N                                                                          Dutch

Name: HAMILTON, Antonia Maria Francesca.

P.T.C. 21-05-1943.
N.T.   28-05-1943.
Born: 02-05-1910. Asten N-Brabant, Holland.
Occupation: School matron prior to going to Brazil 1938. Farm in Brazil 1938 to 1942. Nurse in Brazil 1942 to 1943.
                 Arrived England April 1943.
Remarks 01-06-1943: Student at STS-6 commencing 28-05-1943.

STS-6 - West Court, Finchampstead, Wokingham, Berkshire.


S.D. signed 03-04-1944.

MT/P to N  27-09-1943.
Interviewed on 23-09-1943. She complained of feeling weak, of being easily tired, of not being fully in control of herself, being unable to concentrate and having no reserve of stamina and lacking in self confidence.

Present History.
She started feeling tired in Brazil whilst training as a nurse. She attributed this to an attack of amoebic dysentry, to the strenuous hours of nursing and to the general exhausting effect of the tropical climate. April 1943 she arrived back in England from Brazil following a bad and disturbing crossing. The convoy was repeatedly attacked by U-Boats, many of her friends were drowned and the whole trip was a nightmare to her. During this time she lost a good deal of weight, felt generally nervous with an "excited" feeling in her stomach. On the course at STS-52 her symptoms became more marked, she felt weak with a constant hunger, unable to concentration her Morse and though she slept well, she woke up tired. She attributes much of this to the fact that whilst on the course she had confirmatory evidence of the death of her friends in the convoy. She only did two weeks of the course before being withdrawn. At Group B there was some improvement but she did not make a success of the course. She was not happy there and did not understand all that she was taught to do. She has just finished the course

Previous History.
She lived in 33 land (
Holland) to 1938. She was clever at school and later obtained a diploma in domestic science. She held a responsible post for four years as head of a boarding school in Leyeden (Leiden) and seems to have done well at this job. 1938 she went to Brazil with her brother with the idea of taking up farming. At the outbreak of the war her brother came to England and she took up nursing. She then came to this country with the idea of coming into more active contact with the war and of helping others in their suffering.

She is a pleasant, sincere woman of an idealistic and sentimental type. In the past she has been active, keen on sports and warm in her attitude towards others with numerous friends. She is very much a woman with a constructive and rather mothering outlook. She is loyal and keen to help others. For the moment she is not fit for work in the field being obviously in an emotional and excited state. She is tired and worried and not fully in control over herself. Her morale is low and she worries over our work partly because of it being of a destructive nature. Three factors and pre-dominantly concerned in this:
1. a physical one amoebic dysentry since her weak physical condition in Brazil was attributed to this. D/Med should be consulted on this point. Her general physical condition is not, in fact, good.
2. Her voyage over here upset het emotionally and she has never really fully recovered from this.
3. Family troubles over which she is now worrying in view of het return to 33 land (
Holland). These family troubles have affected her considerably and disturbed het emotionally.

In my opinion she is not medically fit to go into the field. I very much doubt if she will ever make a good arthritis operator. She could possibly become a courier after a period of psychological treatment though this may require some time. If the Country Section wish it, I am willing to undertake this and help to get her fit for work in the field.

Sgt. Boke  20-10-1943.
This young lady has done remarkably well during the few hours tuition. She learns very quickly and easily during lectures and has a good memory but is very hard to persuade to put in some extra study on her own. She pleads being too busy or not feeling well enough for the moment but promises readily for the future. For the moment, Miss H. knows enough elementary French grammar and everyday conversation to be able to understand and make herself understood without too much difficulty in ordinary circumstances such as she will come up against travelling in France. I would like to suggest that when Miss H. coverstory for her journey has definitely been established she should be given a couple of more lessons specialising on her particular cover; this should act as refresher for her and if she was told this in time it might make an extra encouragement for her to do some studying on her own before then. She is in possession of the necessary books to do this.

STS-42  15-12-1943.
Role: Reconnaissance member of a small sabotage group.

Schemes: She has as yet only taken part in the Reconnaissance for one scheme, but she will soon be able to play her part in schemes involving demolitions and weapons.

General: On the whole Miss HEMERIK shows promise. She is extremely keen, is naturally conscientious and although not by any means clever is thorough and painstaking. She is evidently not strong physically, but is already improving in this respect. Provided her progress in maintained and provided she is temperamentally suited for this kind of work, which at the moment seems probably, she is likely to attain a satisfactory standard in order to fulfil her role after a further three weeks training.

STS-42 - Roughwood Park, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks.

STS-HQ to STS-51  29-03-1944
Will attend course commencing 02-04-1944.

STS-51A  07-04-1944.
A refined, intelligent and cheerful student. She was slightly nervous at times but her confidence and poise more than offset this. Her ground training efforts were very good. her parachute descents and landings were good. Until she actually makes the egress she is nervous, after that she is cool and collected.

STS-51 - Dunham House, Altrincham, Cheshire - parachute training (near RAF Ringway).

STS-39  19-05-1944.
Energetic and purposeful, but slow to grasp ideas of even a simple nature. Knows her limitations, but is confident and self-possessed in her normal activities and contacts with other people. She should make a most reliable assistant in any activity which she has time enough to master. She is most at home in practical, outdoor activities.

STS-39  31-05-1944.
This student has had sufficient instruction and practice to produce reliable results in the field. She has used a variety of cameras including the Contax and Leica and photographed documents and pictures under poor and very good lighting conditions, Several emulsions have been used and a sound knowledge has been acquired about their processing.

STS-HQ to STS-39  02-05-1944.
Will attend course commencing 08-05-1944. It is understood that she will be acting as an assistant to a propagandist in the field.

D/CEM-2 to N  03-05-1944.
No security objection to the above.

STS-HQ to STS-39  23-05-1944.
Will return to 39 for a microphotography course on 24-05-1944.

STS-50  27-06-1944.
On good terms with others but always keeps to 33K12. from what I have seen so far I should say that she gives the impression of being slightly temperamental and might be irritated easily. However, there is also a definite determination to carry on with the job till the end.

STS-50  01-07-1944.
C.O. remarks: Has only been with us for the 11 day exercise. Showed herself extremely keen and hardworking. Must learn the value of silence, talked too much during the exercise.

N/T advise  26-08-1944.
left for the field on night 09/10-08-1944.


DEPARTEMENT VAN OORLOG                                                                   Hereford House
B.B.O.                                                                                                Flat 15
                                                                                                        117 park Street
                                                                                                        London W-1
                                                                                                        MAYfair 8511
                                                                                                        February 28th 1946

Miss HAMILTON, Antonia M.F. alias A.M.F. HEMERIK alias Josephine has been dropped as an agent of the Special Forces into occupied Holland, [redacted]; the 9th of August 1944.

Both stayed in the field until the liberation May 1945.

They were promised before their departure as parachutists from both English and Dutch HQ (B.B.O.) that each of them should get  a "field salary" of F.1.000,- per month.
This money could be used, just when and where they thought best, without any account of the way they disposed of the money.

They received this amount for the first 5 months, when going on operation and got the verbal promise of the British HQ to get the second amount of money sent to them after this period of 5 months.
Being in the field the wireless message home to out No. 18 of this operation, confirmed the verbal promise. the promised salaries however never reached them; where as they stayed 9 months in the field.

These salaries should be paid 50% by the English and 50% by the Dutch HQ (B.B.O.)


Reasons why they should like to ask you the named salaries of undersigned [redacted].

                                                                                                        A.M.F. HAMILTON
                                                                                                        Bono Hollandez Unido
                                                                                                        Sao Paulo

                                                                                                       Mount Royal Hotel
                                                                                                       Marble Arch
                                                                                                       London W-1

                                                                                                       Tel: MAYfair 8040
                                                                                                                   ext. 518


DEPARTEMENT VAN OORLOG                                                                   Hereford House
B.B.O.                                                                                                Flat 15
                                                                                                        117 park Street
                                                                                                        London W-1
                                                                                                        MAYfair 8511
No. III/144/dCM/MC.                                                                           London 5th March 1946.

Dear Sir Comdr. Newcomb

Please find enclose a statement made up by Miss Hamilton, being a claim for field-salary for her [redacted],
who were parachuted into occupied territory on the 8th Augustus 1945 (

Both stayed in the field until the liberation, so for nine months.

They received field-salary for five months, an amount of F.1000,- monthly each.

As it is proved that they never got any money for the last four months, Miss Hamilton should like to receive the equivalent of F. 2000,- [redacted]

As for our Dutch share, Miss Hamilton has put in a request to the Netherlands Minister of War and no result is known yet.

                                                                                                       Yours faithfully

                                                                                                       G.B. du Celliee-Muller

Jun. Cmdr. Newcomb
14 Kenrick Place
Bakerstreet W-1


Register No. MI-9/C/5A/130.                              6th March 1946.                               SECRET

M.O..1 (S.P.)

1. Herewith a letter from Miss HAMILTON dated 18 Feb, a questionnaire completed by er detailing help given to her

                                                                                                                        A.E. Woull
Ext. 1295/7.
27thFebruary 1946                                                                                          Lieut. Colonel, C.S.

Antonia Maria Francisca Hamilton


                                                                                                           M.O.1. (S.P.)

                                                                                                           14 Kenrick Place
                                                                                                           London, W-1

Finance Officer (Pay)                                                                               11th March 1946.


Lt. G.B. du Celliee-Muller,
B.B.O. Hereford House,
Flat 15,
117 Park Street
London w-1

Dear Lt. Muller,


Receipt is acknowledged of your letter reference 111/144/DCM/MC dated the 5th March 1946 regarding the claims put forward by the above named; the matter is receiving investigation. May we please be informed if and when the Netherlands Minister of War accepts liability for their proportion of the F. 8.000,- claim.

                                                                                                      Yours faithfully,

                                                                                                       Finance Officer