Harm helped rescue an American pilot from Texas (Thomas Hubbard), who later sponsored Harm to come to US as intern to be a doctor.


Harm Pieter Smeenk died Nov. 8, 2000. A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, at Trinity Lutheran Church, Bismarck.

He was born to Titia Berg and Pieter Smeenk on Oct. 10, 1918, the second of their nine children. He was educated in the schools and universities of Nederland and received his M.D. degree in 1946 from the University of Amsterdam. He did internships in Holland and Kansas City and received his training in Pediatrics at the Kansas City Children's Mercy Hospital. In 1956, he became a pediatrician at the Quain and Ramstad Clinic, the Bismarck Hospital and St. Alexius Hospital. From 1987 until 1999, he was Medical Director of the North Dakota Crippled Children's Services.

After he retired in 1999, the North Dakota Academy of Pediatrics awarded him the Sir James Award for Pediatrics in North Dakota, which he valued highly. He served in the Royal Dutch Army during the war from 1939-1940, and in the Dutch Resistance from 1942-1945, for which he received the Resistance Cross. From 1949-1952, he served as a medical officer in the Royal Dutch Navy on ships in Indonesia and New Guinea. In 1952, he moved to the United States.

In 1955, he married Birgit Marie Rasmussen in the Vejstrup Valgmenighed Kirke in Danmark. They have four children and seven grandchildren. Pieter Niels and Christine Dodson with Ian Pieter and Nicolaas, Anne Mette and Kevin Rentner with Karsten and Erik, Birgit Jennifer Laetitia and David Broadstone with Lisa, Peter and Benjamin, and Lars Anders John and Nancy Brand. All of them moved far away from Bismarck, which should have told the parents something, but they ignored it. He was a member of the Trinity Lutheran Church and the local Rotary Club. He was preceded in death by three of his brothers and three brothers-in-law, as well as by Adam and Eve and billions of members of the human family. So, he had not illusion that Death would pass him by. Besides, living past the age of 100 did not appeal to him.

Harm Pieter Smeenk
Born: 10 October 1918, Gramsbergen.
Nationality: Dutch.
Occupation: Physician.

Father: Pieter Smeenk, born 24 October 1886, Veendam.
Mother: Titia Berg, born 1 December 1890, Sappemeer.



30 September 1938, ?RON Wassenberschestraat Ca.
31 January 1940, Overtoom 80II, AMSTERDAM.
1 November 1940, Leidsekade 86II, Amsterdam
30 July 1943, GRAMSBERGEN I 91
24 July 1945, Lairessestraat 12boven.
several addresses
9 August 1948, Grimburgwal 10, HARDENBERG, Sibculo D7.
gew. April 1950, Sibculo D6.
2 February 1952, de Lairessestraat 81HS, AMSTERDAM.
11 March 1953, MISSOURI (USA), Kansas City, 30 Wyandette Street, Trinity Lutheran Hospital.