HS9/1504/3, ARIE van DUYN, N-Section, WT-Operator.
Arie van Duyn                                © TNA
Getekend op 4 oktober 1944 door Arie van Duyn en Lt. Parr van SOE, N-Section.
Form T.1
                                                            HISTORY SHEET                                    PARTY: 33M
                                         (To be submitted to S.T.S. HQ in duplicate
                                          after 1st week. Third copy to be attached to
                                                                Form T.2)

S.T.S. No ?                                                                                                       School No 4

Name by which known DUVEEN, ARIE

Nationality: Dutch                                                 Born at: NOORDWIJK

                                                                          Date of birth: 27/7/1916
Profession: -
Family: (Giving full particulars of circumstances, location, etc)
Father dead.   Mother aged 651 sister

Married or single: Single                                                Children:

Languages (With order and degree of proficiency.)
English moderate.   German slight.

Skating, Reading, Biking, Swimming.

Adres intimately known. -

Military History.
Dutch Navy since 1936.

Past History (Including Education, dilomas etc: in Chronological order and past employment)
Elementary school till 13.

Measurements to be given in inches and weight in pounds

Height: 72½"                                                            Weight: 204½ lbs.
Chest (normal): 41"                  Waist: 36"                    Seat: 42"

Lenght of back from Nape to waist: 20½"

Width of back from Centre to:
(I) Schoulder 8½"                   (II) Elbow 23½"          (III) Wrist 35"

Length of leg.
(I) Outside (waist to ground) 44"                              (II) Inside 34"

Size round head 23½                                              Length of Foot 11"

Descriptions (including peculiarities etc)

19 June 43
33 M4

Name:          VAN DUYN, Arie
P.T.C.          29.5.43
N.T.             4.6.43
Born             27.7.18, Noordwijk a/Zee
Occupation    With Dutch Navy
Nationality     Dutch
Relatives       Father-dead
                   Mother- Maria Passchier at Golfweg 3, Noordwijk a/Zee
Remarks        To betrained as agent in the field commencing 13.6.43

S.D. signed 

D/CE M.1 to D.CE.T  11.6.43
No RVPS report available. This man was in the 33 Navy previous to joining us.

SAB report STS-7   20.6.43
General agent
Grading                 C plus
Intelligence Rating   5
Apitude                 Morse - AVERAGE
Gradings                Mechanical - AVERAGE
                           Instructional - GOOD
Remarks                Very suitable as small groupleader of Guerrilla Fighter type.

L/Cpl. Springborn STS-21   24.6.43

Is very security minded and wishes to take an active part in the war to help his fellow countrymen. He is  a determined character and has given up drinking entirely as he thinks that it might interfere with his training. He is fond of women but says that they are not to be trusted. He is very casual when discussing anything that he has done. He is mentally "Alert" and a ready mixer. He was serving with the Dutch Navy and although he has not yet told me his rank he says that he had about 25 men under him. He has served in Submarines and can handle small boats expertly, he says that he has done this all his life.


Is very keen and takes great interest in his work. He has a forceful manner and does not indulge in unnecessary talk. He makes an excellent impression both physically and mentally. Last Monday morning during Physical training he had the misfortune to slip and cut his hand severly. He was taken to the hospital to have the hand stitiched and was detained there until Wednesday when he returned with his hand in a sling. Being lefthanded he insists on carrying on with what ever training he can possibly do although at times it is evident that his hand causes him some pain and discomfort. He refuses any assistance to do anything which he can possibly do himself. He will be 25 years of age in August and has served with the Royal Dutch Navy for 8 - 9 years and now holds the rank of Quartiermeester (Acting P.O.) At the time of the invasion of Holland he was working in a Dutch Naval Workshop which was bombed. He has seved for 2½ years on Dutch Submarines and has been depth charged.


Is very keen about the training and the work to follow. Is very determined in his manner and can make his mind up very quickly. I think that he is a first class element. He has stopped drinking as he considers that it might interfere with his training. He has given me the impression that he respects discipline and I think that he would carry out orders implicitly.

Sgt. French  16.7.43

This student having only arrived back from Hospital on 14.7.43 having had a spraqined ankle. I have had very little opportunity of getting to know him well. At first glance I would say that he was a very good man, he has been a regular sailor in the Dutch Navy, is well educated, and takes a great interest in his job. He is of a determined character and has a natural inclination to take the lead. This is partly due to his being able to mix well with others, to having sound common sense and to his being tactful. His habits are definitely temperate he does not drink much, in fact since his return from Hospital he does not drink at all and says he will not do so before the course is finished.


This student shows definite qualities of leadership and has a determined character. He is very keen on his job and his main grievance is that he has had to miss a certain amount of his training due to his sprained ankle. He is also very security minded and realises the importance attached at it, specially the monor details. He is usually on the quiet side and does not often take part in discussions except to state his own opinion in a quiet way.

STS-51b  6.8.43

As this student left 51b for London on 2.8.43 I did not have the opportunity of watching his reaction outside to a great extent. I have, however, been out with him on one occasion and he proved himself very well behaved in every way. He has a strong tendency towards the poopsite sex, to whom he takes up an attitude of boastfulness, trying to impress them with his physical size, and adopts a more or less braggish tone. He, how ever, fully realises the importance of security which he keeps constantly in mind. He has a purposeful character, is unselfish, truthful and loyal to the Allied cause. His intelligence is not of a very high standard, but he shows a general attitude of interest to everything and has a keen will to learn. He usually adopts the attitude of being very sure of himself, and in this respect rather annoys his colleagues. Apart from this he is a good mixer and is well liked generally.

NL to MT  9.8.43
Applying for this student to attend the three weeks course at Group B commencing 15.8.43

STS 21-31.7.43

Phys. Train
Owing to a leg injury has not attended P.T. classes.

Close Combat   
Has a good grasp of the principles but needs further speeding up.

Rope work        
Keen and strong

Is fairly good but not up to the standard of the other members of the party as he missed a good deal of practical work owing to his injury.

Weap. Train.    
A good natural shot with all weapons. Aggressive and fast.

Explo. & Dem.   
Average. Missed a certain amount of practical work but has a fair knowledge of the principles involved.

Sig. & Comm.   
Sending 8, receiving 10 wpm; good style; has shown interest; is temperamentally suited.

Quite a good knowledge and sketching good. Was unable to do much of the physical side of it.

Map reading
Has taken a satisfactory interest in the subject and his knowledge is adequate.

Has missed the practical side of almost all this sublect. Led a scheme once and his plan was quite successful, the mistakes he made being due to lack of experience. Is quite willing to learn.

Ins. remarks    
Slightly inclined to be overbearing with his fellow students and has a childish tendency to show-off before his instructors. He is, however willing to learn and is always cheerful. Perhaps we have not been able to stimulate his capabilities as fully as we might since  his injuries have necessarily prevented him from taking an active part in a good deal of the training.

Comm. report   
Will become  a much better mixer, and of more help, when he realises that the possession of physical strenghth is not the sole criterion of a sound man. At present manner is not conductive to the smooth running of a team

STS-36   6.9.43

Intelligent, quick-witted, though far from being an academic or educated type of man. Possesses considerable native wit and shrewdness, plenty of imagination and is always well to the fore with sound suggestions and shews considerable initiative. A sound, determined character, with plenty of physical courage and patience. Full of convidence and is not easily put out of his stride. A strong personality which should inspire confidence in those with whom he comes into contact. Pleasant manner and sense of humor. Worked extremely well throughout the course and has shewn himself be be extremely capable. He is undoutedly more of the practical type and is not the background to be much else. He can always be absoltely relied upon to obey orders and do a job to the best of his ability. He has undoubted organising ability and qualities of leadership and should be efficiently a group of men of his own type, though he might not be so successful if he had to deal with men from a higher social position.
Codes: He needs considerable practice in the former system before using operationally.

STS-17  24.9.43

Duveen is making good progress and should do well given a straight forward practical job, no calling for contacts outside his own shere.

STS-17   5.10.43

Rather an exhibitionist and inclined to over-confidence. On the whole, he worked quite well but could have learnt a great deal more had he shown more interest.

Disappointing. Bad slight previous knowledge and considered that he had nothing to learn.

Seemed to have no aptitude for the subject and showed little evidence of having learnt much.

Worked very hard and well at a subject he did not know much about, and has gained a working knowledge.

Good and hardworking. Likes the subject and could well instruct others in the making up of charges.

P.T. & Weap T.
An exellent shot. Handicapped at P.T. by an injured knee.

Took more interest in this side of the training and worked well.

NL to MT  9.10.43

Requesting that this student be trained as a WT operator on his return from leave to STS-52 about 18.10.43 He has already done his security training at Group B.

D/CE M.1 to MT  11.10.43

There is no security objection to this student proceeding to STS-52 to be trained as a WT operator.

Sgt Ronnfeldt   STS-52  11.11.43

Takes an interest in his work at the school, determined to make a success of the course. Shows initiative added to which he is gifted with a quick brain, Easy going but if roused would be a tough and resourceful customer. His mother is a native of Nice, his father was a Captain in the Dutch Merchant Navy. Both are living in Holland. This student however speaks no French but has a slight knowledge of German. Served in the Dutch Submarine Service. Up till now has given no trouble to Security in fact he seems to be entirely reliable and steady.

Capt. Cliterheroe  STS-52  3.1.44

Well attended a WT scheme 5-12.1.44 staying c/o Mr. Carson, St.Oswalds, Bridge of Weir Road, Kilmacolm.

Capt. Cliterheroe  STS-52   30-1-44

Departed 29.1.44 See reports of 11.11.43 and 27.11.43 Reliable, level headed type. Exellent in every way.

O.C. Group C to D/CEM.1  27.4.44

He is in a possession of AB.64 made out in his training name. He is also in possession of a passport identity  document issued in S. Africa which is made out in his original name. This he shows privately to his relatives and friends if the necessity arrises and it is understood that he was instructed to do so by his section.

D/CEM.1 to N  29.4.44

Passing on the above information, stating that his passport document should have been withdrawn, for safe keeping.


General   Is now a confident and efficient operator and has exceeded spectations.
Morse     Sends 21 - receives 22.
Skeds     Very good.

STS-40  7.6.44

S-Phone         Worked well and has very good knowledge.
Language       Capable of using English.
Eureka           Good pass. Qualified to operate and maintain Eureka in the Field.
R.C. Work       Satisfactory
General          A very cheerful student - tough and athletic. Has the personality to make a good leader
                    in the Field - also qualified to operate S-Phone and Eureka.

Undated  Preceeded overseas

21.5.45    Arrived in the UK from Brussels.

Correspondence  Mrs. J.W. White, 79 Princes Street, Dundee.
                          Mrs. G. Simmons-Hodges, Grendon Hall, Grendon-Underwood.
ORDERS for:  DUVEEN                              TOP SECRET                               Copy No. 1


During the invasion of Western Europe by the United Nations there are many useful and important tasks which can be performed by loyal patriots in HOLLAND. For the execution of many of these tasks members of organisations already existing in the country, and of the general public, can be usefully employed. The task of maintaining WT communication with this country can be considered as one of the most important.

a) Operational Name

The name of your operation is CRIBBAGE and you will beknown by this name at the station of your departure. You will never use this name when you are in de field.

b) Code Names in the Field

(I) Your fieldname will be THEODORE. This is the only name you or anyone else should use in messages from the field and it is the name by which you will be known by other members of the organisation.

(II) The operational name of SANDERS is PODEX and his name in de field and in telegrams is GERARD.

(III) the operational name of GORT is RUMMY and his name in the field and in telegrams is LEO.


You will go to HOLLAND as a WT-operator to two organisers. You will take orders from them on all matters of mutual concern, but you have the authority to use your own discretion in all matters concerning your own WT work. All measures which you may consider necessary for the safeguarding of your channel of communication will not be interfered with by anyone.

In principle, GERARD (
Luke Mulholland) and LEO (Bert de Goede) will do all the encoding of their messages to us and the decoding of our messages to them. They each have their own code and you should therefore only use yours for messages relating to wireless matters and the eventual acknowledgement of your messages by Broadcast. You will be shown the prefixes that these two (MulHolland & de Goede) will use, so that you will know which messages are destined for them and which for you.


You, GERARD and LEO will be dropped together in HOLLAND by parachute on the first favourable night during the July moon period at a point which will be explained to you prior to your departure.

Immediately upon landing you will burry your parachute and equipment; if you wish, you may also burry your revolver with your equipment. Your WT equipment will be dropped with you, and you will burry this separately and in such a manner that a third person would be able to find it if it is considered not safe for you to go there personally.

a) Contacts

Initial contact on landing, see Annexe

b) Resistance

GERARD and LEO will be responsible for installing you in a safehouse and later safehouses from which you van transmit. You should never communicate with each other unless this is done by cut-out.


You will carry with you the sum of Hfl. 5000 for your own use; also Bfrs. 2500 and Ffrs. 2500 should you require these in case of emergency.

a) Packages - Equipment - Camouflage

(I) Your personal bagage will consist of one paper parcel

(II) You will be supplied with Hfl, 1150 in small money for your immediate needs.

(III) The reminder of your personal money you will carry as follows:
       Hfl. 4850 - Bfrs. 2500 - Ffrs. 2500 in a money belt.

(IV) GERARD and LEO will also have Hfl. 5000, Bfrs. 2500 and Ffrs. 2500 for their own use; they will also
      carry Hfl. 25000 between them for the use of the organisation.

(V) Your code (a 12 page One-Time-Pad) and reserve poems etc have been camouflaged as per

b) Cover Story

See Annexe

c) Clothing

You will receive these in accordance with your requirements.

d) Equipment

You have been interviewed as to your requirements for the field and you will receive these and your parachute equipment at the station of departure. See Annexe

e) Documents

You have been issued with a Dutch Identity card.

f) Return to this country

You have been interviewed by an officer with regard to routes and have been given all the necessary information. See Annexe


a) In the field

You will use the various methods you have been taught: postboxes, cut-outs, etc. You may also arrange with them various signals of danger.

b) Wireless

You will establish contact by WT with ENGLAND as soon as you consider it safe to do so. You will always destroy immediately that part of your One-Time-Pad which has been used for a previous message. If you do this without exception, the Gestapo will never be able to decode your past messages or be able to prove what your real security check is. Records of messages exchanged with us should not be kept.

c) Prefixes

In all our messages to GERARD and LEO we shall use their prefixes: see Annexe
VI. They will also use their prefixes in their messages to us.

d) Security

You alone will judge the days on which you will transmit, and you will inform GERARD and LEO if you consider their messages too long ot too numerous for you to handle safely.

e) Codes

In Annexe
VII you will find a copy of your reserve poems which you must memorise. You will also receive microprints of your special code which you will take with you.

f) Plan

You will take with you a microprint of your WT plan as per Annexe

g) Broadcast

You will also receive a microprint of your Broadcast Plan as per Annexe

h) Identity Checks

If we have reason to suppose that you have been arrested and that the Germans are working your transmitter, we shall ask you an "innocent" question. If you are safe you will give the correct answer, but if we do not receive the correct answer we shall presume that you are in enemy hands.
See Annexe

i) Innocent Letters

(I) Code. You will use the convention which you have been taught. See Annexe

(II) Address. You will send your Innocent Letters to the address as per Annexe

(III) Sinatures. You will sign your Innocent Letters THEODORE; if we write to you we shall sign

j) Safe House (Emergency Address)

It is important that we should remain in contact with you, and if you find that you cannot give us an address before you leave for the field, you should let us have one at the first possible opportunity by WT. For password and reply see Annexe

k) Should you GERARD or LEO lose each other on landing you should meet every Tuesday and Thursday in order to regain contact; see Annexe


Your rank on leaving this country will be 2/Lt. and your salary will be credited to your account with the Dutch Government.

LONDON, 27th June 1944.

These Annexes are not to be found in the file HS9-1504-3 of Arie van Duyn.

33M.4                                  Sheet No. DUVEEN

                                                           MINUTE SHEET

  -  Green Park Hotel

  - TST-7,
(formerly STS 4) - Winterfold, Cranleigh, Surrey - Students Assessment Board

20.6.43  -  A Group

21.7.43  - STS-21, Arisaig House, Arisaig, Inverness-shire - commando-style training

1.8.43   -  STS-51,
Dunham House, Altrincham, Cheshire - parachute training (near RAF Ringway)

6.8.43   - Howard Hotel

15.8.43  - B Group

6.9.43   - STS-36, Boarmans, Beaulieu, Hampshire

10.9.43  - London

13.9.43  - Station VII

3.10.43  - STS-51,
Dunham House, Altrincham, Cheshire - parachute training (near RAF Ringway)

5.10.43  - STS-17, Brickendonbury Manor - sabotage

8.10.43  - Leave

18.10.43 - STS-52,
Thame Park, Oxfordshire - security training for wireless operators

25.12.43 - Leave

28.12.43 - STS-52,
Thame Park, Oxfordshire - security training for wireless operators

29.1.44   - Howard Hotel

7.2.44    - Dorset

14.2.44  - East Sheen,
51 Hartford Ave, East Sheen, SW 14.

8.3.44    - STS-45,
Hatherop Castle, Fairford, Gloucestershire - Danish Holding School / Headquarters

29.3.44  - STS-47,
??? - advanced training on mines

5.4.44    - East Sheen,
51 Hartford Ave, East Sheen, SW 14.

11.4.44  - Gerrards Cross,
The Bolt, The Common, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire.

12.4.44  - STS-47,
??? - advanced training on mines

19.5.44  - London

22.5.44  - STS-47,
??? - advanced training on mines

27.5.44  - London

28.5.44  - STS-40,
Howbury Hall, near Waterend, Bedford - training in use of EUREKA, REBECCA and
                          S-Phone. Reception Committee School

7.6.44   - Leave

8.6.44   - Gerrards Cross,
The Bolt, The Common, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire.

12.6.44  - STS-47,
??? - advanced training on mines

13.6.44  - STS-50,
Gorse Hill, Witley near Godalming in Surrey

28.6.44  - Flat

5.7.44   - STS-61,
Gaynes' Hall, St Neots (after April 1942)

5th/6th.7.44 - In the field.
OWN NAME                                    TRAINING NAME                            NAME IN THE FIELD

Arie VAN DUYN                                  Arie DUVEEN                              Arnold VAN OORDEN

CODE NAME                                     OPERATION

THEODOR                                         CRIBBAGE
                                P.O.W. Card
DUYN van, Arie                                     Dutch Section                                                               

Born: NOORDWYK, 27.7.1918


Sent: From U.K.  5.7.1944

Arrested by SD on either 21st or 22nd Dec 44 in
Rotterdam. He was taken to the SD offices and
from there passed on to The Hague. This information
was obtained from RUMMY, one of our agents who returned to the U.K. on 21.2.45 RUMMY is of the opinion that agent has probably been executed, as Germans obtained all information he could give them.

Height 6' ½". Oval face: high forhead: blue eyes:
normal nose: normal mouth: square chin: fair, curly
hair: heavy build: thick-set: fresh complexion.