The prefix FORRE on messages to and from SPU's and INSUL on messages to and from SF units, indicates limited distribution, the distribution being indicated by the personal name of the officer or officers for whom the message is intended, being included in the text.

These prefixes will be inserted in the text of the message immediately before the originators number and will be immediately followed by the name of the officer or names of the officers to whom alone distribution is made.

When such a message is received as either an "IN" or an "OUT" message, a record of the originator's number and the address to and from will be kept by the Signal office concerned. And the only other copy of the message will be held in the Signal office itself for reference, unless the addressee himself specifically requests further distribution.

It will be the responsibility of the officer originating such a message to indicate to the Signal Office concerned where any officer to whom such a message is addressed is to be found. This will be done by inserting the telegraphic address of the unit in the normal "Address to" space on the message form.

If there is uncertainty as to an officer's location, the message may be addressed to several telegraphic addresses. it will then be the responsibility of the Signal Office which finally clears the message to notify the originating Signal Office that the message has, in fact, been cleared.

FORRE and INSUL messages may be originated only by Grade II officers or above.

When a message using these prefixes is received at the Base Station the words FORRE or INSUL will be removed from the beginning of the text and will be typed or teleprinted above the text, immediately after the addressees "From" and "To".

      TO     WATERMARK


       XYZ123 FOR SMITH etc

No other distribution prefixes will be used with FORRE and INSUL messages.