Funds for underground press

London advised
DRAUGHTS 2 (van Paaschen) (60) that of the 57.500 Guilders received by him, 47.500 were intended for the underground press; the remaining 10.000 would be divided equally between BEZIQUE (Steman) and himself.

Periodicals wanted

(van Paaschen) cabled (61) that he wished to receive regularly papers published in liberated Holland. He would also like “THE TIMES” and “MANCHESTER GUARDIAN” weekly supplements, “THE NEW STATESMAN” , “THE ECONOMIST” “LONDON ILLUSTRATED NEWS”, “DAILY HERALD”, “SATURDAY EVENING POST”, “LIFE”, “FORTUNE”, the “VLIEGENDE HOLLANDER”, the London “VRIJ NEDERLAND”, books by Laski and Beveridge,  a book of speeches by Churchill, a book or details about UNRRA, and information about Russia and China - example, economic news and plans for post war development. All these should be sent in (duplicate ?) for quick circulation, otherwise they would soon be out of date.

(60)  93 to Draughts 2 0f 01.02.45
93 to Draughts via night Teifi.
Fifty seven thousand five hundred Guilders received by you stop forty seven thousand five hundred intend for illegal press five thousand for yourself and five thousand for Frans stop Please arrange stop

(61)  192-195 from Draughts 2 of 01/02.02.45
From Draughts via Bain.
My one nine two (
192) stop Your nine zero stop Cod rpt Cod ready stop Wish to receive regularly papers liberated Holland as you know from former sending failed both Times Weekly x Manchester Guardian Weekly stop Continued

And photos of Dutch forces

He also wanted pictures of Allied and Russian generals and statesman. He further required air and ground photographs of the Mitchell planes of the Royal Dutch Air Force, photographs of the Dutch Forces with their self-propelled guns and motorized artillery, and of the Dutch light cruiser and the Dutch forces in New Guinea and the West Indies. London replied that preparations were being made for sending all the material he needed
(62). Referring to London’s previous request DRAUGHTS 2 cabled (63) that investigations were being made into the possibilities of infiltrating agents from Holland into Germany. Two W/T operators were now being trained by BEZIQUE for this purpose.

Draughts 1 wounded and captured

reported (64) that HANS (DRAUGHTS 1) had been wounded and captured by the Germans in Noord-Holland. He was lying in the Naval Hospital at Heiloo and everything possible would be done to rescue him.

Moved to Amsterdam

He cabled
(65) that DRAUGHTS 1 had been operated upon and had been moved the same day to the Wilhelmina Hospital in Amsterdam. This made the question of his liberation much more complicated, but a new plan was being drawn up. All possible steps were being taken towards the liberation of DRAUGHTS.

An incorrect report

reported (66) that his previous message concerning production of alcohol for V-2’s by the Gist and Spiritus Fabriek at Delft was not correct. The factory worked only for food production.

Bezique arrested

He reported
(67) that BEZIQUE had been arrested by the Dutch Landwacht, but that he was not transmitting at the time. If he were not freed within a few days, DRAUGHTS 2 would ask BOATING or BACKGAMMON to help him with his W/T traffic.

Doctor’s useful work

cabled (68) that “examination and deliberation” had brought him to the conclusion that the success of DRAUGHTS 1 had been greatly assisted by a medical researcher worker whom they contacted a few days after the arrival of DRAUGHTS 1. This doctor was a skilled organizer and had arranged weapon transport from the dropping grounds to Amsterdam. As a result of the arrest of DRAUGHTS 1 and the others, and the capture of important papers, the enemy knew the whole scheme of dropping grounds and weapon transport in Noord-Holland.

(62)  96 to Draughts 2 of 07.02.45
96 to Draughts via night Teifi.
Are preparing all your material asked for stop Have received various requests medical stores these are now being packed and will be distributed to North and South and Eastern Holland stop Agree you requisition car please send particulars of owner for record purpose stop

(63)  208 from Draughts 2 of 11.02.45
From Draughts via Bain.
208 stop Your nine one has full attention stop Possibilities are being investigated infiltration from Holland into Germany stop Have two operators who are being trained by FRANS now stop

(64)  220 from Draughts 2 12.02.45
From Draughts via Bain.
My two two zero (
220) of eleventh stop HANS wounded and captured by Germans in Noord-Holland stop Lays in Marinelazareth in Heiloo stop … no more text visible.

(65)  Srl B. 3066/68 from Draughts 2 of 13.02.45
From Draughts via Bain.
HANS zaterdag geopereerd en heden doorgevoerd Wilhelmina Gasthuis Amsterdam dit maakt bevrijding ingewikkelder nieuw plan wordt ontworpen doen al het mogelijke moeite stop Verzoek GUUS TUMACHFKGEN als voorloopig plaatsvervanger tot definitieve beslissing F voorloopig berichten dienaangaande via my nr
twee twee twee stop

(66)  212 from Draughts 2 of 14.02.45

(67)  232 from Draughts 2 of 20.02.45
From Draughts via
My two three two (
232) of eighteen stop FRANS arrested by Landwacht not in transmitting action If he cannot be freed in a few days I ask one of the Amsterdam operators to assist me stop Anyhow expect soonest dropping on Cod stop

(68)  227 - 231 from Draughts 2 of 20.02.45
From Draughts via Elan.
My two two seven (
227) of eighteen stop
GUUS asked my help and advice stop Examination and deliberation brought me to next conclusion stop Success of HANS’ work was caused for greater part my medical research worker whom he contacted few days after dropping stop To be continued

From Draughts (
van Paaschen) via Elan.
My two two eight (
228)  of eighteen stop Further two two seven   behind the scenes this doctor was adviser and leader for HANS and his co-workers and organized weapon transport from grounds to Amsterdam stop I know this man as skilled organizer stop Arresting HANS and others and finding important papers Germans now know whole organization of dropping grounds and weapon transport in North Holland stop To be continued

From Draughts (van Paaschen) via Elan.
My two two nine (
229) of eighteen stop Further my two two eight  for that reason possibilities of rebuilding new organization are small stop The more so as common life is hindered by shortness of all kind and arrestations stop Extensive connections in NORTHAL (?) society are wanted for succeeding stop To be continued

From Draughts (
van Paaschen) via Elan.
My two three zero (
230) of eighteen stop Further my two two nine  HVCJELLIES of new organizer in these circumstances are to be expected stop FMXZLSTHW said he has transport totally on informations and facilities given my medical friend of HANS The latter enjoys entire confidence of HANS’ two operators and staff stop To be continued

From Draughts (
van Paaschen) via Elan.
My two three one (
231) of eighteen stop Further my two three zero  Experience proved his usefulness stop in interest of your important work I should like therefore to advise let this man continue definitively HANS work soonest stop Options of HANS both operators and staff support my advice stop The end stop

From Boating (
Paul Polak) via Towy.
My four five (
45) stop From PIETER stop After contacting HANS he appointed Doctor to continue his work stop Confirm Gist Spiritus fabriek does not produce anything for Wehrmacht stop Zero

Recommanded as Draughts’ successor

The difficulties of everyday life were a great handicap in rebuilding a new organization. In order to achieve success, extensive contacts in normal walks of life were needed. The
DOCTOR (Veeneklaas) had the complete confidence of DRAUGHTS 1 (Biallosterski), BACKGAMMON (De Vos) and BOATING (Polak), and
in view of his proved usefulness
DRAUGHTS 2 (van Paaschen)  advised that the DOCTOR should carry on DRAUGHTS’ work.

Driehoek approves

cabled (69) that the DRIEHOEK fully agreed to the appointment of the DOCTOR as replacement for DRAUGHTS 1. London replied (70) that a message had been sent to the Commandant of the Dutch Forces of the Interior suggesting that ROWING (Frank Hamilton) and the DOCTOR should work closely together, in view of former’s  technical training.

(69)  236 from Draughts 2 of 27.02.45
From Draughts 2 via …
My two three six (
236) of twenty six stop Ref your three two code Douwe (Paul Polak) stop DC really agrees stop Waiting for your appointment now stop

(70)  108 to Draughts 2 of 27.02.45
To Draughts 2 via night Elan.
Reference appointment
DOCTOR friend to continue HANS work we have sent message to CNBS in GUUS’ code suggesting that provincial CNBS agrees GUUS and DOCTOR friend should work closely together in view GUUS technical training stop


“Little hope”  for Draughts 1

(Frank Hamilton) reported (71) that he was still trying to liberate DRAUGHTS 1, but there was very little hope. After the arrest he (Rowing) took over DRAUGHTS’ job. He found the situation in Amsterdam confused, and difficulties arose since some people, especially one ARENT (Veeneklaas), were too eager to take the place of DRAUGHTS.

Rowing criticizes “The Doctor”

This man ARENT (
Veeneklaas) was a good friend of DRAUGHTS 2, but had been doing illegal work only for five months. ROWING (Frank Hamilton) advised London to appoint an agent from England, otherwise great trouble might arise. He thanked London for his temporary appointment.

London suggests co-operation

London suggested
(72) that if the Commandant of the Netherlands Forces of the Interior agreed, he (ROWING) and Dr. ARENT should work together on all questions of dropping grounds and weapons. ROWING had the technical knowledge and the DOCTOR (Veeneklaas) could help in questions of transport.

More Quibbeling

In his next telegram
(73) ROWING (Frank Hamilton) complained that the DOCTOR (Veeneklaas) was trying to become the successor of DRAUGHTS 1 (Tobias Biallosterski) without consulting the Commandant of the resistance Forces or himself. The DOCTOR was “hauling down ROWING and extolling himself”. In his five months of illegal work the doctor had built up a transport system which was now completely “blown”. Nobody there backed the DOCTOR except DRAUGHTS 2 (Cor van Paaschen).

(71)  1 from Rowing of 24.02.45
From Rowing via Towy.
My number one stop Still trying to liberate HANS chance hopeless stop After arrestation HANS, took over his job awaiting your orders meanwhile received stop Found situation in Amsterdam confused and difficulties rose as some people special one called ARENT were too eagerly to take the place of HANS stop ARENT good friend of PETER has been only for five month in illegal work stop Seen these difficulties in illegal world I advise you to take in any case for this job a person from England as only WE OREAKEN here as neutral by taking others great trouble may rise stop Thanks for my temporary appointment have ropes well in hand stop

(72)  1 to Rowing of 25.02.45
To Rowing via night Elan.
Good work GUUS stop Suggest if CNBS agree that you and the DOCTOR friend of HANS should work out together all questions of dropping grounds and weapons stop You have the technical knowledge and the DOCTOR can help in questions of transport stop SALLY sends greeting stop Message for JOSEPHINE (
Frankie Hamilton) hope you are better and long live Holland stop

From Rowing (
Frank Hamilton) via Elan of 26.02.45
My number two (
2) stop Trough CARELS telephone and technical assistant of HANS now in my staff GUUS was able to contact CNBS and all necessary people stop Rectification of my nr one PETER should be PIETER DEKKER stop

From Rowing (
Frank Hamilton) via Elan of 25.02.45
My nr three (
3) stop ARENT trying to become successor of HANS stop ARENT did not warn GUUS nor CNBS or HQ London stop Not even on request of CARELS of it to get time for his plans stop Therefore CARELS has done it stop Also hauling down GUUS and extolling himself stop ARENT in staff of HANS build up in his five month illegal a transport system completely blown stop Also looking after ouri W/T operators still doing so it GUUS order stop Nobody here backs ARENT except PIETER stop Sent against recommendations of ARENT through PIETER stop

To Rowing (
Frank Hamilton) via night Elan of 26.02.45
Please confirm GUUS is using this code and message in it are from him stop Is ARENT same person as doctor friend of PIETER stop Ask CNBS to confirm to us that he agrees with our suggestion for GUUS and PIETER’ doctor friend to take over HANS’ work until PIETER ZUID arrives stop

From Rowing (
Frank Hamilton) via Towy of 28.02.45
Nr four (
4) stop Through many arrestations lately everything to be build up new again stop GUUS ordered for many new dropping grounds and transport system stop Old known by HANS stop CARELS soon ready with telephone system to front line Rhenen and Dordrecht stop

From Rowing (
Frank Hamilton) via Elan of 01.03.45
Nr five (
5) stop Your nr one stop GUUS asks to leave all to him than everything soon right again stop Please do not place two captains on one ship stop Thanks greetings Sally stop Message of Josephine love to Sybil (Bond) and all others,  Holland for ever stop





PRINCE BERNHARD asked (74): - “Has it been made clear that KING KONG (Lindemans) was never in any form attached to my staff, but worked purely and solely for a British Service?”

(74) 43 from Northaw of 22.2.45




State of resistance in Holland

On his return to this country
RUMMY (Bert de Goede)  gave the following description of the state of resistance in Holland at the time of his departure.

“Completely mad”

In his opinion the whole of the resistance and the illegal press in Holland had gone completely mad and there was no longer any pretence of the work being “underground”. Resistance groups worked quite openly. He quoted the case of one resistance worker who visited the house of a KP, courier whose husband was a sign writer. On the wall, in full view of anyone who came, was a large plan of Rotterdam, showing clearly all the strong points and the best line of approach for Allied troops.

Conscience money

further stated that nobody in resistance need go short of money. You only to go to any member of the Dutch National Socialist Party and ask for money, saying you were a member of the resistance, and then you would immediately be given as much as you needed, or cared to ask for, as these people were very anxious to ensure against the time when their country would be liberated.

Players please

He stated that the OD had many contacts among German and Dutch members of the SD, from whom they were reputed to get a good deal of information in return for cigarettes, for which purpose they made incessant demands for English cigarettes, since it appeared that the SD had expressed a preference for British tobacco.
RUMMY stated that the church had little or no influence in resistance, but it might at least be said that the Catholic and Protestants had sunk their religious differences and were working together.

Communists active

On the other hand the Communist groups, who keep themselves very much to themselves, were gaining power and influence every day. Every resistance movement was heavily penetrated by Communist elements who were very well organized on the cell system and never revealed themselves. They had so thoroughly penetrated organized resistance that on many droppings operations they succeeded in stealing most of the equipment, which they hid away for their own use.