At a final meeting with the RVV,
TRAPPING (Barme), COURSING (Hoogewerff), and a locally recruited W/T operator named LAURENS exchanged addresses. This had serious repercussions, as LAURENS was arrested on February 6th at his home, probably as a result of indiscretions of his landlord.

Trapping and Cousing arrested

Three days later
TRAPPING was arrested at his home and on the same day COURSING was arrested at a secret post box which he had established only two days previously. It was believed that these arrests followed in sequence, as LAURENS knew TRAPPING’s address and TRAPPING knew of the post-box.

KP HQ to disperse

On the morning of February 10th,
RUMMY (Bert de Goede) had a conference with HANS, the temporary KP Commandant for the Rotterdam Area. The pair decided to disperse the organization at the moment, particularly the headquarters. The following day RUMMY heard by courier that the SD had the previous afternoon surrounded the KP headquarters where HANS, one of his men, and four female couriers were engaged in their normal work, having decided finally not to evacuate the building until later.

HQ battle

In the ensuing running fights with Stenguns and Mills bombs all escaped except one of the couriers, who was held on a false identity card, and HANS, who was arrested in the razzia that followed, without being identified. HANS subsequently escaped from a train while on this way to deportation to Germany

Rummy returns to England

As a result of this final blow
RUMMY decided to tarry no longer. He had lost his main supply dump in The Hague, both his operators had been arrested and his regional organization in the Rotterdam area was in a state of collapse. He therefore made his escape and arrived in England.

Personnel infiltrated
SCRAPE (Marinus van der Stoep) the KP Commander of Rotterdam who had left his post in January and crossed the lines into liberated territory, was given a short training by SOE and returned to the field. He was briefed by PRINCE BERNHARD on various policy matters regarding the organization of Dutch shock
troops and civil guards who were to be brought into use upon the liberation of Holland. He was successfully dropped on the night of February 27th.

His mission was:
1. To investigate the security of his own organization, which had been seriously weakened by recent arrests;
2. To arrange for sabotage of targets of vital importance to the Germans, particularly those connected with
     communications and with V-2’s;
3. To make final plans for the protection of Dutch installations against demolition by the withdrawing Germans;
4. To prepare for open action to be taken by resistance forces when the time was ripe.

Stores delivered

Sixty-two containers and 14 packages were sent to the field during this month (




BOWLS                                                                                                           (GERMAN CONTROLLED)

Smoothing Mixture
London regretted (
3) that the attempt to supply BOWLS with a set of codes had failed. He should be patient (4) as London was most anxious to continue employing his most valuable service, but HQ was not yet in a position to acquaint him with the task it had in mind. In the meantime he should refrain from sending any messages except of an emergency nature. London was doing all it could and in the meantime he should continue listening.

2) Weeklt sitreps for February 1945
3) 14 to Bowls of 30.1.1945
4) 15 to Bowls of 8.2.1945

PODEX, RUMMY & CRIBBAGE                                                                      (Contact with CS-6 and RVV)


Trapping and Cousing arrested
RUMMY (de Goede) reported (5) that TRAPPING (Barme) and COURSING (Hoogewerff) had been arrested. It was probable that the resistance leader for Rotterdam had also been taken. All the administration of the KP in Rotterdam was in the hands of the Germans and several other men had been arrested.

Local man takes over

Bijsterveld), the W/T operator recruited locally by RUMMY reported (6) that since the latter’s departure from Rotterdam his work had been carried on by ZWARTE WIM (W.P.J. van Dijk), another locally recruited agent. COR asked a W/T operator should be send to ZWARTE WIM, as one was urgently needed. London sent to ZWARTE WIM a message (7) from RUMMY, who in the meantime had arrived safely in England. Would he please ask COR why he had not obeyed RUMMY’s order to stop transmitting until he returned? As soon as the opportunity arose a new W/T operator would be sent to him.

(5)    Srl No B2968/37 from Podex via Dorn of 9.2.1945
(6)    Srl No. B3380/73 from Podex via Dorn of 22.02.45
(7)    2 to Podex of 24.02.45

DRAUGHTS (Second mission) & BACKGAMMON
                                               Contact with RVV and OD)               

Registration centre blown up
DRAUGHTS 1 reported (8) that during the night of January 31th, the Atlanta building in Amsterdam was blown up. The building had been used as a centre for the registration of workers who were to be carried off to Germany.

C-in-C  Shakes Sword

cabled via DRAUGHTS to the Commandant of the Netherlands Forces of the Interior (Koot) (9) as follows: - “I hereby give you the right and power to punish all resistance personnel under your orders in which- ever way you deem necessary . In extreme cases this may be immediate execution. “Normally disobedience can be punished with dismissal or arrest with court martial to follow after liberation. I want it quite clear to all personnel under my orders that you are my representative and therefore your orders have to be strictly  obeyed”.

Surrender talks: further details

In a message for the DRIEHOEK, London cabled
(10) that with regard to the report of negotiations with the SD in The Hague it had been learned by DRAUGHTS 2 (van Paaschen) that an interview had taken place between representatives of the LO, a clergyman, a doctor and a representative of the student’s resistance movement on the one side and the SD officers MUNDT and FRANK on the other. The SD demand for the surrender of weapons had been rejected. Apart from this the interview was of a constructive character. PRINCE BERNHARD requested complete report on the situation and the measures taken.

(8)    Srl No. B2730/32 from Draughts 1 of 01.02.45
From Draughts via Towy.
Nr four four three stop Blown up Atlanta last night and electric cable Doklaan stop

(9)    312 to Draughts 1 of 01.02.45
To Draughts via night Elan
Telegram the same as in text.
(10)  316 to Draughts 1 of 04.02.45
To Draughts via night Elan.
Telegram the same as in text.

SD rankers to be bribed with smokes

cabled (11) that “for several purposes” he urgently needed cigarettes, especially for penetrating into the SD ranks. If possible, London should send 5000 without the inscription “For H.M. Forces” and the whole lot should be packed in well-closed parcels and addressed to the Chief of Staff, Netherlands Forces of the Interior (Koot).

“A dangerous game” - London

London replied
(12) that the special cigarettes for penetrating into SD ranks were being prepared. It was suggested however, that the Netherlands Forces of the Interior should not get mixed up in this dangerous game.

Leftists active in The Hague

London cabled to the DRIEHOEK
(13) that the following message had been received from The Hague: - “To the Dutch Government. Extremist left elements are very active, building up cells and taking advantage of the apathy of the population caused by starvation. They are even receiving armed help from the “Germans”. What were the DRIEHOEK’s comment on this?

Draughts arrested - see Backgammon’s report


Draughts wounded in KP attack

BACKGAMMON (de Vos) reported (14) that on Saturday morning, February 10th, while moving from the area of one of his dropping grounds near Venhuizen to Amsterdam, DRAUGHTS and four others were halted by the Dutch Landwacht. Important papers were found and all were arrested. In the afternoon the KP attacked and freed one of the prisoners (du Celliee Muller), but DRAUGHTS (Biallosterski) was badly wounded.

Security measures

BACKGAMMON was in touch with a few people who had helped building up DRAUGHTS’ organization, and the necessary warnings had been sent out. All addresses had been changed and the internal telephone system made secure. BACKGAMMON had DRAUGHTS’ codes and papers and would keep HQ fully informed.

Backgammon to lie low

BACKGAMMON was instructed by London (15) to keep in touch with the DRIEHOEK and reduce his activities to a minimum. The organiser for Rotterdam would be sent to him as soon as he gave a safe dropping ground. He was forbidden to take any part in attempting to rescue DRAUGHTS. This must be left to others, for his own work must go on.
This is wrong, see the telegram. An organizer would be dropped as soon as BRAM found a safe DZ. They warned him about the situation in Rotterdam, all the arrests among agents.

(11)  452 from Draughts 1 of 05.02.45 Don’t have this telegram

(12)  318 to Draughts 1 of 06.02.45
To Draughts via night Elan.
Special cigarettes for penetrating into SD ranks being prepared suggest however NBS should not get mixed up in the dangerous game stop Special messenger you
… no more text visible.

(13)  328 to Draughts 1 of 10.02.45
To Draughts via night Elan.
To DC stop Following received from The Hague quote Aan Nederlandsche Regering stop Extremistische linksche elementen zeer actief met cellenbouw inneming sleutelpositie ook bij illegaliteit gebruik makende van gedeeltelijke apathie gedeeltelijke opstandige gevoelens oa hongersnood bij bevolking waarbij zelfs wapensteun van Duitsche zijde unquote What are your comments stop

(14)  48 and 49 from Backgammon of 12.02.45
From Backgammon via Elan.
My forty eight (
48) stop Saturday morning XVR from Mandrill area to Amsterdam with HANS and four other persons halted by Landwacht stop Important papers were found and all arrested stop In afternoon KP attacked resulting in one person freed one important person for weapon transport killed HANS badly wounded stop Where HANS has been transported to by Germans not yet clear stop Doing utmost to discover his residence and to free him stop Seven stop

From Backgammon via Elan.
My forty nine (
49) stop A few persons who have built up whole system of HANS his contacts throughout whole operation have contacted me all necessary people could be warned and all addresses have been changed stop Have his codes and paper and all telephone lines secured and in hands stop Well aware of great responsibility in taking these measures to prevent disorder stop Will keep you CUZLY informed stop Four stop

(15) to Backgammon of 12.02.45
To Backgammon via night Elan.
Regret news about HANS stop Agree action taken stop Maintain contact with DC but reduce activities to minimum stop Will send organizer as soon as you can indicate ground and consider it safe stop Please instruct GUUS to take over HANS work and advise us when this is in order stop Confirm arrests Rotterdam area so be double careful stop You and DOUWE will take no part in attempting HANS’ escape but must leave this to others stop Sorry but the work must go on stop

Operations impossible

(de Vos) replied (16) that for security reasons, dropping operations were not possible, nor could weapons be transported for the time being. The organizer for Rotterdam could not be received without very great risks. He reported (17) that DRAUGHTS was known to the Germans as TOBIAS DE BRUIN, 24 years old, medical student and British terrorist.

A..A , Guard for Draughts

On Tuesday, February 13th ,
DRAUGHTS was taken from the Wilhelmina Hospital in Amsterdam in the direction of The Hague in a car heavily guarded with police and anti-aircraft. Resistance forces were still trying to arrange his escape but the situation had become highly dangerous

Backgammon’s advice

He cabled
(18) that although well aware that as a W/T operator he should not interfere with organization, he felt he should give his advice in this particular case. The situation was becoming more dangerous every day and only the highest degree of security would make it possible to carry on until the liberation. Only who had closely co-operated with DRAUGHTS could grasp the present complicated situation.

A suitable successor

The only possible solution was that
DRAUGHTS closest co-operator, a well-known doctor, should take over his work. This man had an extensive knowledge of the situation and very good security, and did not belong to any particular illegal group. He was sorry for not minding his own business, but it was only in the interest of his work that he asked London to take the appointment of this doctor into serious consideration.

Hope for Draughts

He later reported
(19) that DRAUGHTS’ condition was “hopeful”. He was lying in a military hospital at Scheveningen and BACKGAMMON had contacted him.

(16)  50 from Backgammon of 12.02.45
From Backgammon via Elan of 12.02.45
My fifty stop All droppings for security reason not possible stop All weapon transports also to Gooi completely impossible stop Cannot receive your organizer for Rotterdam without very great risks have passed on your message to DC stop Hope you agree with my measures stop Please advise and give fullest orders soon stop Three stop

(17)  51 from Backgammon of 12.02.45
From Backgammon via Elan.
My five one stop HANS known to the Germans as Tobias de Bruin twenty four years old medical student and British terrorist stop Tuesday transported from Wilhelmina Gasthuis Amsterdam direction The Hague in car heavily guarded with police and anti-aircraft stop Still trying to arrange escape stop Our situation becomes highly dangerous stop Have acted according your orders stop

(18)  52 from Backgammon of 22.02.45
From Backgammon via Elan.
My fifty two stop Although well aware operator should not interfere with organization feel being right in advising in this particular case stop This only because situation becoming more dangerous every day and only highest security might make it possible to carry on till liberation stop No other person than those who have closely cooperated with Hans here in town can grasp present complicated situation stop To be continued stop Zerg

From Backgammon via Elan.
My fifty three stop Therefore to my opinion only solution possible will be to have his closest co-operator being well known doctor take over HANS work stop This man has extensive knowledge of facts perfect sense of security and does not belong to any illegal group in particular stop Consider GUUS working methods and security high AEOYZIRCLUG (highly dangerous) under present conditions stop Appointing another new organizer will only result in many more difficulties stop So sorry for not minding my own business but only the interest of work I ask you to take appointment of this doctor into serious consideration. Stop Seven

(19)  54 from Backgammon of 22.02.45
From Backgammon via Elan.
My five four stop GUUS arrived in town stop Can still contact DC stop Repeat PIETERs night traffic on my plan and code from one zero four stop GDJA (Hans?) condition hopeful in Kriegs Lazarett Scheveingen stop Have contacted him stop Four stop

(20)  1 from Backgammon of 03.02.45