N/TB/560                                                                                                     17th November 1943

To: MT                                                                                                         From: N

33OB.15 - Sgt. BRUIN

It has been arranged that the above mentioned student will go to Group B on Sunday, 28 Nov 43. His task wil be the manufacture and distribution of a booklet of instructions for the unorganised mass of the Dutch population. The booklet will be compiled by P.W.E. and will have two objects:

a) to instruct the Dutch population on how to interfere with the German war effort.

b) to instruct the population on how to assist the forces of the United nations on and after D-Day.

The agent will carry a set of printing blocks with him and a sufficient sum of money to hire a printing establishment capable of producing this booklet. He himself will have to organise the distribution of it.

The man in question left HOLLAND about a month ago and has had experience in the distribution and manufacture of underground newspapers.

Will you please inform Group B of the above facts?
N/HO/570                                                                                                     25th November 1943

To: AD/E tho'  D/R                                                                                         From: N

Since it is now sure that the escape line serviced by the WT-Operator GOLF (
WT-operator Willem van der Wilden) is also in German hands, one man, operation RUGGER (Johan Grün), who has been in touch with that line is in great danger. It is also possible that this danger is spreading to the underground newspapers in HOLLAND with which he was able to make contact. Although warning has been sent to him, it is the opinion of Col. DE BRUYNE and myself that it is desirable to send a courier, at the earliest possible moment, to explain to the newspaper organisations exactly what has happened.

There is available in this country a suitable man who has his own channels to reach the above mentioned underground papers, and it is suggested that he should be given training in parachute jumping only, so that he will be able to return to HOLLAND in the next moon period. This man, Sergeant BRUIN has past S.A.B. and has successfully been put through the cards. If you agree to the above, may I have your authority to curtail this man's training as proposed.