on 1 October 1941.
Family: All Netherlanders.
Father: Capt. W.J. SISSINGH, of the shipping firm ERHARDT & DEKKERS (He went to ENGLAND on 10 April 1940 and is
           believed to be there now.
Mother: nee W. de RAAT. Present address unknown but believed to be in hiding in ROTTERDAM.
Brother: Nico SISSINGH. Was a member of KP ROTTERDAM and well known to WITTE PIET. He has to escape from SD
            who knew his whereabouts in September 1944. Source has NOT heard of him since, but understands that he is
            in FRIESLAND working on dropping grounds.
Sister: Mrs. SLIEKEN. Hillegersberg, ROTTERDAM.

The principal reason for Source's exfiltration was to bring out a letter she had received from PODEX. This letter has been passed on to No. 3 Special Forces Detachment with our comments.

Source says she that she had been aware for a long time, that her brother was engaged in underground activity and she was most anxious to help him. He refused to enrol her because he held that it was too dangerous for her. Later, however, she approached their friend WITTE PIET (with whom her brother had been working). In May 1944 she was taken on as WITTE Piet's courier.

After working exclusively for WITTE PIET for four months she started working in the KP HQ of FRANK (
Arnold van Bijnen) at ROTTERDAM in September 1944. Here she acted as typist, clerk and telephonist. During this time she also continued to do courier work for both FRANK and for WITTE PIET. In October 1944 she became courier of PODEX and was employed by him until the time of his arrest when she returned to WITTE PIET. As courier she made several journeys to ZWOLLE, UTRECHT, AMERSFOORT, AMSTERDAM, THE HAGUE, RIJSWIJK, DELFT and VLAARDINGEN. Her principal activity, however, was courier work between KP chiefs and the various SP leaders in ROTTERDAM.

In the course of her duties source has come in contact with an unusually large number of our agents. She has met all of the following:

Bert de Goede.
Joop Luijkenaar.
Paul Polak.
Richard Barmé.
Gerard de Stoppelaar
Wim Hoogewerff.
Seerp Postma.
Maarten Ciermans.
Arie van Duyn.
Gerrit Reisiger.

Source says GERRIT (SKATTING?) was arrested in recently in UTRECHT and that he had been dropped with another agent who has since returned to liberated territory. Source believes GERRIT has to be a WT operator. She also met him for the first time in September 1944 at ROTTERDAM, where he was working for JOSE (
Tjeerd Elsinga), provincial leader of the LO. Later on he worked for KALE COR (real name Bijsterveld) and then left with SCULLING and CUBBING for APELDOORN and UTRECHT where he was arrested in December 1944.

Other contacts include Capt. VROLIJK of Jan van GHESTELLAAN, ROTTERDAM who although NOT an active resister, has helped the KP and has allowed his house to be used as a depot for arms. Source says that his daughter, Coby VROLIJK, worked for LUDO; she came out about October 1944 and according to FSS Sec. at BREDA, she is now in BRUSSELS.

Source does NOT know that WITTE DIRK (@SCULLING) has been arrested. She saw COR for the last time in December 1944 when he was with GRIBBAGE and his courier TIENE.

Contact in ZWOLLE (where she went with MINI in the beginning of October 1994) are:
HANS (contact man) of Bitterstraat; and
Piet VAN DER BERG who was then KP commander for the NOORD.

Source states that the SD have the following information on her: They knew that she is called TILLY but are ignorant of her real name and her address. They have her description. She was told by Cornelis BITTER @ KEES-ZUID in December 1944 that the SD also have her photograph which was taken in the street, after leaving a house in ROTTERDAM upon which the SD were keeping a close watch.

Source left ROTTERDAM on 3rd January 1945 on a bicycle with Frans VISSER and Johanna ARBRENHUIS, whom she met through WITTE PIET. (these two men are now in liberated territory and have been seen by this Detachment). They went to DUBBELDAM (D-9059) where source spent the night in a safehouse belonging to DE JONG-DE LEEUW (farmer). On 4 January they left for DORDRECHT where they stayed with JACOB (Jan DE GRAAF) 21C to WILLY, SICCO and courier BARRY (girl). On 7 January they moved to GORINCHEM where they were going to stay with Henk VAN OS, but, as this man was suspected by the Germans, they went elsewhere. VAN OS has since been arrested. On 8 January they went to GIESSENDAM (E 0062) where they contacted DE GRAAF (OD member). The escape route from here was blown as they went to SLIEDRECHT and met JAN 'SLIEDRECHT BR' and BEN 'ALBLASSERDAM BR'. They stayed with them until 20 January. Source met Willem BOOT there on 20 January and knew that he was leaving to contact JACQUES (FOXTROT).

Source's principale reason for coming out was to deliver the letter from PODEX but she also had letters from Capt. DE GRAAF (HQ Netherlands forces of the Interior). These letters have been sent in to the ...esace in LONDON. She also wanted to see DE GRAAF (
Kas de Graaf?). HRH (Prince Bernhard) has been informed by Capt. VAN AMSTEL of het arrival and may wish to see her.

Source wants to return to occupied HOLLAND and is prepared to continue to work for WITTE PIET as his courier. She would prefer, however, to be given some definite mission.

Source gave a very good impression. She is far less talkative than the usual female agent seems to be level-headed, reliable and serious. It is significant that whilst individual members of Resistance Groups now with this Detachment frequently seize occasions to belittle their collegues every one has a good word to say about TILLY.

                                                                                                                     Signed (P.C. OLIVER) CAPT.
                                                                                                     GSO III Ib Ned. Special Forces Detachment.