SOE BIBLE, Vol. 17
Resistance Personalities and Agents 1945.
V.D. OEVER (Henri Koot), DELTA-C, appointed by O.D. Sept. 44. Arbitrator of the Triumvirate (driemanschap). HQ: Amsterdam.

Peter Hordijk), Also known as KALE PIETER. KP Member of the Triumvirate. Succeeded FRANK (Arnold van Beijnen) in Nov. 44. Travels between Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Gerben Wagenaar), RVV member of the Triumvirate and head of all RVV. Succeeded LANGE JAN @ KAREL (Jan Thijssen). It is claimed that he concerns himself with North-Holland. HQ: Amsterdam.

Jan Pieter Six), OD member of the Triumvirate and head of all OD in succession to Capt. van Amstel.
HQ: Amsterdam.

WIM I @ KOOIJMAN. Very prominent KP man. Closely associated with PIETER-NOORD (
Peter Hordijk) and Adj. to WIM II (whom he helped on organising KP receptions). Was Adj. to FRANK (Arnold van Beijnen). Location: Amsterdam, Rotterdam,etc.

WIM II @ ZWARTE WIM. Real name:
W.P.J. VAN DIJK. Very prominent KP leader and closely associated with PIETER-NOORD (Peter Hordijk), etc. Authority for dropping grounds. NBS officer for W-Holland. Reported to have taken over leadership of NBS-Rotterdam district (not sure how this fits with remarks under FRANS (Dijkstra)).

V.D. HORST. Real name:
F.A. V.D. HOEVE(N). Commander NBS in Zuid-Holland (South) appointed by HRH (Prins Bernhard) Sept. 44. Described by FABIAN as being too administrative. Location: Rotterdam.

PRINZ. RG personality closely associated with V.D. HORST.

EGMOND. Commander NBS Reg. 13. OD (Maybe identical with v.d. Horst).

RICHARD @ VICTOR. Real name:
CAPT. SMULDERS. Very high personality in RVV and closely associated with DC (Koot) for whom he once came out in Jan. 45 to see HRH (Prins Bernhard) and the Queen (Wilhelmina). Was infiltrated 17/18 Feb. 45 by BOOT.

DE GOED. Was OD chief at The Hague and Cdr. NBS Zuid-Holland. Was succeeded by VAN HEEL and in Jan. 45 was in Amsterdam.

V. HEEL. Succeeded DE GOED as Cdr. for Zuid-Holland (North) and OD chief at The Hague.

W. Schoenmaker). National Commander of GDN. Location: ?

WILLY. Real name:
TOBIAS van HAM (1920-1965). Was prominent KP man in Dordrecht where he founded PAUL GROUP teams WILLY-I, II and III (Now under JACOB). He worked with MIKI, BOOT, etc. Was ex- and infiltrated several times and stayed with
2 SF Det. He is a right hand man of PIETER-NOORD (
Peter Hordijk) and is probably working close to him now.

DORDRECHT AREA (Incl. Hoekschenwaard, Alblasserwaard and all territory between the LEK and MERWEDE-WAAL - Biesbosch and land van ALTENA and HEUSDEN.

a. Dordrecht, Isle of Dort, etc.

PAUL @ POLY. NBS Commander (
Pieter Leendert Kooiman) of Dordrecht, Hoekschenwaard, Alblasserwaard, etc. KP. About 1000 men under him. Can be contacted through DR. BOB, or BOL. Worked in close though with ROB of Rotterdam and helped him bring about NBS in South-Holland. FOXTROT has worked with the PAUL-GROUP.

TREES. Formerly known as GERT (
Geert) VAN TWIST. KP. Second in command to PAUL (sometimes referred to as co-leader).

BEEKMAN, ANDRE. On staff of PAUL (Probably admin. officer). Is teacher at Middelbaar Technische School.

Dr. BOL (or BOB). Dubbeldamscheweg (
Dubbeldamseweg 18 Noord, Dordrecht). Contact for PAUL and TREES. Ask for "BILIE".

JACOB @ JAN BAD @ JOHN. Real name:
DE GRAAF. Succeeded WILLY (Dec. 44) as leader of PAUL-GROUPS, Willy-1, II & III. Helped BOOT on mission 2 SF (2e Special Forces Detachement). Has at least 50 men directly under him.

AD. PAUL Group KP leader, 45 men in dock area. Responsible for Wantij river. During operations on arrival Allies, he will come under command of JAN (JAN SLIE, of Sliedrecht).

ANDRE. PAUL Group KP Leader, 45 men in Krinspijn (SW district of Dordrecht).

PIET. PAUL Group KP Leader Zwijndrecht.

. PAUL Group KP Leader Willy-II team (Location: Electric Power station district).

COR. PAUL Group KP leader, Dubbeldamseweg district.

DEREK, PAUL Group KP leader Dubbeldam.

FREEK. PAUL Group KP Leader (Location: SE of Dordrecht-Zwijndrecht bridge). Working in conjunction with Willy-I team and team of PIET (Zwijndrecht).

JAN STAART. Real name:
RUMBOUT, JOHANNES (Johannes Rombout). Leader of 10 men under AD (PAUL Group KP). Was exfiltrated in Feb. 45 (accompanied with IS-9 bodies and worked for IS-9 for some time. Known to 2 SF Det.

JAN SLACAN. Another leader of 10 men under AD (PAUL Groep KP).

FRANK. Another PAUL Group KP leader in Zwijndrecht. (Presumably under PIET or may possibly be identical with FREEK above).

THEO. Second in command to JAN STAART.

NICO. PAUL Group KP leader of Willy-I team. Also acts as courier (contacts FOXTROT).

V. BODEGUM. Yet another leader of 10 men under AD (PAUL Group KP).

BARRY. Female PAUL Group KP courier.

ELLIE. Female PAUL Group KP courier.

HANS. Female PAUL Group KP courier. Helped with MARTIN Op.

LENIE. Female PAUL Group KP courier. Arrested 1 Jan. 45; was freed when prison was stormed by KP, 12 Jan. 45. Was tortured but alleged NOT to have talked.

VAN DER POL, PIET. Commander RVV Dordrecht. Ex Sgt Reg Army. Address Emmastraat 25, Barendrecht.

VAN DUIN, COCK. RVV second in command to VAN DER POL. Arms instructor.

R?). District commander OD, under ROODENBURG. Engineer. Address: Voorstraat 91.

ABRONDA. Leader of OD. RED-X. Manager Horstaco food firm.

DE KONING Family. OD Barendrecht. Very active helping line-crossers, etc. Brought whole fleet across March 1945.

DIRCKE, LENI. OD. Arrested 2 Jan. 45. Released after attack on prison 8 Jan. 45.

DIRCKE. OD. Father of above. Very active in helping line-crossers, etc.

FLIP. OD courier. In hidding.

BOB. Leader of LO. Contact with GDN through JAN KLOOS.

JAN KLOOS. LO. See above.

LAUWERS. NBS organiser. In contact with GDN.

DE JONGHE, Capt. Former KP commander. Bad security.

WIM (OOM WIM). RG member. Active in helping line-crossers, onderduikers, etc.

WILOD-VERSPRILLE. RG leader. Director of 'Johan de Wit' factory.

SLOB. Worked in clandestine press. Address: Christian de Wetstraat 5.

DE JONGE-DEBLEEUW. Has safe address in Dubbeldam.

b. Alblasserdam (D86).

VAN LEEUWEN (Real namen). PAUL Group KP. Commander NBS of Alblasserwaard. 46 armed men. Acted as guide for WITTE PIET (with JAN SLIE) well known at 2 SF Det where arrangements were made for giving them arms training. Re-infiltrated March 1945. Close contact of FOXTROT.

GERT. Second in command to BEN.

FRE. PAUL Group KP. Sub-leader under BEN of 10 men in Alblasserdam.

MARIETJE LEIS. PAUL Group KP, courier between BEN and PAUL. Very courageous and helpful. Helped during MARTIN OP to carry WT-sets.

LEIS. Father of above. Manager of KROEGE oil refinery. Safehouse.

ASSELBERG, HANS. PAUL Group courier.

HOVIG. Contact of MARIETJE, etc. Scandinavian. Address: Oostkinderdijk 197.

c. Oud-Albas (D96).

KOOS. PAUL Group KP, sub-leader under BEN of Alblasserdam.

d. Nieuw-Lekkerkerk (D96).

KAREL. PAUL Group KP, sub-leader under BEN of Alblasserdam.

e. Streefkerk (D97)

JAN (JAN STREEFKERK). PAUL Group KP, sub-leader under BEN of Alblasserdam.

f. Papendrecht (D86).

JAN (LANGE JAN). PAUL Group KP, sub-leader under AD of Dordrecht.

g. Groot-Amers (D97).

OOSTENBURG. Dominee. FOXTROT stayed here Dec. 44 - Jan. 45.

h. Molinarsgraaf (D96).

DEKKER. Dominee. FOXTROT stayed here.

j. Giessendam (D96).

(V) DE GRAAF. OD Leader. Town clerk. Contact of TILLY and WITTE PIET. Had escape route.


k. Sliedrecht (D96).

JAN (JAN SLIE) @ ZWARTE JAN @ DEN OUDEN. Real name: JAN VOLKER. PAUL Group KP commander NBS of Sliedrecht and district. About 40 armed men. Acted as guide for WITTE PIET (with BEN of Alblasserdam). Well known to 2 SF Det where arrangements were made for giving them arms training. Re-infiltrated March 1945. Close contact with FOXTROT.

PIET @ ZWARTE PIET @ PIET VISSER. Second in command to JAN SLIE and leader in Sliedrecht town. During MARTIN OP the VERSTREPEN operators stayed here. Very active man and has done good work.

JAAP. Leader of KP team operating between Sliedrecht and Gorinchem (PAUL Group).

HANS. PAUL Group KP, courier to JAN SLIE.


V. HERTOG. KP man.

V.D. GOOL, BERTUS. RVV leader.

ROMLIN, ARIE. RVV under V.D. GOOL. Address: Drijbersplein. Father is commander of River Police.

DRAAPERS, GERRIT. RVV. Address: Boerslaan 5.

V.D. AA. RVV. Address: Van Lennepstraat 33.


V.D. KLOET. RVV member.

PETER. Chief of OD. Rijksontvanger in Rembrandtlaan.

KRIERKAARD. OD second in command to PETER. Address: Oranjestraat.

ABMA. Schoolteachter. Helps line-crossers.

BOS. Farmer. Safe house. Helps line-crossers, etc.

DOETZ. Preacher. Safe house. Contact of BEN.

l. Breskensgraaf D96).

CHRIS. PAUL Group KP leader under JAN SLIE. About 10 armed men. Is brother of BEN of Alblasserdam.

m. Hardinxveld E06).

DE GRAAF, ERNST. RG leader. Used to live at Langendijk, Gorinchem. Probably arrested.

CALLIER (or CARLIER). RG leader or prominent R (Resistance?) man. Has been very useful in the past and should be useful for further contacts. Address: Dijk 571.

LEENMAN, JAN. Member of RG. Address: Riversdijk, Neder-Hardinxveld.

DE RUIJTER, J.C. Helped during mass crossing in March 1945. Address: C-275, Beneden-Hardinxveld.

DIJK (or KIJK). Dominee. Contact for R (Resistance?). Address: A-300.

HOOGENDOORN, B. Has been very helpful and thought to be a member of RG (Resistance Group?). Address: B-215.

V.D. BOOM. Skipper who has worked for a long time on helping pilots and line-crossers.

n. Gorinchem (E06).

ZOUTEWELLE, A. District commander OD. Said to have 300 men under him over a large area, including Land van Altena. Directly responsible to GEERTSEMA. Address: Haarschekade 11.

BROUWE(R?). Notary. Contact for ZOUTEWELLE.

KLEIN. OD member.

JAAP (see Sliedrecht)

BAKKER. OD liaison man between Gorinchem and other surrounding towns.

o. Noordeloos (E07).

SCHEER. Safe house (No. 90) where Dr. JONKER and ROOSJE DRIESSEN stayed January 1945.

p. Woerden (E17).

V.D. WAL Dr. Safe house where BOOT stayed during MARTIN OP.

q. Biesbosch & Land van Altena & Heusden.

The following are prominent members of the ANDRE Group, OD:

V. RIJSWIJK. Representative of ANDRE in occupied territory. Located at Dussen.

KUYPERS @ SIMONS. Underground burgomaster of Woudrichem. Best contact.

KEES DEN BOER. Leader of MAAS Group. Located at Wijk.

V.D. ZANDE. Leader of Biesbosch. Located at Sleewijk.

TORRENBURG. Has distribution centre at Hank.

r. The Hoekschewaard

. District commander for NBS in The Hoekschewaard under PAUL-Dordrecht. Was LO leader for Zeeland. Succeeded WILLEM BOOT Dec. 44. Very popular man. Has several hundred KP members under him.

OVERHOF, TON. PAUL Groep KP leader of 's Gravendeel and district. About 80 men.

V.D. BERG, CORNELIS. Group leader under OVERHOF at 's Gravendeel.

The following are members of the V.D. BERG Group:


LIEFAND, J (arms instructor)










. Group leader under OVERHOF at 's Gravendeel.

BAARS, WILLEM. Under LEON BARTH. Has acted as rower and body-guard to WILLEM BOOT and is at present in liberated territory.

PERDUIN, Capt. PAUL Group leader of Strijen-Maasdam-Puttershoek under SIMON DE WIT. About 129 men.

SANDERS. Brothers of this name look after the group at Strijen for PERDUIN.

SNEL, ELISABERTUS. Under Perduin at Puttershoek.

KOSTER, JACK. PAUL Group leader of Klaaswaal, Mijnsheerenland and Heijnenoord under SIMON DE WIT, about 55 men.

LOOSER. Second in command to JACK KOSTER.

BARENDRECHT. Schoolmaster at Maasdam. Contact BOOt family.

TRAAS, ISRAEL. PAUL Group KP leader for Oud-Beijerland and area, under SIMON DE WIT. Is a farmer at Zinkweg.

JOOP. Second in command to TRAAS.




7 April 1945