ARRESTED 1942/1943 - 53 agents arrested according to telegram via Major SOMER, or who must have been arrested
                                       as reception committees to which they were dropped were in German hands.

HAAREN                       - 23 agents reported in concentration camp at Haaren, Holland (information in "C' and/or SOE
                                       telegram seen by DOURLEIN and UBBINK.

HAAREN (X)                 - 11 arrests confirmed by German document dated 25 June 1942 (prisoners either in Haaren or

RAWICZ, Poland           - 26 agents reported in prison camp at Rawicz, Poland. Information obtained from Captan
                                       ROUSSET, (escaped French agent) who recognised agents from photographs and had seen
                                       them at prison camp in July 1944.

"BOWLS"                      - Gestapo agent; he used WT Plan taken to the field by WALTER (BOWLS). The aircraft carrying
                                       KWINT, VERHOEF, WALTER and BOCKMA crashed and the agents were drowned. Most of their
                                       material was recovered by Germans and messages were received from this German agent
                                       containing this information.             


Dutch alias: GERARD. SOE alias: PODEX. Real name: MULHOLLAND, Leonard. C. Training name: SANDERS, L.G. Field name: DIJKERMAN, Leonard G. Activities: Liaison officer to RVV. Arrested 14-11-1944 and deported for work in Germany.

Dutch alias: THEODOR or NOL. SOE alias:
CRIBBAGE. Real name: DUYN, Arie van. Training name: DUVEEN, A. Field name: VAN OORDEN, Arnold. Activities: WT Operator working with KP and RVV. Arrested December 1944.

Dutch alias: LEO or BERT. SOE alias:
RUMMY. Real name: DE GOEDE, Lambertus A. Training name: GORT, L. A. Field name: DE GROOT, Leo Hendrik. Activities: Liaison officer to KP. Returned to UK 20-2-1945.

Dutch alias: HANS. SOE alias
TOPS (DRAUGHTS). Real name: BIALLOSERSKI, Tobias. Training name: BRUIN, T. Field name: BIALLOSTERSKI, T. Activities: Liaison officer to Head of NBS. Arrested 11-2-1945.

Dutch alias:DOUWE. SOE alias
BOATING. Real name: POLAK, Paul. Training name: PETERS, P. Field name: POLAK, Paul and AB  439 KOLEMAN, Bernard. Activities: WT Operator to HANS (see above).
May have been arrested with HANS 11-2-1945.

Dutch alias: BRAM. SOE alias:
BACKGAMMON. Real name: VOS, Pieter de. Training name: P. VAN DE(R) VET(H). Field name: VAN HEUSDEN, Johannes. Activities: WT Operator to HANS.
May have been arrested with HANS 11-2-1945.

Dutch alias: WITTE DIRK. SOE alias:
SCULLING. Real name: POSTMA, Sjeerp. Training name: PLOEG, Simon. Field name: POSTMA, Sjeerp. Activities: In touch with KP. Arrested and shot by SD in Utrecht (Apeldoorn) November 1944.

Dutch alias: EDU. SOE alias:
TRAPPING. Real name: BARME, Richard. Training name: BOS, Richard. Field name LEEUWEN, Cornelis. Activities: WT Operator to KP. Arrested 9-2-1945.

Dutch alias: LODEWIJK. SOE alias:
SHOOTING. Real name: LUYKENAAR, Johannes Hendrik. Training name: LEESTEMAKER, J. K. Field name: LANGEVELD, J. J. Training officer to KP and RV.

Dutch alias: LUDO. SOE alias:
MONOPOLY. Real name: STOPPELAAR, Gerardus de. Training name: SPOEL, G. Field name: DE STOPPELAAR, Gerardus. Activities: Training officer to KP and RV.

Dutch alias: HUBERTUS. SOE alias
HALMA. Real name: BOCKMA, Jan. Training name: BOREL, J. Field name: BOERSMA, Jan. Reported dead, plane crashed on to Holland.

Dutch alias: KEES. SOE alias:
POKER. Real name: DEKKERS, Cornelius M. Training name: DUIKER, C.K. Field name: VAN DUYN, Kees. Presumed dead. plane crashed on to Holland.

Dutch alias: FRITS. SOE alias:
COURSING. Real name: HOOGEWERFF, Willem F. Training name: HENDRIKS, W.F. Field name: HOOGEWERFF, Willem F. Activities: Instructor to KP. Arrested 9-2-1945.

Dutch alias: WITTE PIET. SOE alias:
SNOOKER. Real name: BEER, Piet de. Field name: BEER, Pieter de. Activities: Working with KP. returned to UK 2-

Dutch alias: BEN. SOE alias:
CUBBING. Real name: CIEREMANS, Maarten. Training name: COENEN, Maarten. Field name: CIEREMANS, Maarten. Activities: WT Operator to the KP. Operating in South Utrecht.

Dutch alias: KAREL or GERRIT. SOE alias
TUNIQUOITS. Real name: REYSIGER, Antonius Jacobus Marie. Training name: COSTER, A.J.M. Field name: CRAMER, Antonis Jacobus 0r CONELISSEN, Antonius Jacobis. Activities: WT Operator with Drenthe KP. 23-12-1944 arrested in Zeist.

                                                                                                                                                         TOP SECRET

                                                                                                                                                           7 April 1945

Resistance Personalities and Agents

ZONES  V  and VI



Field name:
BRAM or BRAMMETJE. Other names: PIETER DE VOS or DE VET(H). Catch Phrase: "Three cheers for Victory". Answer: "We are already cheering". Description: 5ft8; 118 lbs; slight build; brown eyes; smartly complexion; small scar on left eyebrow.
Born: 20 May 1924 at Soest. Student of maths and physics. Amsetrdam University.
Involved in clandestine activities December 1941 when working for TROUW. Escaped via Belgium-France-Spain. Arrived UK by air 3 March 1944. Training (3 March 1944 to 8 August 1944): Prelim; parachute; WT.
Left for field 8/9 Augustus 1944. Worked as WT for DRAUGHTS-I. He has DRAUGHTS' codes and papers.
On 22 February 1945 still in contact with DC (
Koot). Location: ? but probably near Amsterdam.


Field name
DOUWE. Other names: POLAK, Paul @ PETERS. Catch Phrase: "How are things getting on?" Anser: "Wizard".
Desciption: 5ft8½; medium build; green eyes; scars on both temples.
Born: 26 February 1924 at Balik Papan (Netherlands Indies). Chemical student. Left Holland 6 August 1943 and went to UK via Belgium and Spain, arriving 16 March 1944. Training (8 May 1944 to 21 September 1944): paramilitary; parachute; WT. Went to field 21 September 1944. Was working for DRAUGHTS-I. On 16 February was safe and in touch with BACKGAMMON but having difficulty with D/F (
Direction Finding). On 22 March 1945 was told to move outside Amsterdam and reduce traffic to a minimum.


Other names:
SPHINX @ Jos GEMMEKE (probably real name). Address was: Amalia van Solmsstraat 119, The Hague.
Old contact of DRAUGHTS-II (
Cor van Paaschen). She was sent to UK November 1944, then parachuted one mile south of Zevenhoven (Y-90) 10/11 March 1945. Is working for DRAUGHTS-II and also has a mission for ADK.
Probable location: The Hague area.


Old contact and friend of DRAUGHTS-I and II and CRACKLE. He has been in contact with DC (
Koot) for some time and is a very prominent Resistance man. He has been appointed successor to DRAUGHTS-I (arrested) with ROWING (Frank Hamilton) as technical advisor. This has caused some bitter feeling as ROWING does not like being subordinate and thought that he should have had DRAUGHTS' job. Location: Amsterdam.


Field name:
PIETER. Other names: Pieter DEKKER. Locally recruited organiser at The Hague who has had much experience with clandestine press. Location: The Hague.


GEHRELS., Anton Marie Jacob @ JOOP. Description: 5ft11½; 158 lbs; Blue eyes. Catch Phrase: "It all depend on you". Answer: "We are doing our best". As organiser with FIZZ to Cdt of The Haque. In touch with DRAUGHTS-II.


BISSCHOP, Wijtje Sietse @ HENDRIK @ ROLF. Scar on face. Catch Phrase: " Gwenda, geeft haar liefde". Answer: "Heb negatief opgelicht". In touch with HOOT (Weve).


Field name:
LUDO. Other names: DE STOPPELAAR, Gerardus @ SPOEL. Description: 5ft9½, blue-grey eyes.
Born: 25 April 1926 at Vlaardingen. Student in Indien painting. Went to UK via Stockholm arriving 30 August 1944.
Training: Holding school; parachuting. Left for the field 21 September 1944. Was in Rotterdam working with SHOOTING (). Has been ill suffering from peritonitis. SCRAPE (
van der Stoep) reported 1 April 1945 that he was still very weak but that he was coming through the lines.


PLEYSIER, Wouter @ KLAAS. Description: 6ft½; blue eyes. Catch phrase: "Take Jeauf". Answer: "We are on our way".
Working with GURGLE in touch with DOCTOR-X.


GEYSSEN, Hendrik @ Gerritzoon @ HEIN. Description: 5ft10; blue-green eyes. In touch with HOOT. Catch phrase: "Birthday greetings". Answer: "Twenty one today".


Field name:
JOSEPHINE @ FRANCIA. Other names: Antonia Francisca Maria HAMILTON @ HEMMERIK. Catch phrase: "Long live Holland". Answer: "Holland for ever". Description: 5ft8; 126 lbs; slight build; blue eyes.
Born: 2 May 1910 at Asten. Was in charge of a boarding house for three years. Worked in Brazil with her brother (ROWING) and did Red Cross work. Came to UK via USA.
Training (28 March 1943 to 9 August 1944): Prelim: WT finishing; holding; parachute; photography; propaganda. Left for the field 9 August 1944, when she broke her leg on landing and was in hospital until at least December.
On 30 January 1945 reported safe and being looked after by Resistance. Probably staying at DRAUGHTS' house.


SJOERDSMA @ CHRISTIAAN @ GUNDER. Scar on left lower leg and left thumb. Catch phrase: "Keep the pot boiling". Answer: "This life suits me".
Location: Kralingen. WT operator for HOOT ().


Field name:
GUUS. Other names: Frans Louis HAMILTON @ HELDER. Catch Phrase: "Sally send greetings". Answer: "Thanks message Sally". Description: 6ft1; 175 lbs; strong build; blue eyes; scar on chest. Born: 2 October 1913 in Sumatra. Was planter in Brazil. Came to UK 23 December 1941 via Canada to join RAF but failed in flying test.
Training: (2 April 1943 to 9 August 1944). Prelim; parachute; photography; finishing; S-Phone/Eureka; holding school; propaganda. To field 9 August 1944. Was in Rotterdam as instructor. In October went to North-Holland to help DRAUGHTS-I with reception work. When DRAUGHTS-I was arrested he was instructed 12 February 1945 to take on his work. Meanwhile DC (
Koot) had appointed DOCTOR-X. Now technical advisor to the doctor (he is annoyed about this). Starting to build up anew following so many arrests. Contacts CNBS through CARELS who is on his staff. ROWING compromised following arrests of DRAUGHTS-I, etc.

GURGLE organiser with RUMBLE.
GRIND instructor to SWISH.
FIZZ WT Operator to GRUNT.
YELP instructor to SWISH.
SPLASH instructor to SWISH.


Real name: Capt.
BORGHOUT. Other names: PIETER-ZUID (Field name). Second in command (working with SCRAPE) arrived safely 17 March 1945 and is operating between Rotterdam and Amsterdam.


DEKKER, Franciscus @ FLUIT. Description: 5ft9½; green eyes. Catch phrase:"Keep your fingers crossed". Answer:"Monica is alright". WT Operator to SWISH.


WT Operator to SWISH with whom he was dropped. (Location: Rotterdam?)
TEN BROEK, Robert Meinderd @ JOS.
Catch phrase: "Any message, Betty's birthday". Answer: "Good health and good wishes".
Now operating to Army (Rotterdam).


Field name:
RIEN @ VICTOR @ ROB. Other names: VAN SCHEVEL & SCHEFFER @ (VAN) DER STOEP @ VAN SEVENHUIZEN. Catch Phrase: "Be Patient alles zal in orde komen". Answer: "Ben Big Ben strikes one". Description: 1.82; 160 lbs; thick-set; blue eyes; bullet scar on left hand. Wears spectacles. Born 12 December 1912. Was KP Commander Rotterdam and the NBS Commander. Passed through 2 SF Det January 1945. Dropped blind 27/28 February 1945, 2 miles north of Zevenhuizen (D-88) (present location: ? but will probably go to contact his men at Rotterdam).


Sabotage instructor parachuted 30/31 March 1945 at Opperdijk (D-97). Safe arrival reported. Locaction: ? (Rotterdam area).
WEVE, Johannes @ ALBERTUS. Description: 6ft1½; 140 lbs, green eyes. Catch Phrase: "Wilhelmina for ever". Answer: "Victory to us".

Annex Oost.

Annex West.

Annex Noord-Oost & Noord-West.

Annex Liaison Officers.