N.                                  Dutch                                                                                                   K.12

Name: HAMILTON, Frans Louis Johannes.

P.T.C. 25-03-1943.
N.T. 03-04-1943.
Born: 02-10-1913 Kapahiang-Sumatra-Dutch East Indies.
Occupation: Left Dutch East Indies in 1930. Lived in Holland 1930-1937. Administered a plantation in Brazil from
                 1937. At present training in the RAF.
Relatives: Father & Mother. Father Burgomaster Etten & Leur near Breda.
Remarks: To be trained as agent 02-04-1943.

03-04-1943 ALIAS HELDER.

OSA signed: 18-04-1943.
S.A. signed  02-05-1943.

NL to MT 06-05-1943.
Please arrange for this student to go to Group B schools on 16-05-1943.

D/CEM-1 to MT 4/14-05-1943.
There is no security objection to proceed to Group B on 16-05-1943.

Sgt. Mendes  STS-3  07-04-1943.
Is naturally very security minded. Has very sober habits and outlook and composedness of character. He does not confide in others and on the whole appears to be at his best as an individualist.

STS-3.  Stodham Park, Liss, Hampshire - Norwegian depot school, staff training courses, British and OSS Jedburghs initial assessment centre, specialised course in mines and the use of enemy weapons, training of German and Russian (German Army) former POWs.

Has a very sober outlook on things. determined skilful, good emotional stability. Temperate habits (non smoker). Never makes a display or a fuss in dealing with things in general. He does not mix much with the others though he is liked for the steady way he deals with any given situation.

Introspective nature, restful and loyal, above all loyal. Keeps himself very much apart from the others, though on the occasions that he does mix he is quite congenial company.

Rather slow in the uptake and with a habit, already mentioned of keeping extremely to himself. This reserve with regards to dealing with people is also found in his cautiousness in the approach to any given situation.

STS-51A  07-05-1943.
Very reserved. Keeps very much to himself but all the same is far less introspective than at first appears to be. His aloofness does not deter him making a close study of those around him and taking things in a quiet inconspicuous way. Very meticulous in handling papers, personal belongings. Temperate habits, does not drink much, does not smoke.

STS-HQ to Commdt. Group C  28-09-1943.
This student will attend course on S-Phone and Eureka at STS-40 commencing 04-10-1943.

Sgt. Hartog STS-40  14-10-1943
This student has lived the greater part of his life in Brazil and the Dutch East Indies so he told me, but he originally came from Breda, Holland. He has shown keen interest during the whole course but he also is more interested to do demolition work than to work on reception committee.

STS-40 - Howbury Hall, near Waterend, Bedford - training in use of EUREKA, REBECCA and S-Phone. Reception Committee School.

STS-50  27-06-1944.
Appears to be a man of very temperate habits. Apart from taking walks in the district with 330B12, he has not been out very much since I arrived here. Friendly with most people, yet he does not seem to have any particular friends.

Sgt. Fleming STS-50  11-05-1944.
Was only here for one day and then went on a course. Expected to return after about 10 days.

Sgt. Fleming STS-50  11-05-1944.
Has not yet returned here.

STS-39  19-05-1944.
Quiet, purposeful, but very slow of understanding. Shows no strong preferences, but appears better at practical than intellectual activities. Does not appear very self-possessed, but there was no real test of this. Showed average initiative.

STS-39 - (Hackett School), ??? - subversive propaganda.

STS-39  31-05-1944.
This student has now had sufficient instructions and practice to produce reliable results in the field. He has used a variety of cameras, including the Contax and Leica and photographed documents and pictures under poor and good lighting conditions. Several emulsions have been used and a sound knowledge has been acquired about their processing.

STS-50  30-04-1944.
Comm. remarks. Has been working very much better since my last report. His brain works slowly, but he is very tenacious and will not give up until he has completed the job in hand. Very fit and strong.

STS-HQ - STS-39  02-05-1944.
Will attend course commencing 08-05-1944. It is understood that he will be acting as an assistant to a propagandist in the field.

D/CEM-2 to N  03-05-1944.
No security objection to the above.

STS-50  01-06-1944.
This student has only been at this group for 4 days during the month, the remainder of his time being occupied with Special courses.

STS-HQ to STS-39  23-05-1944.
Will return for a microphotography course on 25-05-1944.

STS-50  27-06-1944.
Appears to be a man of very temperate habits apart from taking walks in the district with 330B12 he has not been out very much since he arrived here. Friendly with most people yet he does not seem to have any particular friends.

STS-50  01-07-1944.
C.O. remarks. Returned for the exercise. Works very well, but still has his old fault of being too slow on the uptake.

N/T advise 26-08-1944.
Left for the field on night of 09/10-08-1944.

Arrived in the UK.


Division, 24 OCT 1945.
Unit: Royal Netherlands Army.
Rank and Army or Personal No. 2/Lieut. (3725).
Name: Frans Louis Johannes HAMILTON.

2/Lieut HAMILTON was parachuted into enemy occupied HOLLAND on 10th August 1944. His primary mission was to re-establish contact and direct the WT communication of the clandestine press with Headquarters in UK and also to deliver Funds and material to their organisations.

After competent handling of initial difficulties when his companion broke her leg in landing. HAMILTON proceeded to carry out his primary mission with notable succes. Thereafter he reported to the chief organiser of clandestine resistance at AMSTERDAM, and was allotted the task of organising the reception of air-borne arms and materials in NORTH-HOLLAND, and training resistance in their use. He carried out this work most successfully. He also took part in the organisation of resistance groups in the area.

In February 1945, when the chief organiser at AMSTERDAM was captured, HAMILTON took over and later reverted to his work in NORTH-HOLLAND until the armistice.

It is recommended that 2/Lieut HAMILTON be awarded a Certificate of Commendation.


C Mc. V Gubbins
15 Oct 1945

In Engeland was hij leerling-vlieger. Daarbij leerde hij ook parachute-springen.

Samen voerden Frank & Frankie missie Tiddlywinks in opdracht van Bureau Bijzondere Opdrachten uit. Hij werd Guus of Frank genoemd, zij Josephine of Frankie. Ze werden in de nacht van 9 op 10 augustus 1944 bij Abbekerk in de Wieringermeer gedropt.
Frankie raakte hierbij zwaar gewond aan haar been en werd door het verzet naar een ziekenhuis in Haarlem gebracht, waar zij enige maanden verbleef, onder meer omdat later haar been opnieuw gebroken moest worden.
Frank kwam goed terecht en kon een radioset aan Jan Steman afleveren. Hij ging naar Den Haag en werd begin oktober naar Amsterdam gebracht om de Draughts-groep van Tobs Biallosterski te versterken.
Op 30 september bezocht Frank zijn zuster in Haarlem. Daarna ging hij naar Alkmaar om de grondploegen instructie gaan geven in het gebruik van het Eureka-baken, zodat de vliegtuigen beter de droppingsvelden konden vinden en nauwkeuriger hun lading konden droppen.

Begin oktober kwamen 8000 man Grüne Polizei naar Amsterdam om, tijdens de razzia's van 5 en 6 oktober, 200 mannen op te pakken voor de Arbeitseinsatz.
Draughts was gewaarschuwd, dus voor hen liep het goed af.

Frank Hamilton liet via Biallosterski nogmaals naar Londen seinen dat hij meer Eureka-bakens nodig had, en ook brandewijn, chocolade en sigaretten, waarschijnlijk voor zijn grondploegen.