(Contact with DRIEHOEK)


Cubbing to cross lines
CUBBING (Cieremans) cabled (20) that he hoped to cross the lines the following week, thanks to the help given to him by RUMMY and COURSING.

Successful sabotage

He reported
(21) that on the night of February 2nd four barges carrying 180.000 litres of oil were burnt at Utrecht. The attack had been carried out with three explosive charges of 1½ lbs each. (22) At Amersfoort the electric railway signal system had been destroyed by sabotage. He added (23) that he wished to leave Utrecht at once and return to occupied Holland within two weeks (24).

Warned against contacts

was warned (25) that there had been many arrests in Rotterdam. In no circumstances, therefore, should he try to contact COURSING and RUMMY. If he did he might well be arrested.
NBS needs new directives

suggested (26) that as the NBS was “beginning to go the wrong way” London should send them a special order directed to regional and district commanders stressing once again that the Allied war effort could be aided by well-prepared action by the NBS In his opinion London should convey to the NBS the following three points: - (1) The NBS should understand that it had to be absolutely self-supporting, though London would give help as soon as this was possible; (2) In the interest of security neither the NBS nor any of its members should work for any other underground organization; (3) The NBS should not concern itself with preparations for running Holland after the liberation.

Resistance weakening

London should promise to send as many weapons and other stores as possible, but only to assist the NBS in its fight against the German terror. As the situation of the Dutch people was getting more and more impossible, so the strength of the NBS was decreasing. Such an order from London would encourage the real partisans and keep weak elements away.

Railway Target

He reported
(27) that the Germans were against using the railways for supply purposes. He asked whether the NBS should attack and if so whether made-up charges could be sent. He was told (28) that no attack should be made until ordered. Railway charges were being prepared and would be sent in due course.

(21)  Srl No. B 2838 from Cubbing of 03.02.45
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Launched - Sunk
COURSING  (Hoogewerff) reported (29) that a 3000 ton vessel had been sunk by sabotage at Rotterdam. It was quite new and had in fact only just been launched.

Bridges to be Left Intact
He also reported that the Germans had removed the charges from five bridges in Rotterdam. They said they intended to leave these bridges intact, except for the approaches to two of them which were going to be mined.

Germans Short of Explosives ?

was asked (30) to make sure that the Germans really had taken away the charges from the bridges. If detonating fuses had been left behind it was suggest that these be cut. If the Germans really were short of explosives, then the removal of charges by resistance forces at the last minute might save many bridges.

Coursing in touch with Podex
COURSING (Hoogewerff) reported (31) that he had received a letter from PODEX (Mulholland), who asked whether he should stay in Germany. In a message via COURSING (32) PODEX was asked if he could possibly “carry on the good work” in Germany.

Podex to work in Germany
It was suggested that he (
Mulholland) should build up cells among Dutch workers and also if possible a courier service to the Overijssel or to other parts of Eastern Holland. A W/T operator would try to contact him during the February moon period.

(29) Daily summary No 149 of 1.2.45
(30) 19 to Coursing of 2.2.45
(31)  Daily summary 150 of 02.02.45
(32)  21 to Coursing of 02.02.45


Draughts’ successor approved

(van Paaschen) was advised in a cable to BOATING (Paul Polak) (33) that provided the DRIEHOEK agreed, London had no objection to his doctor friend continuing the work of DRAUGHTS (Biallosterski) .

(33)  32 to Boating of 22.02.45
To Boating via night Elan.
Following for Pieter stop Ref your two two seven to two three one stop Provided DC agrees we have no objection your doctor friend continues Hans’ work stop

NECKING & BOBSLEIGH                                                                                 (Resistance in Friesland)


“Something  Rotten” in Drenthe

NECKING (Peter Tazelaar) advised London (34) to “leave Drenthe alone for the Moment” because there had been further arrests at the NBS HQ . “There is something rotten there” he concluded.

Containers Scattered

He complained (
35) that at the last dropping operation the containers had been “blown all over the place” His people were still digging them out.

Germans Capture Resistance Leader

On February 4th
NECKING cabled (36): - “Hold everything. Operations leader Friesland caught yesterday. Attempt are being made to get him out. If not successful we have to lie low for a while”.

And Operational Orders

reported (37) that it had been learned that the operations leader in Friesland had at the time of his arrest been in possession of files which among other things contained special orders regarding droppings grounds, and these were in the hands of the enemy. The whole underground movement in Friesland was upside-down. NECKING himself “had had a hectic time escaping”, but he was now piecing the bits together again.

“Fantastic” filling System

London had asked whether this means that the Germans also knew the BBC “action” messages and resistance plans for carrying out London’s special orders. It seemed fantastic that files should have been kept in view of the obvious dangers.
NECKING (Tazelaar) forwarded (38) a message from the Commander of Resistance in Groningen to the effect that all the NBS there had been arrested except the Commander himself. They would have to reorganize before re-arming could begin.

Future Plans Revealed
He confirmed (
39) that the captured files revealed everything the NBS had done was planning to do. It was “incredible but true”. Fortunately their weapons
were safe, thanks to quick action by several local commanders. Complete reorganization was needed and this was now in progress.

(34) 34 from Necking 0f 1.2.45
(35) 35 from Necking of 4.2.45
(36) 36 from Necking of 4.2.45
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(39) 38 from Necking of 23.2.45

                                                                                        (Provincial Commandant for Overijssel)

(Hotz) complained (40) that most of the bazookas dropped had exhausted or rotten batteries. Would London please send 30 bazooka batteries in the next dropping operation?

Resistance Leaders Gunned by RAF

reported (41) that many complaints had been received of inaccurate Allied bombing - as in Deventer - and indiscriminate machine-gunning of civilians on the road by Allied fighter aircraft. The resistance commander of the Drenthe area had been gravely wounded and a sub-commander killed while
cycling between Almelo and Zenderen. There was no German military traffic anywhere near at the time.

Evert killed

He reported (
42) that CHARADES was safe but had ceased operating except in an emergency until the situation cleared up. He cabled (43) that EVERT had been killed while trying to escape after being arrested in Wierden on February 13th. His successor was HERMAN.

Request to Bomb D/F HQ

(Hotz) asked HQ (44) whether an isolated white house, of which he gave the map reference, could be bombed by the RAF. This was the main base for Direction Finders which were used to detect agents’ transmitters in the area. He also requested (45) the bombing of the castle at Rechteren, which housed 300 SD men.

Advised on Out W/T Traffic

London asked for a fuller description of the isolated white house, such as shape and colour of roofing, for identification from the air.
EDUARD should cut his message to a minimum otherwise his operator (SQUEAK) would soon be arrested (47).

New Oath for NBS

cabled (48) that resistance leaders proposed the following oath for all members of the Netherlands Forces of the Interior: - “I swear I will be faithful to the Netherlands Forces of the Interior and that I will submit myself to its military discipline”. Did London agree with this? He asked (49) whether London could send some weapon instructors. CHRIS (HUNTING, Hindering) was too young and not much help.

German W/T Contact with England?

cabled via EDUARD (50): - “There is a rumour in England that Huns here are very pleased with themselves because they have a radio contact with England. Am trying to trace this further”.

Dudley “Out of the Picture”

cabled (51) that he was not in any more danger than any other agent but, “damned tired”. He was, however, completely out of the picture regarding his own job as liaison officer. He was acting as Chief of Staff to UDUARD and had issued many orders in the name of the Government on which he wanted confirmation. He also wished to report on the situation. If he came out through the lines he could be back in Holland within three weeks with a new W/T operator, or would that be “too late for the big show”?

Reception Committee in Dug-Outs

was advised (54) that the suggested oath for all members of the Netherlands Forces of the Interior had been approved by PRINCE BERNHARD. EDUARD asked (55) that in its next dropping operation London should send some food and tobacco for the permanent reception committee which lived in dug-outs near the dropping ground.

(40) 21 from Eduard of 1.2.45
From Eduard via Erme
21 stop Most bazookas dropped have exhausted or rotten batteries stop Please send next drop thirty batteries for bazookas stop Nine

(41) 27 from Eduard of 14.2.45
From Eduard via Erme
27 stop Many complaints inaccurate bombing as in Deventer and indiscriminate machine gunning of civilians on the road by Allied fighter aircraft stop Our Commander Twente gravely wounded and one subcommander killed cycling between Almelo and Zenderen while no German military traffic anywhere near stop Nine

(42) 53 from Eduard of 15.2.45
From Eduard via Erme
53 stop Man and all material arrived safely Saturday on Willow stop Maurits okay but ceased operating exept in emergency until situation clears up stop

(43) 30 from Eduard of 15.2.45
From Eduard via Erme
30 stop Evert killed while trying to escape after arrestation in Wierden Feb thirteen (
13.2.45) stop Successor Herman (Herman Doppen) stop Nine

(44) 35 from Eduard of 17.2.45
From Eduard via Erme
35 stop Could you bomb isolated white house reference your five seven five zero zero one zero (
5750010) map GSGS four zero eight three (4083) Holland one in fifty thousand (1:50.000) sheet thirty five (35) AHAUS stop The main post for Direction Finding agents transmitters in this area stop Eight

(45) 40 from Eduard of 19.2.45
From Eduard via Erme
40 stop Could you bomb castle Rechteren bearing one one zero (
110) distance two point one (2.1) km from Dalfsen eleven km east of Zwolle Three hundred (300) SD stop Three

30 to Eduard of 19.2.45
30 to Eduard via day Erme
Ref your request bombing isolated white house please give further description of house such as shape and colour of roof for identification from air stop

(47) 32 to Eduard of 19.2.45
32 to Eduard via day Erme
Frand Hals also in trouble or arrested therefore cannot use ground given by Paul stop Target castle Rechteren passed to RAF stop Please cut messages to a minimum otherwise your operator will soon be arrested stop BBC action messages were given in our special order nr two stop We cannot give in addition preliminary warning messages but should watch military event which will give you ample warning of imminence of action messages stop

(48) 44 from Eduard of 20.2.45
From Eduard via Erme
44 stop Re your two one stop Which powers has regional commander for discipline stop Resistance leaders propose following oath for all members NBS quote Ik zweer trouw aan de binnenlandsch strijdkrachten en onderwerping ingaande door haar gestelde krijgstucht unquote stop Do you agree stop Eight

(49) 45 from Eduard of 20.2.45
From Eduard via Erme
45 stop Could you send some weapon instructors stop Chris too young and not much help stop Blatt of SAS who stayed here now our only instructor stop

(50) 46 from Eduard of 20.1.45
From Eduard via Erme
46 stop From Dudley stop There is a rumour in Enschede that Hune here are very pleased with (five groups omitted) Have radio contact with England stop Am trying to trace this further stop Remind you that Frankene of ground Denys was arrested end of November in Hengelo during transmission stop Can
you give any information stop Three

(51) 48 from Dudley of 21.2.45
From Eduard via Erme
48 stop From Dudley stop Am in no more danger than any agent but damned tired stop Am however completely out of the picture for my own job as liaison officer stop Act as chief staff Eduard and have issued many orders in name of High Command or Government on which I want confirmation also need to report on situation can be back here in three weeks with own new operator or will that be (three groups missing) CW stop Nine

(52) 36 to Eduard of 22.2.45
36 to Eduard via day Erme
For Dudley stop Ground Cor was refused for flak four kms North East of Steenwijk and east along railway stop Ground Herman was refused for flak six kms north north west of pinpoint stop Ground Teun was refused because of flak almost all around at distance of two to five kms stop Very difficult to indicate exact areas clear of flak stop Suggest most likely areas at present are ten kms around Neede also east and north east from Zwolle stop Air intelligence point out that absence of flak in any area does not necessary mean that area can be safely approached stop Fullest and sympathetic always given to all grounds submitted stop

38 to Eduard of 23.2.45
38 to Eduard via day Erme
To Dudley stop In order bring you in picture and give you a rest suggest you come out as soon  as you can stop Have new operator standing by for you stop Advise when you are coming and by which route stop

(54) 39 to Eduard of 24.2.45
39 to Eduard via day Erme
Reference your four four (
44) re oath or all members NBS following has been approaved by Prince Bernhard quote Ik zweer trouw aan de Koningin gehoorzaamheid aan de wetten en onderwerping aan de door NBS gestelde Krijgstucht unquote stop

54 from Eduard of 28.2.45
From Eduard via Erme
54 stop Ground Evert can be used again stop New BBC message Het eten was niet vet genoeg letter D for Dog stop Please include next drop three containers Harry one and one Harry four and one Gammon and Hawkins and two Vickers MG and two Brens and two field dressings and medical and one food and tobacco for the permanent RC which lives there in dugouts stop Nine

SQUEAK                                                                                                                    (W/T for EDUARD)

Lacks Material
SQUEAK complained (56) that he had no electricity supply from the mains, his hydrometer had never been in working order and he still had many troubles with batteries and aerials owing to lack of materials. Would London please send him batteries, accumulator acid, an hydrometer, and a “clothes line” aerial as soon as possible. London replied (57) that the dropping material requested would be delivered on the next dropping operation.

“Borrows” a Battery
He reported (
58) that he had “borrowed” a battery from a German car, and would be able to operate on this for the time being. HQ cabled (59) that EDUARD would be warned to cut his messages down to a minimum. Otherwise SQUEAK would soon be in trouble stop

(56) 6 from Squeak of 1.2.1945
From Squeak via Erme
6 stop I have no mains at all stop My hydrometer and MCR rpt MCR one have never been in working order so I also receive by AM rpt AM three stop Though I had good contacts I still have many troubles with batteries and aerials stop owing to lack of materials stop Mover one vibrator stone stop I expect the followings stuffs per next drop on ground Willow rpt Willow together with sending for Dudley as they are most rpt most urgently needed stop Battery and at least three bottles of acid stop Hydrometer and voltmeter stop Heayberd Aonine rpt Aoine charger with spare buses stop Two vibrators stop Fifty meter black aerial and fifty meter clothes line aerial stop MCR rpt MCR stop Crystals six six one (
661) and six six four five (6645) stop HT rpt HT wire stop Big key stop Torch and buzzer trainer both with spare batteries stop Tools weapon oil and Colt three two munition stop Sweater with polo neck and socks stop can you add capstan or Players please stop Please reply what you can do for me stop Seven

17 to Squeak of 3.2.1945
17 to Squeak via day Erme
Greater part of material requested by you is in packages number three four five three (
3453) which are already allocated to first operation on ground Willow stop Crystals are in container marked with white cross stop Remainder of material requested is being obtained and will follow soon stop

(58) 13 from Squeak of 12.2.1945
From Squeak via Eme
13 stop Borrowed battery from German car DV I hope to be able again to come up at any time stop as weather holds up Willow operation I expect not only greater part but whole lot of stuffs required stop Cigarettes extremely welcome stop Two

(59) 25 to Squeak of 19.2.1945
25 to Squeak via Erme
Will warn Eduard to cut messages to minimum otherwise you will soon be in trouble stop


SCRAPE                                                                                                 (KP Commandant for Rotterdam)

SCRAPE’s training name was SCHEFFER. He would be known in the field as VICTOR. Since SCRAPE’s arrival in this country, London had received a message
RUMMY (Bert de Goede) reporting the arrests of TRAPPING (Barme) and COURSING (Hoogewerff) and probably of HANS, whom SCRAPE (Marinus van der Stoep) had left behind to carry on his work in Rotterdam. The message had added that other members of the KP had also been arrested. SCRAPE would return to the field to resume his role of Commandant of the Rotterdam KP. Owing to the recent arrests he would take extreme care in rebuilding his organization. He would re-establish W/T contact with London and for this purpose would take with him a reserve W/T plan, codes and crystals which he would hand over to a new W/T operator when he had been recruited and trained. He would also take with him a special plan, codes and crystals for direct contact with Special Forces HQ in the field. He would decide which W/T operator would work this channel, but the plan, codes and crystals should not be in possession of his operator until the time for action in his zone had come. He would take with him a new set of reception committee conventions, as it hasnow to be presumed that owing to the arrest of COURSING (Hoogewerff) the old ones were known to the Germans. He would determine to what extent penetration had taken place since his departure, and submit new reception grounds for approval as he thought fit. He had received special instructions on the action resistance should take when the right time came. Sabotage teams should be kept separate from the Netherlands Forces of the Interior in order to safeguard the security of this organization. SCRAPE (van der Stoep) should appoint a sabotage leader who should be made responsible for day-to-day sabotage operations If he found resistance groups had been too heavy penetrated he should try to build up one very small group consisting of leaders who could immediately go into action when the appropriate messages were broadcast. If no other task was possible he
should concentrate on keeping open the river approaches to Rotterdam, and if possible try to preserve the Maas Tunnel. He would take with him 5000 Guilders for his own use and 50.000 for the use of his organization.
RUMMY (de Goede) had returned from the field with fairly pessimistic views on the general situation in Rotterdam, is was decided not to send SCRAPE to a reception committee, but to drop him “blind” so that he could first make careful preliminary soundings as to the security of the remains of the Rotterdam KP
organization. He was successfully dropped a few kms north west of Rotterdam on the night of February 27th .