From Dudley 1 of 13.9.44
One stop Arrived safely with all containers and equipment contact made leader RVV district Overijssel available approx five zero zero
(500) men in eighteen groups of varying strength arms and equipment none send supplies eight containers C seven two H three pistols ten Kremado two hundred pistols cigarettes and tea sam de zwart love Aappy (Pappy) Hank Bunty stop

1 to Dudley of 13.9.44
Good work stop Laying operation for Evert ground soonest listen for BBC message Bericht voor Grote Jan gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag stop Message Henk Oranjehaven not repeat not suitable for BBC Flemish broadcast stop Confirm understood and that you will use non moon period lighting system stop

From Dudley of 14.9.44
Please clarify ruling on RC FIOSAJRART now skeleton RC on field nightly XWAD twenty one hours to two hours GBH
(GMT) following orders HQ RVV stop This compromises field can we move MIGE for Groote Jan or Henk Radio Belgium as arranged with Dutch section S-Phone Eureka available on your request arms needed now not repeat not rifles like US carabines stop

2 to Dudley of 14.9.44
Reference your three stop Committee should not repeat not be on ground unless they hear message Bericht voor Grote Jan gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag on Belgian Flemish radio stop Offical non moon period stand by times twenty two hundred to two hours GMT repeat GMT stop If earlier take off is expected will broadcast special bericht at the beginning of message stop Middle light for non moon period must be bonfire or strong car light which can make complete circle stop Advise if using Eureka at your ground and what signal you will give stop Choice of weapons very difficult depending on which squadron does the operation stop Owing urgency sending what we can than rather wait indefinitely and missing opportunities stop No operations Thursday night owing mist stop

From Dudley srl Bk452/7 of 16.9.44
Standrecht in Zwolle stop All men seventeen to forty five to report for digging along IJssel near Olst and Wijhe stop Hun rapidly increasing east of IJssel stop XQ
(HQ) Christiansen reported soon in Denekamp will confirm stop Situation getting hot stop Waal line being fortified stop

From Dudley of 16.9.44
Letter flashed on light and on Eureka A rpt A for apple S-Phone code air is BUNNY, ground is HAPPY stop

3 to Dudley of 17.9.44 No text.

From Dudley of 18.9.44
Allied HQ for third time stop Field Evert compromised at present use field Stegerveld SENEN kilometers eighth DEIREEH from Emmen four kilos and three hundred TENEG from Marienburg will use Eureka letter G RITF normal lights no S-Phone stop

To Dudley of 18.9.44
Stand by Stegerveld tonight repeat tonight Monday as from twenty hundred hours GMT stop Signal A for apple and listen for Bericht  voor Groote Jan stop Load six men one panier twenty four containers stop

To Dudley of 18.9.44
Sein onmiddelijk waar u zich bevindt en houdt ons op de hoogte van veranderingen stop Indien u of uw medewerkers aan militaire afdeelingen of brigades verbonden bent komma sein wie en aan welke afdeeling of brigades stop Indien localiteit waar u bent bevrijd wordt komma moet u zich spoedigst melden bij hoofdkwartier PRINS BERNHARD stop

From Dudley of 18.9.44
Pass broadcast HQs on second sked of day stop Night reception almost impossible stop If you do not hear me send blind I am always listening stop Transmission sometimes impossible stop Who won VT LEGEJ stop

From Dudley of 18.9.44
Meet with RVV and NM leaders tomorrow Monday for amalgamation OD cooperating fully stop

To Dudley via direct of 19.9.44
PRINS BERNHARD legt leiding actie onder zijn opperbevel in handen van Driehoek herhaal Driehoek OD, RVV, KP stop In plaatsen waar leiding niet voldoende is moet Driehoek hierin voorzien door benoeming locale leider stop

To Dudley via direct of 19.9.44
Germans and traitors in liberated areas are reported using following recognition signals in connection parachute agents behind Allied lines stop Green vert rpt very light from ground to which German aircraft replies by red light followed by parachute stop

8 to Dudley of 19.9.44
Information received from field states farmers area Epse rpt Epse two km south of Deventer have been instructed report with wagons for transport of benzene rpt benzene opslagplaatsen stop Tried your new ground Monday night but no reception seen trying again Tuesday night regret early take off stop Fear daylight operation not feasible at present stop Indicate more grounds if you can stop Teheran won

To Dudley via direct of 20.9.44
Your message received stop Have advise Allied HQ in Arnhem re messages stop Tried your ground again Tuesday night without seeing committee await your confirmation that reception was in evidence stop Rivalry RVV and KP leave you to act as you think best but other areas are forming Driehoek RVV and KP and OD for united action stop Owing possible early take-off suggest committees standby from dusk stop

From Dudley srl B1637 of 20.9.44
Now lead ED to Twente active groups have put selves under KP during fighting stop In forest Epse is fortnight old depot Epse now full stop HQ Christiansen at hotel Dinteloord one and one half kms south of Denekamp repeat Denekamp stop He lives at Singraven repeat Singraven one and half kms east of Denekamp stop

From Dudley of 20.9.44
Road Enschede Hengelo komma Hengelo Haaksbergen komma Hengelo Oldenzaal WINJGTKPGTPBD Wed night by felling trees stop HQ ninth and tenth Panzer Division reported IMMUISTUBRSHLO one km south of Ruurlo stop

From Dudley srl B1626/93 of 20.9.44
From Dudley of 21.9.44
W/T op to base stop Can you give me new sked ODD days evenings too short for second sked MOTMIDY MORM stop

From Dudley of 21.9.44
Urgently need stens explosives on field Jacob Bearing two hundred seventy distance point seven km from station Borne stop Bearing seventy distance three km from Bornebroek stop Bearing two hundred seventeen distance three point four km from Zenderen message for drop Flemish news Castor is vanavond binnen gekomen letter B Baker lights NORLALFUR EINCE ATRE
(normal ... centre) stop

From Dudley of undated
Received news by courier today of failure RC Monday Tuesday night from leader RVV Overijssel who blames enemy CLMS (patrols?) on roads on Monday no reason for Tuesday stop Agent MAURITS
(Beekman) was on field with Eureka both nights, Major BRINKGREVE investigating personally stop

From Dudley of 19.9.44
22 stop Rail lines out nightly stop Re supply arms deplore stop Can organize day dropping stop Two hundred men armed to protect field over one thousand unarmed stop Can protect roads in area if so armed stop One night drop urgently needed no confirmation HQ CHRISTIANSEN as yet stop

To Dudley via direct of 22.9.44
Regret your field Jacob repeat Jacob refused on account Flak you must keep away al least ten kms away from following Flak centres stop Hengelo Twente Ensched also further west Meppel Zwolle Steenwijk stop Urgent inform all KP repeat KP reception committees stand by as from dusk repeat dusk owing to early take-offs stop Please confirm if reception committees  exist on Stegerveld or not in view of your move and new ground Jacob which you submitted stop Cannot repeat Stegerveld until we hear from you stop

To Dudley via direct of 25.9.44
Experience has shown that the population of liberated towns and villages through their enthusiasm are blocking the roads and thereby hindering the advance of Allied troops stop Resistance movements in towns or villages should place cordons to prevent this and unauthorized persons entering the areas stop

To Dudley via direct of 26.9.44
Your message re fields mutilated stop Please advise urgent if we can drop load on Evert repeat Evert at Stegerveld stop Can you offer more grounds and at same time give us BBC message and signal for each ground stop

From Dudley of 26.9.44
15 stop Fourth contain on field VI crop VI JF field OK stop Wees niet zoo laf maar ga door met uw werk still contaminated RVV leader stop One KP leader three men killed some papers all OULUIT in enemy hands including false papers stop Resistance groups checking security going underground in small groups again nightly attacks on all communications continue stop

To Dudley via direct of 27.9.44
Submitting ground Coos rpt Coos and will advise soonest if acceptable stop You will give signal C rpt C for Charlie stop What about Stegerveld stop

To Dudley via direct of 28.9.44
Your ground Coos repeat Coos has repeat has been accepted standby as from Friday night stop Will try arrange two aircraft but fear impossible at present stop Ground at Paardenslenkte will advise you soonest stop

From Dudley of 29.9.44
New field Arie bearing two seven one distance five repeat five km from church Markelo bearing three two distance six point two km church Laren stop Letter JJIG MSGE Houdt het eene doel voor ogen stop

From Dudley of 29.9.44
EVERTs wife in hands of SD to test security Stegerveld sends BBO message voor Groote Jan Sun repeat Sun night but no plane to check Hun action stop

To Dudley via direct of 29.9.44
Paamdenslengte accepted als Arie rpt Arie five rpt five kms west of Markelo stop Will try both Sunday rpt Sunday night stop

From Dudley of 1.10.44
Can you arrange NE
(new) sked odd days late sked becoming impossible stop

Srl B 2201/00 from Dudley of 1.10.44
DRIEHOEK very satisfactory exept for EVERT he plays alone stop New field in Zwolle area urgently needs weapons for six hundred men stop Field in NE repeat NE Polder field Gerard bearing fifty five hist nine km church Urk bearong one eight one distance fifteen km church Lemmer bearing two two five distance thirteen from church Kuinre stop BBC message De gootsteen loopt over letter K for King stop

Srl B 2219/01 from Dudley of 2.10.44
DRIEHOEK urgently needs one hundred fifty thousand Guilders to support striking rail workers civil servants and other under divers stop As ord subsistence one hundred guilders per family per month area Twente and Overijssel stop You indicate field and we will protect for drop stop

Srl B 2239/03 from Dudley of 2.10.44
Communication and canals cut nightly please send priority targets stop Upon arrival Allied troops will have thirty five hundred to five THOR (thousand) men under arms if arming continues as at present stop

From Dudley of 2.10.44
Stop vier op vijf gaat niet (ground) begin night Tuesday October 30th stop Now ready for stens bazookas on other fields stop Need shoes sweaters for five hundred bicycle tires and tubes for one hundred urgently stop

18 To Dudley via direct of 2.10.44
Re skeds stop Suggest you continue to call us at thirteen hundred hours GMT on odd days but also call at nought nine hundred repeat nought nine hundred hours on odd days stop Confirm if you agree and we will then cancel our usual sked at eighteen hundred hours stop Please number your messages stop

To Dudley via direct of 3.10.44
SAS repeat SAS wish to drop a party of six men for intelligence work can you arrange reception stop Please advise which ground stop Your request for Guilders repeat Guilders has been agreed and we are now obtaining these stop Advise which ground most suitable for you to receive stop We will put the money into container and mark with white cross stop
From Dudley of 3.10.44
Fields Arie en vier op vijf gaat niet badly contaminated early drops resulted in in large local audience with resulting talk in area stop Paardenlengte and Gerard still OK for any number of drops stop Please reserve Coos for important drops as it is located near NDWHH stop

20 To Dudley via direct of 3.10.44
Gerard repeat Gerard accepted will attempt as from Thursday night stop Reserving Coos repeat Coos for your special ops stop

From Dudley of 4.10.44
29 stop SS, SD and Grune Polizei still in great strength and very active many shootings stop One village pop fifteen hundred moved to Germany village demolished for reprisal thirty plus RRS
(rail road sections) cut since sept tenth (10.9.45) and five major canals stop Ersatz clothes very cold how about speeding up advance stop

From Dudley of 4.10.44
30 stop Drop SAS repeat SAS on Paardenlengte Friday or thereafter stop Advice civies and photos for false papers stop Drop money on Coos repeat Coos soonest stop Former BBC message for both drop stop Next sked OK thanks stop

From Dudley of 4.10.44
31 stop Reception Monday night on Coos impossible because of razzia OK now stop Under no conditions send any more to Vier op Vijf or Arie stop Owing proximity SD SS closing down four days send blind and repeat stop SAS and money drop still OK stop

To Dudley via direct of 5.10.44
Have one hundred and fifty thousand Guilders stop Will send it on first Coos rpt Coos operation in a container marked with white rpt white cross stop Some doubt now as to whether SAS rpt SAS party will leave stop

From Dudley of 5.10.44
32 stop Munition depot E QNAHOENLO UW QUAEN along track trees bearing four five distance three BUM BTC Oldenzaal bearing one three two distance three rpt five kmc N from Rolsum (Rossum) bearing three one six distance two PT four church De Lutte stop Shells SA and mines RECN Thursday AM sixteen freight car loads stop Continue traffic to Arnhem stop

22 to Dudley of 7.10.44
What movement control is exercised by Germans behind their lines over troops and civilians with particular reference to assembly points for units broken up stragglers ETM stop

23 to Dudley via direct of 8.10.44
Hope you received money repeat money safely Saturday night confirm stop

From Dudley of 9.10.44
33 stop All fields exept Gerard and Coos contaminated stop Will send new fields stop Money RCD (received) handed to NSF (national Steun Fonds) rpt NSF DK that R checks stop

From Dudley of 9.10.44
34 stop VON RUNSTEDT reported in Hotel Lammers in Terborg five kms E of Doetichem stop Following figures represent enemy strength in small area stop Wierden one seven zero WM
(Wehtmacht) plus seven seven zero Landwachters seven hundred cavalry eighty SS Bornebroek sixty WM seventy LW Rijssen one hundred WM plus forty LW Goor one hundred WM plus forty LW stop More detailed reports on larger area follow soonest Oldenzaal apparently important supply centre stop Enschede Coevorden reported CONC (main) areas for stranglers and reforming units stop

To Dudley via direct of 9.10.44
Gerard tried once but pilot reported area flooded please confirm stop Presume contaminated grounds referred to area only those submitted by you stop Division commander RVV rpt RVV moving his HQ east of IJssel wishses liaison party there can you cope stop Coos rpt Coos advise when ready to receive again stop

From Dudley of 10.10.44
35 stop Work getting very difficult stop Top OD rpt OD Apeldoorn Groningen Drenthe killed or captured stop Top LKP rpt LKP Apeldoorn escaped last moment stop Rumors of leakage or treason in top RVV rpt RVV stop Will contact them on arrival Overijssel if possible stop Casualties in our own  HJBUXUP
(KP group) heavy stop Working now entirely as agents stop Sgt Kustins (Austins) PC and rank might be reconsidered stop

From Dudley of 11.10.44
Contaminated fields are Wees niet zo laf, vier op vijf gaat niet, Arie, Paardenlengte rpt Arie Paardenlengte no news OPEON Stegerveld PRCB Gerard OK will try to get Eureka there letter K King stop

To Dudley of 12.10.44
Your target at Terborg rpt Terborg. Please report results air attacks soonest stop

To Dudley of 12.10.44
See telegram to Podex via Tees: Voor Driehoek.etc.

To Dudley of 13.10.44
Be ready to receive tonight on Coos rpt Coos load plus special package stop

To Dudley of 14.10.44
Have tried Coos rpt Coos twice in succession without result stop Please investigate urgent and report stop

To Dudley of 14.10.44
Understand ground Gerard rpt Gerard on Mil map twenty east Enkhuizen thirty five point five and forty nine point five please confirm soonest and advise whether this particular area is flooded stop

30 to Dudley of 14.10.44
Reported that liquid oxygen for propulsion German long range rockets is transported by rail from Germany possible via Utrecht area towards western coast of Holland stop Container is housed in what looks like a steel hut mounted on twenty one meter chassis with four wheel bogies each end, also open steel stand for sentry one end and control valves other end stop In order to ruin necessary penetrate internal copper vessel but owing to to lagging protection fear small arms no good stop Suggest bazooka rocket or else explosive charge on control valves stop Please find out if these containers are being transported and if you can do anything about them stop

To Dudley of 15.10.44
See telegram to RUMMY, PODEX and DRAUGHTS: Owing to stand byetc.
To Dudley via direct of 18.10.44
Under no rpt no circumstances let yourself be provoked into taking any armed action without express orders from us stop If necessary try and restrain civil population in same sense stop

From Dudley of 19.10.44
39 stop Re field Gerard location from church Urk rpt Urk bearing fifty four distance nine point six km from church Vollenhoven bearing two seven nine rpt two seven nine distance sixteen point four km stop From church Lemmer rpt Lemmer bearing one hundred eighty rpt one hundred eight zero distance fourteen point seven km field definitely not rpt not flooded stop Eureka on field letter K for King stop You can send two planes same night transport OK stop Arms urgently required stop

From Dudley of 20.10.44
40 stop New field Jantje from church Haaksbergen bearing three three zero three hundred thirty distance seven km stop From church Wegdam bearing seven six rpt seventy six distance three point five km stop From church Bekum bearing two seven six rpt two hundred seventy six distance three point five km stop BBC message Klaas heeft koude voeten letter P for Peter stop

To Dudley of 20.10.44
Reported that German HQ rpt HQ moved from Terborg rpt Terborg to Dinxperlo rpt Dinxperlo stop Can you get description and location for RAF rpt RAF attack stop

To Dudley of 20.10.44
Daan rpt Daan accepted urgent you tell us when this ground is ready to receive stop

To Dudley of 20.10.44
Please warn everyone of infiltration German agents using also Dutch provocateurs who claim to come from other areas and want to be helped on through the lines or want to join their local ranks stop

From Dudley of 21.10.44
41 stop RVV leader EVERT who actively only controls middle rural part of Overijssel and causes continuous trouble through lack of cooperation claims to be nominated Commander resistance Overijssel by HQ PRINCE BERNHARD via radio contact MAURITS HQ Overijssel which is extending now into Drenthe and Achterhoek has been formed some weeks ago with Colonel ex leader OD Overijssel in command (Hotz) and four districts two of whom commanded by former KP chiefs and two by RVV men of which EVERT is one stop

From Dudley of 22.10.44
42 stop Please confirm whether agent intelligence service for code name FOP KONIJN rpt FOP KONIJN is OK stop Says he left England end June was sent by Dutch Bureau Inlichtingen Major SOMERS worked in Rotterdam area then on Veluwe with GROTE JAN and SAS rpt SAS group now in charge centralizing intelligence service east of IJssel stop

From Dudley of 22.10.44
Arie visited by Hun patrols last Friday night both Arie and Coos now contaminated use Gerard for HPEDWAL package stop

To Dudley of 22.10.44
Your forty two stop we confirm FOP KONIJN rpt FOP KONIJN agent intelligence service and further details your message correct stop
(Agent Buunk of Bureau Inlichtingen)

From Dudley of 23.10.44
45 stop Now have detail of defence plans of Zwolle other towns is possible to exfiltrate at present are you interested stop

To Dudley of 23.10.44
Details defence plans we are definitely interested stop Trying Daan rpt Daan and Gerard rpt Gerard from Tuesday night stop

From Dudley of 24.10.44
45 stop Xyres
(tyres) twenty six and one qale (quart) no rpt no use ACK your three one re BBC message GRC first one TQENCY (twenty) till twenty two hours mutilated please repeat stop Got word RVV rpt RVV about to move to Drenthe but still on Veluwe stop

From Dudley of 25.10.44
46 stop Chances of infiltration through lines at this stage very slight can you arrange pick up operation in Noord Oost Polder first week November AOTPQNG port defence plans intelligence reports one of our team to report on situation on wounded paratroop officer and as many aircrew as possible stop

From Dudley of 25.10.44
47 stop New field At rpt At from Protestant church Nijverdal bearing one hundred fifteen distance four point two km stop From church Rijssen bearing three hundred thirty five distance four point seven km stop From Protestant church Wierden bearing two hundred sixty three distance five point five km stop Good for two drops only stop Need more Brens bazookas Hawkin grenades no repeat no rifles but carabines or BARANPS stop Is Jantje OK and how works Eureka on Gerard stop BBC message new field At repeat At Riek fluit in de dakgoot letter Q for Queen stop

38 to Dudley of 25.10.44
Regret unable to arrange pick up operation unless Lysander trained operator on field stop Would try to push it if you could find landing field one repeat one kilometer square without obstructions and surface good alsi if intelligence information warrants the operation stop Your message re paratroop officer and aircraft not clear stop Please give any details to add weight to your request stop

39 to Dudley via direct of 26.10.44
Your number forty seven stop Field At repeat At accepted stop Will try to come as from Saturday night stop Pinpoint Jantje refused stop Eureka being successfully worked at Gerard repeat Gerard stop

From Dudley of 26.10.44
If you drop bodies on Gerard repeat Gerard give them following password Ik ben gestuurd door groep twaalf naar zeven en veertig elf stop

40 to Dudley via direct of 28.10.44
Have you any further news on rail transport liquid oxygen containers or any information action taken stop

From Dudley of 28.10.44
49 stop Your three eight Major OLMSTED trained Lysander Hudson Dakota operator stop Intelligence in our view important stop Will send location and description field soonest after personal TEJCE stop If you send Hudson or Dakota we will use opportunity to bring one wounded paratroop officer along as well as many armed air personnel now hiding in this area as plane can carry stop

From Dudley of 28.10.44
50 stop Did not receive reply on our query concerning claim RVV repeat RVV HNADERREVVRTUNLOR number QAAZFY nine stop

From Dudley of 28.10.44
51 stop At present ca seven thousand men between Olst and Zutphen stop N sector of IJssel lightly defended due to departure Paarden KPFDIVRU more DWS div will replace these troops stop approx eight to ten thousand Fallschirmjager in area Twente stop Possibly forming new SS div around Enter stop Light fortification ex along entire IJssel line also NE of Zwolle Deventer and probably heavily fortified stop

From Dudley of 28.10.44
52 stop Could you send double load on Tuesday October thirty one and Wednesday November first on Gerard repeat Gerard then give fields rest of three days for unloading transport and checking security then send again double loads and so on stop Interval needed is because transport is by barge which takes time stop Change BBC message De gootsteen loopt over to De menschen praten te veel stop Reason security stop Letter K for King unchanged stop Previous load Stens on Gerard very old and rusty stop Need more Brens and explosive on Gerard food AC needed there cigarettes and tobacco welcome stop

To Dudley of 28.10.44
Will do our best for Gerard rpt Gerard on thirty one October and November first and will change BBC message stop Await report recce for pick up but fear great difficulty tying up this takes a long time even if suitable aircraft  available stop Thanks information troops stop RVV head Evert we have asked one of our operators for report stop

41 to Dudley of 29.10.44
Your five three will cancel Black Widow (field) giving you priority that area stop Your proposition Noord Oost Polder under consideration stop Doubt if money will be ready in time for Tuesday night or Wednesday night but will do our damndest good luck stop

From Dudley of 29.10.44
53 stop Gather that old field Black Widow BBC Message Henri uit Brussel is rijk is still working in NE Polder stop Lights of this field can be seen by Hun lookout posts stop Could you stop this field as it compromises whole area local leader agrees stop

From Dudley of 29.10.44
54 stop Could you send two thousand Guilders to Gerard for preparations to save NE Polder which intends to flood stop Need money to get draglines to place twm km southe of De Lemmer where dyke is mined and to concentrate men and material stop Plans made by DGXECPOR and engineers NE Polder SNK chances success good stop X all right for money railway strikers Overijssel till December first stop

From Dudley of 29.10.44
55 stop Due to razzia S-Wierden area for labor drive beginning next week postpone using field At till November third stop

From Dudley of 30.10.44
56 stop Top KP Almelo has asked us if we can rob two banks in Almelo where 150 million guilders are being kept by Huns. They need several million guilders most urgently for rail workers on strike. Do you agree or can you take up contact and send money to Veluwe grounds?

From Dudley of ??
57 stop No important changes in troops over the weekend Overijssel October twenty nine stop Group ALBRECHT doing excellent job of gathering information stop

From Dudley
nr 58 is missing.

43 to Dudley via direct of 30.10.44
KP do not require our authority for action other than dealing with matters of military nature. If banks Almelo are attacked it is however most important that the 150 million guilders should not go into circulation for obvious reasons. KP should stipulate what amount will be used for illegal and the remainder should be safely disposed of or destroyed. Obviously you or top KP should not participate in action. Your project North-East Polder agreed by government money will be sent to you later on we will advise when.

44 to Dudley via direct of 30.10.44
Reference liquis oxygen understand tanks are situated in only park North West of Sneek stop Can you arrange with KP to destroy these and also prevent special railway truck containers reaching the area or elsewhere to rocket launching sites stop

From Dudley of 31.10.44
59 stop JOHAN leader Deventer who claims radio contact with London says in Deventer four hundred fifty communists partly armed by you who plan to take over town after liberation stop He wants to prevent this with his own group of three hundred which means civil war stop He points to example Nijmegen where communists started reign of terror and he claims to have communicated with you on this matter stop Could you give us some dope stop

45 to Dudley via direct of 31.10.44
Please ask all commandants to concentrate on planning for protection of bridges which will assist rapid advance of Allied troops stop

45 to Dudley via direct of 1.11.44
Can you give further information about JOHAN of Deventer as not known here under that name stop In any case suggest he should take no action which would incur civil war stop Main object is kicking out the Germans and not fighting among themselves stop No news of SAS party in Drenthe since two three October stop Have you any news stop

46 to Dudley via direct of 1.11.44
Suggest you cut contact immediately with Johan in case there is anything wrong stop

From Dudley of 1.11.1944
60 stop If you receive with prefix VA repeat JA use last two pages OTP stop

48 to Dudley via direct of 2.11.1944
Tried Gerard Tuesday night but pilot reported bad weather stop Tried again Wednesday night two aircraft but no reception seen stop Please advise if reception was there and when can try again if Eureka was working stop

to Dudley via direct of 2.11.1944
Your number sixty stop Do not use two letter prefix If you use last two pages OTP tell us in message on same sked stop

50 to Dudley via direct of 2.11.1944
See telegram no twenty two of 2.11.44 to SCULLING
(Postma) via Blythe.

51 to Dudley via direct of 2.11.1944
Gerard please make sure reception committee knows new message De Menschen praten te veel because Wednesday and Tuesday night pilot reports no reception seen stop

From Dudley of 2.11.1944
61 stop Strong rumour from Evert that last week load S-Phones and Eurekas has been dropped blind near DALNWENIND fallen in enemy hands stop Night twenty five one plane load containers was dropped blind on Veluwe same result stop Same thing happened about September twenty nine near FRENSDORF ERHAAR just this side Dutch border stop Could you investigate stop If you can hold of some more Eurekas they will be most useful thanks for quick reply on our last messages stop

From Dudley of 3.11.1944
62 stop Hun activity near ground Gerard leave alone till Monday and Tuesday next can take two plane loads per night after drops please wait for our message that field is OK again stop This cancels previous arrangement stop Huns building upon Daan have to abandon this ground stop

From Dudley of 3.11.1944
63 stop Re landing operation field we had in mind cannot be used no other suitable  and safe field to be found am afraid have to abandon operation unless you can send seaplane for which we have PLKNAM possibilities stop

52 to Dudley via direct of 4.11.1944
See telegram no 117 of 4.11.11944 to PODEX
(Mulholland) via night Fal.

From Dudley of 5.11.1944
65 stop Your fifty passed on to all concerned stop In confidence our ARSEBLEED stop you team twelve stop

From Dudley of 5.11.1944
Re Gerard stop Your five one and our six two stop Eureka OK we changed reception committee from local boys to KP with more guts stop They know BBC message stop As long as front stationary and SD Green police Landwacht have no other worries reception work in this area is very difficult stop

From Dudley of 5.11.1944
66 stop Re JOHAN your four seven stop Which Johan do you mean stop JOHAN of Deventer asked new conference on this communist delay trying to contact local communist leader would like more dope on what happened in Nijmegen and what you know on communist aspirations stop JOHAN is six foot two with dark brown hair high cheek bones firm chin claims to know police inspector The Hague which left for England and has his contact to get arms description fits C rpt T KLIJZING of BBO stop He arranged fields Vier op vijf gaat niet and Wees niet zoo lui maar ga door met uw werk stop he has job with BPM and organized so-called BPM group stop He worked illegally for a long time already also in southern France and claims to be amongst first four to arrange dropping grounds in Holland stop

From Dudley of 5.11.1944
67 stop Re SAS your four six last heard of in safe hands and OK though refusing to take off uniforms and kinda tired existence in chicken coops we asked for three northern provinces to investigate stop

From Dudley of 5.11.1944
68 stop Re rocket sides your four four according to last information moved to Beesterzwaag but stopped firing stop We passed on order to attack and will report soonest stop

From Dudley of 5.11.1944
69 stop GSC one KP for Groningen Friesland and Drenthe stop Suggest you send agent MAURITS there as we can take care of this area here stio It ought to be useful to send JED team to Drenthe F three northern provinces stop Friesland working well Groningen pretty bad top OD and KP smashed suspicion of treason underground crippled railway working again Drenthe dissension amongst resistance groups stop Jeds must take civy clothing and good papers stop

From Dudley of 5.11.1944
70 stop Two agents were supposted to be drop blind on CAJMLEOLDENHOF near Vollenhove password Scheepsgeschut stop Nothing has been heard of them could you give any information stop

From Dudley of 5.11.1944
71 stop Could you arrange light bombardment without inflicting too much damage on northwest corner dyke North East Polder to give management excuse for concentrating material there stop

From Dudley of 5.11.1944
72 stop All underground chiefs talking about telegram sixteen points reorganization underground by PRINCE BERNHARD stop It would help us considerably if you kept us informed as this is the main reason for our existence here stop

53 to Dudley via direct of 5.11.1944
To team twelve stop Our sincere sympathy with your painful affliction is there anything we can send to relief stop

From Dudley of 5.11.1944
73 stop Could you send new one time pad stop Our second pads were lost on September twenty three together with all our uniforms and equipment except radio stop Would also appreciate some soap Gillette razors and blades warm civvy clothing and boots cigarettes tobacco two pipes chocolate five thousand Guilders and some coffee and tea thanking in advance stop

From Dudley of 5.11.1944
74 stop Both transmitters out of action send replacement also fuses for YLBF repeat UTWO soonest to Gerard stop

54 to Dudley via direct of 5.11.1944
Your sis six Re JOHAN stop He should be asked for further particulars and if he has radio contact with London to send following message as proof quote Eindhoven is bevrijd unquote stop description fits one JOHAN sent to Holland in forty two
(1942) and reported to have been arrested so be careful stop

55 to Dudley via direct of 6.11.1944
Two agents (Tazelaar and Faber) have already been dropped and are OK in Friesland stop MAURITS should therefore remain where he is at present stop No information communist activity at Nijmegen stop

From Dudley of 6.11.1944
76 stop Eight wagons flak arrived at Wierden Sunday stop Do not use field AT until we tell you stop

56 to Dudley via direct of 6.11.1944
Tried Gerard last night aircraft missing have you any news stop Second aircraft failed to take off stop Await your news before repeating operation stop

57 to Dudley via direct of 6.11.1944
Re your request light bombing action NE Polder pinpoint where this should take place stop owing high level Ijsselmeer afraid faulty action might provoke what you are trying to prevent stop Please give short description your plan and if consider light bombing could deceive Germans and enable you to concentrate material stop

58 to Dudley via direct of 7.11.1944
Your seven two about telegram sixteen points this was sent direct by HQ PRINCE BERNHARD via internal net and is in connection with liberated areas in Holland understand EVERT has received a copy stop

From Dudley of 7.11.1944
Re SAS our six seven stop MacBef party six men safe but lost all equipment after Gestapo raid on a KP HQ stop They arrived near Ommen and have linked up with FOPKONIJN stop They want full equipment and supplies for six men and also asked complete equipment for two Jedburgh parties stop we are puzzled are they equipped with Jedburgh team or are there other Jedburgh teams in Drenthe in last case why did you not tell us so stop Drop the stuff on Stegenveld stop

59 to Dudley via direct of 8.11.1944
Cannot understand MacBefs request Jed kits because he and you are only parties working with the exception of two agents recently dropped in Friesland stop Thanks for information from SAS sending six containers and one package marked white for them stop

From Dudley of 8.11.1944
On Monday and Tuesday night no plane has been seen over Gerard and Eureka has had no contact field OK committee standing by stop

60 to Dudley via direct of 8.11.1944
HQ PRINCE BERNHARD asks how many men have you got armed and unarmed also if cooperation EVERT has improved stop Please give us short general picture your area stop Our next delivery to you include wireless equipment and coding material stop

From Dudley of 9.11.1944
80 stop Am asking Macbef for information Jed kit stop Could you advise us when his kit is due also when we can expect ours see our seven three and seven four stop Managed to repair one Jed set and got hold of a B two but neither expected to last long stop Money NE Polder now urgent stop

61 to Dudley via direct of 10.11.1944
As from today Friday trying ground Evert with MacBef kit stop As from Saturday trying Gerard with W/T material for you and also container marked white cross holding envelope marked DUDLEY with your new codes stop

From Dudley of 10.11.1944
81 stop At present one division Fallschirmjager plus ca twenty thousand WH and WL east of IJssel stop Rumour twenty thousand men for IJssel defence stop Reported haven Amsterdam to be blown November one five stop All shipping now from Amsterdam go Lemmer thence to Groningen and Coevorden and Germany stop Information compiled from group ALBRECHT FOP
(Fopkonijn) and resistance groups stop

63 to Dudley via direct of 11.11.1944
Your eight one regret middle part of message about Arnhem and IJssel defence mutilated please repeat stop Also can you dive exact location of Fallschirmjager and any other information for identification stop

64 to Dudley via direct of 11.11.1944
Trying arrange for your plans to be brought by courier of RVV stop If unsuccessful can you arrange local courier proceed Eindhoven and if so give us password he will give stop RVV have been given your name as being Major HENK stop

65 to Dudley via direct of 11.11.1944
Your seven seven stop Ground Pietje nine point eight kms SSE P
(Protestant) Church Oldemarkt and four point five kms ENE church Blokzijl stop Tell us when Pietje ready to receive and let us know twenty four hours ahead if Eureka will be at Pietje or alternatively at Gerard stop

65 to Dudley via direct of 13.11.1944
Can you give any idea of numbers of Dutch civilian conscripts working on IJssel defence and to what extent this will affect resistance numbers stop

66 to Dudley via direct of 13.11.1944
Urgently await approximate figures armed resistance Overijssel especially Zwolle area and if possible state if KP or RVV stop Can you say if all arms dropped have been distributed and to what extent and to whom stop

From Dudley of 14.11.1944
83 stop Please ask Air Force to refrain from shooting up or bombing barges and ships in NE Polder or underway from Polder to Zwolle stop They are used either for transport of food for population or by us for transport of arms from Polder to the south stop

To Dudley via direct of 14.11.1944
68 stop JOHAN in view contents your last message every evidence he is all right but we are not happy about Communist story stop We believe this to be German attempt penetration or to break up resistance stop They have used similar methods elsewhere stop Arms have only been dropped to you comma EVERT comma and KP grounds apparently controlled by JOHAN stop JOHAN should not contact Communists and not worry about their activities but to keep us advised stop

From Dudley of 14.11.1944
85 stop We have in area Overijssel four thousand men stoottroepen of which fifteen hundred are armed stop This does not include Deventer and Achterhoek which are being organized under our control since RVV leader Achterhoek was kicked out by his subcommanders but of which exact figures are not yet available stop Overijssel  divided in three areas IJssel line plus NE Polder and Kop comma Salland and Twente stop First and third have combined KKP and OD control and second is under EVERT of RVV our HQ under Colonel HOWST
(Hotz) now in Heeten stop

From Dudley of 14.11.1944
86 stop If you do not hear us please send traffic blind this is outstation with plenty of Huns about cannot always send but am always listening do not send QSP then VA stop

From Dudley of 14.11.1944
86 stop Fallschirmjager are concentrated around Enschede Almelo community stop They have sarted moving west five zero zero in Kampen and eight zero zero between Kampen Wijhe stop Apparently taking places vacated by Horses Head Division when it went to Germany stop

From Dudley of 14.11.1944
87 stop Estimated twenty thousand men working on German defences stop At present does not affect resistance as all active men are underground or escaped razzias stop Will affect to some extent numbers our larger groups ANTETAR have supplies stop

67 to Dudley via direct of 14.11.1944
MAURITS has suggest bombing of SD HQ at Huis Eerde and Besthmerberg near Ommen stop Please confirm if targets are HQ or billet and if considered to be sufficient importance stop

From Dudley of 15.11.1944
88 stop Re Arnhem message stop It has reported twenty thousand troops near Gronau in Germany destined for Arnhem area stop Also rumored for IJssel defences of which larger part already in Achterhoek or Overijssel stop

69 to Dudley via direct of 15.11.1944
Your seven three stop Will send all you require but please give details sizes and quantity underwear required stop

From Dudley of 16.11.1944
89 stop EVERT still damned nuisance recognizes only RVV control not commander agreed by BNBS considers himself commander stoottroepen Overijssel for which he is not fit because in fact he controls only small area and his HQ organization is primitive stop He tries however to get contact in areas already organized and advertises with arms meant for his own area and radio contact MAURITS who is too scared to go out and investigate matters himself stop

From Dudley of 16.11.1944
90 stop Major OLMSTED started today for allied lines with maps plans and intelligence stop He plans to go with detachment escaped prisoners concentrating on Veluwe stop Could you advise me if he arrives safely and when stop

From Dudley of 17.11.1944
91 stop Just got word EVERT is trying to contact Communists Deventer so far without success with object IJsselbrug stop Am meeting Communists today but situation already sticky enough without EVERTs interference stop

70 to Dudley via direct of 17.11.1944
We have got two hundred thousand Guilders for North-East Polder and five thousand for yourself as per your seven three stop They will be packed in a container with three white bands stop Urgent you tell us at which ground you want this dropped stop

71 to Dudley of 18.11.1944
Material for MacBef was dropped on ground Evert night of fifteenth stop Did he receive everything OK stop

From Dudley of 18.11.1944
92 stop Could you give any dope a plan Mars for cutting telephone lines stop This causes Huns little trouble and provokes reprisals also was never communicated by you to us or mentioned in our brief stop EVERT claims this plan comes from London but we suspect him or his chief of inventing orders from London for propaganda reasons stop Hope you have enough about EVERT we have stop

72 to Dudley via direct of 18.11.1944
Thanks new attack bank await further news in due course stop Sending money as arranged to Polder stop Plan Mars was tied up with RVV before you went and EVERT was instructed by RVV on our behalf to cut communications East of IJssel stop He has been told since not to continue but to plan for a repeat in conjunction with Allied activity stop Your views have been communicated to PRINCE and we await decision stop

73 to Dudley direct of 18.11.1944
Large scale razzia in Rotterdam has taken place involving some fifty thousand men who will either be deported or used for work IJssel line stop Germans are also deporting large quantities electric railway material and trains to Germany stop Can resistance sabotage railways Zwolle Deventer Zutphen areas to prevent either of the above stop Will send explosives if required stop Examine scheme and advise possibilities without undue danger to resistance or reprisals stop

74 to Dudley via direct of 18.11.1944
Can resistance disrupt German traffic by water on following canals stop One Harlingervaart Idaarde Radeel both joining on to the Kolonel Diep and Ems Canal stop Two Drentsche and Noord Willem canal stop Three Hoogeveensche Dedemsvaart and Overijsselsch Canals stop If locks at Harlingen Lemmer Zwartsluis Hobman and Daarle too difficult suggest sinking concentration of barges by limpets and points possible for resistance to work stop We can send Limpets or lock bursters to dropping grounds to be nominated by you stop Whole scheme should not endanger security of resistance stop

From Dudley of 18.11.1944
93 stop Bombing dyke NE Polder OLRSEVY stop When does money arrive this is urgent stop We are via Wine Merchant Iebrand in Kampen in contact with Hun Commander De Lemmer who is responsible for demolition dyke stop Chances of bribing him look good but can we promise him free conduct if he asks stop

From Dudley of 18.11.1944
94 stop Just got word that attack bank Almelo has been successful stop We got probably forty six million stop
No further details yet available stop Send money to polder anyway because money bank hidden away till situation quiet again stop

75 to Dudley via direct of 19.11.1944
Your nine three reference bribing Hun commander please explain your meaning of free conduct stop

76 to Dudley via direct of 20.11.1944
Your project with Wine Merchant should only be used as a last resort stop Similar cases have occurred in the past with result that someone got a nice packet of money and Germans usually backing out at the last minute stop Please reply to our previous message requesting particulars bombing of dyke as engineers wish work out project stop

77 to Dudley via direct of 20.11.1944
Re EVERT consider he should operate in his own area which is Salland we will instruct him accordingly but suggest you use tact stop All major action will be confined to you but important all friction should be avoided otherwise conditions chaotic stop

78 to Dudley via direct of 21.11.1944
Expect as from Wednesday money as per our seventy on Gerard stop make sure Eureka working on this ground stop

79 to Dudley via direct of 22.11.1944
Who is in command KP and OD province Overijssel stop Independent report but not from EVERT states worried about security your area owing too many people knowing what is going on stop Hope this report overrated stop Glad to advise OLMSTED arrived safely good work stop

80 to Dudley via direct of 22.11.1944
Warn you that two agents
(Postma and Ciermans) of ours and thirteen district commanders province Utrecht have been arrested during a meeting stop Be careful of contacts stop
(Cieremans was nor arrested but was hiding in the building)

81 to Dudley via direct of 24.11.1944
Ground Pietje reference your seventy seven and our sixty two accepted stop Urgent you tell us when Pietje ready to receive stop

to Dudley via direct of 24.11.1944
Confirm our message regarding SD HQ at Ommen can you advise us please stop

83 to Dudley via direct of 24.11.1944
See telegram no twelve of 24.11.1944 to NECKING
(Tazelaar) via night Humber.

84 to Dudley via direct of 25.11.1944
See telegram no 13 of 25.11.1944 to NECKING
(Tazelaar) via night Humber

85 to Dudley via direct of 26.11.1944
Your target barracks housing six hundred and two hundred SS troops impractical at six and seven hours stop Request alternative daylight target with times when troops eating and or in training field stop

Na de arrestatie van marconist John Austin neemt Jaap Beekman het berichtenverkeer van en voor Dudley over. Later neemt Sjoerd Sjoerdsma dit van Beekman over.

Meer informatie over Jedburgh team Dudley is te vinden in het boek 'Operatie Jedburgh' geschreven door Jelle Hooiveld. ISBN 978-90-8953-265-5