April - June 1944, page 181

... give him a copy of his plan (
69). London agreed (70) to the scheme for training a new operator. This Message concluded with CURLING's (Huub Sanders) check question "What do you know?" the answer to which should be "American sailor". CURLING said (71) he could not deliver the two messages he had received for FARO (Bob Celosse) as his cut-out had not shown up for three days. What should he do? He relied to the check question (72) with "American soldier".  *)

London said
CRICKET (Tony Cnoops) had been instructed to cut all contacts with FARO as he might be in danger. The two messages (74) for FARO should therefore be destroyed. CURLING reported (75) he had been ordered by CRICKET to move to Utrecht from Amsterdam. He had spoken with HENK (wie is Henk?) and several section commanders (75) for record purposes. He said this demand was bureaucratic and not in accordance with realism. Could London supply a new set and some real English cigarettes (77)?

POKER / FOOTBALL                                                                                           (contact with RVV)

The Dutch had supplied details of a person in The Hague who was in touch with various organisations. It was thought worthwhile to send two agents to make contact and report.
POKER (Kees Dekkers) and FOOTBALL (Jan Kuenen) were to be dispatched for this purpose (78).


POKER's training name was DUIKER. he would be known in the field as KEES (79). there were serveral well known underground organisations in Holland, but as very little success had been experienced in the past owing to arrests is was feared that most of them had been penetrated by the Gestapo. Mr KLYZING (80) who was an inspector of police in The Hague, was asked prior to his departure to arrange delivery of arms to organisations in the north and the south of Holland. it was believed that these organisations might still be safe. POKER would go to Holland as a W/T Operator and liaison officer to a man he would know as Mr. MULDERS, to whom he would hand directions in the form of microphotographs.
Wie was deze Mulders?)

The security view (
81) was that the receipt of "American soldier" raised some doubt since the operator might have unintentionally substituted "soldier" for "sailor". However in view of his very good performance in introducing inaccuracies into his identity checks the probable explanation was that he had sent "American soldier" deliberately, altering "sailor" into "soldier" to show that he was indeed under control but using "American" to make clear that he had not forgotten de convention and the significance of the question.

Huub Sanders zond inderdaad onder Duitse controle, hij was op 19 mei in Amsterdam gearresteerd)

69) CURLING 9 of 19th May, 1944.
70) 10 to CURLING of 21st May, 1944.
71) CURLING 13 of 23rd May, 1944.
72) CURLING 14 of 25th May, 1944.
73) 10 to CURLING of 24th May, 1944.
74) 11 to CURLING of 25th May, 1944.
75) CURLING 15 of 27th May, 1944.
76) CURLING 34 of 20th June, 1944.
77) CURLING 22 of 27th June, 1944.
78) weekly side rep. No. 32 of 29th May, 1944.
79) orders for DUIKER dated 26th May, 1944.
80) Now Major Klijzing of the BBO.
81) Appendix G BSS/KV/1365 of 24th May, 1944.

He (Poker) would explain to MULDERS that he had been sent to act as his operator for communication between him and London. MULDERS would decide whether the various organisations with which he was in touch were capable of carrying out directives or whether it would be best to form his own small organisation from the nucleus of his safest contacts. POKER (Dekkers) would explain that W/T operators and sabotage instructors could be sent immediately, either direct to MULDERS, ot to suitable contacts of organisations. POKER would make no contact with organisations. This would be MULDERS responsibility. He would inform MULDERS that similar directives were believed to have been delivered to the RVV and CS-6, but owing to arrests and disappearances’ this was not known for certain.
Celosse, Cnoops, Sanders en Seyben waren allen op 19 gearresteerd).

and FOOTBALL (Kuenen) would be dropped on the first favourable night in the June moon period. WILLEM (FOOTBALL) should make an initial contact, so that if anything went wrong London would still have W/T contact with POKER. POKER would take with him 25.000 Guilders for the organisation.


FOOTBALL (Kuenen) training name was KOOPS. His name in the field would be WILLEM (82). He would go to Holland with POKER for the purpose of instructing members of the organisation in sabotage and the general uses of explosives and incendiaries. At POKER’s discretion he might be used as reception leader.

(Dekkers) and FOOTBALL were dispatched on May 31st (83). The aircraft failed to return. On February 1st, 1945 SIS reported (84) that a message from one of their sources in Holland had been received from the Dutch office in Eindhoven stating that at 01.30 hours on June 1st  1944 a twin engine British aircraft crashed at Gilze-Rijen near Breda. The crew of six were killed. Two were in civilian clothes and one of these wore a leather money belt containing Dutch banknotes. The bodies were buried in the Roman Catholic Cemetery at Gilze-Rijen on June 2nd 1944.

                            III CLANDESTINE PRESS                         


DRAUGHTS and BEZIQUE went to the field on the night of March 31st/April 1st.
The landing was successful and the W/T set was buried in a small mound of uncultivated land some 30 meters from a hedge and 10 meters from a path. The camouflage was good (
85). Both men proceeded to their safe houses. On April 6th DRAUGHTS made contact with COR van PAASEN (Cornelis van Paaschen), Chief editor of “Je Maintiendrai”  to whom he (DRAUGHTS) gave the alias PIETER DEKKER.

82)  Orders for KOOPS dated 26th May, 1944
83)  Weekly sitrep of June 2nd, 1944
84)  Memorandum No. 2926c from W.O. (Room 900) of 1st February 1945
85)  Report by T. Biallosterski, alias BRUIN alias DRAUGHTS (undated)

On April 7th DRAUGHTS and DEKKER went to the dropping ground but failed to find the W/T set. On returning  to the spot later they discovered a few remains of the buried package - pieces of packing material, a small sack ( probably the sack which had contained the crystals ) and some coconut matting. This seemed to indicated that neither the Gestapo nor the police had taken the package, for in that case everything would have been removed more carefully.
DRAUGHTS and DEKKER then went to The Hague, where they dined with the GEMMEKE family at the Amalia van Solmstraat 119.

The Gemmeke’s were related to Obersturmfuhrer Gemmeke, a former police inspector who was a member of the NSB.

On April 8th
DRAUGHTS brought his W/T operator in contact with DEKKER. It was agreed that DEKKER, who would henceforth be known as DRAUGHTS 2, would relinquish his editorship and carry on the work of DRAUGHTS, who would return to England.
On April 12th
DRAUGHTS gave DEKKER instructions for working the code and innocent letters system. DRAUGHTS did not make his indicator known, but requested DEKKER to work completely via BEZIQUE (Jan Steman), as his first message would be strictly technical, dealing with the delivery of a new set.
On April 16th DRAUGHTS left for Belgium.
He arrived in Antwerp the following day and reached Paris on April 24th.

He made contact with a Major of the Belgium Section (
AGNES, Ides Floor.) who gave him permission to go to Brussels to make use of his wireless service there (GLOVE).
After a fortnight, during which time he tried in vain to get in contact with London,
DRAUGHTS left again for Paris, arrived on May 12th. He got through to Perpignan on May 23th after some delay finally made a successful crossing into Spain. He reached Madrid by June 30th and on July 8th arrived at Gibraltar, leaving for England on the same day.


First contact (
86) was established on April 30th  when BEZIQUE (Jan Steman) reported that his package had been stolen, he had contacted ST. JUDE (Herman Leus) of the “other organization” (SIS) after HANS (Biallosterski) had left for Paris. The reception committee would soon be ready and he asked London to drop to it a new package. London told him (87) his innocent letter had been received and measures taken. He was in contact with Hans’ organization (Cor van Paaschen) BEZIQUE (88) gave the code name of HANS’ substitute as PIETER. The reception committee was ready to receive the package for ST. JUDEand himself. London confirmed (89) the position of BEZIQUE’s dropping ground, the code name for which was Tulip. Two packages would be sent in the moon period starting May 28th.
BEZIQUE complained (90) that our broadcast was of very poor quality. London pointed out (91) that is was automatic and therefore his trouble was presumed to be local. BEZIQUE should keep all traffic to an absolute minimum. He was advised (92) that provided ST. JUDE required no further assistance, contact with him should be cut when BEZIQUE had received his material. The Gestapo were very active. BEZIQUE reported (93) he had burnt his broadcast plans by accident and asked London to give his conventions for the next three months.  These were cabled to him the next day (94).

86) Bezique 1 of 30th April, 1944.

87) 1 to Bezique of 1st May, 1944.
To Nidd via night B/C Nidd.
Dank voor goed werk. Ontvingen brief van Frans. Troffen maatregelen. Bent u in contact met organisatie Hans? Wie is Nippy, rpt Nippy? Zien bijzonderheden reception commitee zeer spoedig tegemoet. Gaf Hans u de convention betreffende reception? Spoedig gewenscht stop

88) Bezique 2 of 3rd May, 1944.
From Nidd 2 stop
Remplacant NF HANS code name PIETER. Reception Comm. ready. If possible drop St. Judes and my packet together. Next message dropping field.

89) 5 to Bezique if 17th May, 1944.
To Nidd via night Nidd.
Separate message is for Pieter in Hans code. Tell him to reply in Hans code. We will use Hans prefix for all messages to Pieter. Propose sending you 2 rpt 2 packages. Moon period starts 28 May and ends 9 June. Hans OK and on his way. Cheerio.

90) Bezique 11 of 23rd May, 1944.

91) 8 to Bezique of 24th May
To Nidd via night Nidd.
Already delivered two packages material and one package pigeons ground Tulip as from and including 28 May rpt 28 weather permitting. Keep a good look out in case package drift. Listen for BBC message. Keep your traffic to absolute minimum. Broadcast is automatic therefore presume your trouble local QRM, rpt QRM. Organization St. Jude are listening for him (SIS / BI).

92) 9 to Bezique of 27th May, 19
To Nidd via night Nidd.
Provided St. Jude requires no further assistance and after you have received your material important that you should cut contact with each other to avoid possible arrests through penetration of your organizations. Gestapo very active so be careful. Glad everything ready for reception.

93) Bezique 13 of 28th May, 1944.
From Nidd 13 stop
Received number 14 of 27. Is HACLS to pus in U St. Jude’s set on 29. Burned broadcast plan by accident give conventions of NXXV three month.

94) 11 to Bezique of 29th May, 1944.
To Nidd via night Nidd
Broadcast frequencies for whole year. 3270. 3305. May and June times indicators remain same. July August September indicators. 982. 746. 061. 977. Broadcast time 0030 hours, rpt 0030 hours GMT. Advise if this understood.

Two packages were dispatched to BEZIQUE (Jan Steman) on May 31st (95) but the aircraft failed to return. BEZIQUE was asked whether he had received his package and pigeons (96) but replied (97) that the reception committee had not heard a plane. London told BEZIQUE  that the aircraft had not returned after the operation and that therefore the packages were lost(98). It was suggested that he should return ST. JUDE’s set but that in the meantime messages could be sent through him in BEZIQUE’s code. ST. JUDE would receive identical instruction. BEZIQUE requested (99) that only wireless material should be sent this moon period, the rest could follow in the next . London replied (100) it was too late to arrange delivery for the present moon. What were the reactions of the Dutch public to the invasion, and what action had been taken by the Germans? BEZIQUE reported he was trying to have a set made locally (101) He asked (102) why Allied planes constantly attacked passenger trains. People were complaining and the Germans were making propaganda about it. London was preparing two packages and pigeons for the next moon period starting June 30th (103). BEZIQUE was asked if Tulip could still be used; what action the Germans were taking against the Dutch public in view of events in France; and whether the Queen’s letter had been published in the Clandestine Press. BEZIQUE replied that the Germans had enforced a severe control on identity cards and luggage. They were also searching for ex-service men (104). The Queen’s letter had been published in the Clandestine Press (105).Ground Tulip could still be used (106).
(Dropping ground TULIP is not known to me. WM)


London sent its best wishes to DRAUGHTS replacement, who was asked to give his full name and contact address. Would he tell London with what organization he had contact and what his requirements were (107). DRAUGHTS-2 replied (108) giving his name as PIETER DEKKER; his contact address was: - JOS GEMMEKE, AMALIA van SOLMSSTRAAT 119, THE HAGUE.

BEZIQUE 13 of 28th May, 1944

11 to BEZIQUE of 29th May, 1944

Progress report of 2nd June, 1944

13 to Bezique of 2nd June, 1944.
To Nidd via night Nidd.
Did you receive your package and pigeons on OK Thursday morning?

(97) Bezique Srl. B4980/17 of 4th June, 1944
From Nidd
Received broadcasts number 16, 17, 18, 19 X rpt 15. My nr 14. Did not receive anything Thursday morning. Committee stood by all the time. Did not hear a plane. Did plane return. St. Jude wants his set back. What to do? Give orders soonest DI.

14 to Bezique of 5th June, 1944.
To Nidd via night Nidd.
Aircraft did not return after operation therefore packages lost. Suggest you give St. Jude his set back but that you send messages in your code through him in the meantime. He will receive same instructions. Our 15 not important.

(99) Bezique 15 of 5th June, 1944.
From Nidd nr 15.
If package lost again try to send me only wireless material this moon. The rest can follow next moon. I think the bloody devil is against us.

(100) 15 to Bezique of 8th June, 1944.
To Nidd via night Nidd.
Regret weather bad and too late arrange delivery this moon. Will always keep on listening for you. Shall be glad have reaction Dutch public and what action taken by Germans.
Love from Sheila.

(101) Bezique 18 of 8th June, 1944.

Bezique 20 of 9th June, 1944.
From Nidd.
20. Why do allied planes continuously attack passenger trains. People complaining and Germans making propaganda of it. Better attack the engines.

(103) 17 to Bezique of 16th June, 1944.
From Draughts via Nidd.
Uw nummer 7 ontvangen. Invasie bracht verademing. Overtuigd van welslagen. Veel wilde geruchten. Duitschers en NSB-ers nerveus. Nr 8. Weer veel radios in gebruik. Gevangenen Scheveningen geëvacueerd naar Vught en Amersfoort. Vordering van nog beschikbare oude vrachtwagens en omnibussen. Wordt vervolgd.

(104) Bezique 23 of 17th June, 1944.
From Nidd of 17th June, 1944
Duitsche maatregelen stop TWXNTYT (
twenty) TZREED (three) DOP (stop) Scherpe controle persoonsbewijzen, bagage stop Jacht op onderduikers NPX

Bezique 24 of 21st June, 1944
From Nidd of 21st June, 1944
24 stop Received your twenty five. Queen’s letter has been in clandestine press.

(106) Bezique 25 of 21st June, 1944.
From Nidd of 21st June, 1944
25 stop Tulip repeat Tulip OK repeat OK. Hope better success now.

(107) 1 to Draughts-2 of 15th May, 1944
To Draughts via night Nidd of 15th May, 1944
1 stop Beste wenschen met ons eerste bericht. Geef ons uw volle naam en cotact adres ook met welke organisatie U contact heeft stop Laat ons hun benoodigheden weten.

(108)  Draughts-2  1 of 18th May, 1944
From Draughts of 18th May, 1944
1 stop Dank voor wenschen. Volle naam Pieter Dekker. Contact adres Jos Gemmeke Amalia van Solmsstraat een een negen Den Haag stop Heb Kroon contact met heele illegale pers en meeste andere organisaties stop Bijzonderheden volgend bericht X.

He (van Paaschen) had excellent contacts with the whole illegal press and most of the other organizations. In his next message(109) he reported that the Queen’s message had been enthusiastically received by all the underground papers. He expected to receive a photo of the Queen and also Wervelwind’s  ( a miniature paper dropped by the RAF over Holland) and other propaganda material. London cabled (110) that the requested material was being prepared. Six pigeons would be sent with the next delivery. If microfilms were being returned they should be sent in triplicate.
London cabled:


said he wished to receive photo copying equipment (112). Could he be given complete text of the Queen’s speech of December 7th 1943 (113)? What was the exact position regarding the Customs Union and other discussions with Belgium, as wild rumours were in circulation?  He also wanted to know (114) whether plans of the Allied High Command for the Government of occupied territory were completely in line with those of the Dutch. According to the radio The New York Times had been writing about the independence of the West Indian Islands. An official Dutch report on this would be welcome
London cabled
(115) that special films and a camera would be sent to speed up delivery of press propaganda. Pigeons would be sent in each moon period. Three pigeons should be released at a time each with a copy of the same film. DRAUGHTS 2 (van Paaschen) was advised (116) that films of clandestine papers, which HANS (DRAUGHTS 1) took to Paris, had been received.DRAUGHTS-2 stated (117) that the invasion had brought relief to the population, who were convinced of the success of the Allies. The Germans and the NSB-ers

5 to DRAUGHTS 2 of 24th May, 1944. were nervous. He reported (118) that a competent military source had informed him that electric installations in Stockum and Quasrath/Ober in the Westphalen and Rhine districts had not yet been damaged by bombing. He added (119) two further power plants which could be bombed - one at Brauwieler, the other at Brühl/Kierberg.DRAUGHTS-2 reported (120) that aerodromes in coastal areas had been evacuated and made unserviceable. The majority of troops had withdrawn from these regions, leaving only strong points occupied; feverish defence activities were taking place in the neighbourhood of IJmuiden: defence workers at Walcheren had been withdrawn and sent to the Belgium coast. DRAUGHTS-2 passed on (121) a request from “Vaderland” for a comprehensive review of conditions known to London of Dutch workers in Germany. This paper had a wide circulation and was distributed over the whole of Germany by German postal services.

DRAUGHTS-2 - 2 of 18th May, 1944
From Draughts via Nidd of 18th of May, 1944.
2 stop BAYPAT Hans OK IG. Message Queen enthousiast ontvangen ORZND OMEN. Verwacht foto H M met opdracht CHAYN pakket ook Wervelwinds enz. Zit GEBQE IDEGE en ander propaganda materiaal.

(110)  2 to DRAUGHTS-2 of 19th May, 1944
To Draughts via night Nidd of 19th May, 1944.
2 stop Uw gevraagd materiaal wordt voorbereid. Met onze eerst volgende zending sturen wij U zes postduiven stop Indien u microfilms terug zendt verzoeken wij u dit in triplo te doen.

3 to DRAUGHTS-2 of 20th May, 1944. See text.

DRAUGHTS-2 - 3 of 21st May, 1944
From Draughts via Nidd of 21st May, 1944
Hoe ontvangt U het snelst onze pers producten. Vind koeriersweg vrij traag. Ontving gaarne fotocopie materiaal zoals toestel films en stoffen voor het scheiden van de gevoelige van de celluloid laag met handleiding.

DRAUGHTS-2 - 5 of 22nd May, 1944
From Draughts-2 via Nidd of 22nd May, 1944.
5 stop Betreft Pers. Men vraagt naar volledige tekst rede H M dd zeven twaalf twee en veertig herhaal zeven twaalf twee en veertig. Juiste stand van zaken Tolunie en andere besprekingen met Begie. Hierover veel wilde geruchten.

(114)  DRAUGHTS-2 - 5 of 22nd May, 1944. Geen tekst beschikbaar.

(115)  4 to DRAUGHTS-2 of 22nd May, 1944
To Draughts-2 via night Nidd of 22nd May, 1944.
Will send you special thin films and camera. To speedup delivery Pers producten we will send you each moon period some pigeons by which you can send material. To ensure safe arrival release three pigeons at a time each with a copy of the same film and bearing the same number on the negative. Pigeons should not be kept by you more than a few days.

5 to DRAUGHTS-2 of 24th May, 1944
To Draughts via night Nidd of 24th May, 1944.
5 stop Films van Pers producten die HANS mee nam naar Parijs hebben wij ontvangen. Goed werk. Knip de films niet door in het vervolg. Inhoud uw nrs vier vijf en zes wordt met Nederlansche Regering besproken en antwoord volgt spoedigst. Wij zullen deze maan zenden wat wij kunnen.

DRAUGHTS-2 - 8 of 11th June, 1944
From Draughts via Nidd of 11th June, 1944.
8 stop Uw nr zeven ontvangen. Invasie bracht verademing. Overtuigd van welslagen. Veel wilde geruchten. Duitschers en NSB-ers nerveus. Weer veel radios in gebruik. Gevangenen Scheveningen geëvacueerd naar Vught en Amersfoort. Vorderingen van nog beschikbare oude vrachtwagens en omnibussen.

DRAUGHTS-2 - 9 of 16th June, 1944
From Draughts-2 via Nidd of 16th June, 1944.
9 stop Zeer bevoegde militaire zijde verzoekt dringend volgende door te geven. Belangrijke electro installaties West Falen en Rijn streek nog steeds niet getroffen. Stockkum aan de Lippe ongeveer NRTDE E en veertig min OL REK en vijftig GR veertig min NB. OIG zeven en half km ten W van Hanm groote electrocentrale capaciteit twee honderd een en vijftig duizend kw. AND REASH ANDAT LAAAN HTHTE druk KATRB drie en zestig stop

(119)  DRAUGHTS-2 - 10 & 11 of 16th June, 1944
From Draughts-2 via Nidd of 16th June, 1944.
10 stop Omgeving Keulen electro installatie en op kaart niet genoemde plaatsje twee en achttiende km ONO ten N van station Bergheim. ENBEINBAN Quadrath. Ligging zes gr een en veertig min dertig sec OL vijftig gr negen en vijftig min dertig sec NB. Capaciteit twee honderd vijftig duizend kw. AND REASK RTR drie en zestig. Zeer belangrijk verdeelstation te Brauweiler. Zes gr zeven en veertig min dertig sec OL Vijftig gr acht en vijftig min NRST VP twaalf TP EE tiende km CNW ten W Keulsche Dom. Deze en nog in twaalf op te geven stations voorzien gezamenlijk bijna alle belangrijke industrieën in Rijn en Ruhr gebied. RODDER GRUBE VXNWV ANBRU UNKIT RBERG DRLEE NDEKM AENWV AN (
van) station BRUHLAAN spoorlijn Trier Keulen zes gr twee en vijftig min OL vijftig gr negen en dertig min NB. Capaciteit vijfhonderd zeven en zestig duizend kw.

DRAUGHTS-2 - 14 of 22nd June, 1944
From Draughts-2 via Nidd of 22nd June, 1944.
Vliegvelden kuststreek ontruimd en onklaar gemaakt. Meeste troepen aldaar weggetrokken slechts bezetting voor bunkers en stellingen. Omgeving Ymuiden koortsachtige verdedigingswerkzaamheden.

DRAUGHTS-2 - 17 0f 25th June, 1944
From Draughts-2 via Nidd of 25th June, 1944.
17 stop BONZO het Vaderland vraagt u te zijner orientatie uitgebreid overzicht van u bekende toestanden onder Nederlandsche arbeiders in Duitschland. Het heeft een gecontroleerde oplage van MMLCTT H end exemplaren verspreid over geheel Duitsland per Duitsche Post. Plan opgesteld ter intensivering door middel van kernvorming in Duitsche steden. Voor dit doel wordt u tienduizend Reichsmarken gevraagd en indien mogelijk contactadressen zoowel hier als in Duitsland ten einde deze zaak te bespoedigen. Verwachten nauwkeurige opdrachten van u. Copien teekeningen steeds welkom XXX.

In order to increase circulation London was asked (122) to supply 10.000 Reichsmarks and if possible contact addresses both in Holland as in Germany. The Queen’s message had been printed in all papers in April and May issues (123). This would be the last message for the time being for reasons which a friend had already made known to London.  
Would that be throughTobs?

  18 to Draughts-2 of 25th June, 1944

Draughts 2 - 20 of 25th June, 1944.
To Nidd via night Nidd.
Regret operation last moon impossible owing bad weather but sending someone soon with material to contact you at your contact address. Hans arrived safely. Owing your silence presume something wrong with
St. JUDE (Leus) therefore keep quiet until our contact arrives giving correct password. (This is Frank Hamilton, WM)
Map telegram 118.
Map telegram 119.