Espionage and Counter-Espionage in Holland 1940-1945.
Several underground Networks
Dutch espionage organisation in liaison with SIS
BI/SIS agent Frans Dijckmeester aka SNUITKEVER.
Tobias Biallosterski's first mission in Holland
Tobias Biallosterski's second mission in Holland.
Network dr. Henk Veeneklaas aka DR-X.
Netwerk Hil Schipper.
Dutch student underground movement.
SD officer for counter-espionage in Holland.
Haubrok's file on Tobias Biallosterski.
File on SOE WT operator Arie van Duyn.
Betrayal of chief RVV by chief OD?
Haubrok is questioned by Paul Peters and Gerda Meijer.
Haubrok questioned by Jan Somer head of Bureau Inlichtingen.
Report written by Haubrok after the war during imprisonment.
Notes written by Haubrok after his release from prison in Holland.
German Army counter-espionage.
German secret service
German Radio detection Finding organisation in Holland.
HS9 Personal Files of SOE agents.
Arie van Duyn, file HS9/1504/3. CRIBBAGE.
Network SOE WT Operator Pieter de Vos aka BRAM
Network SOE WT Operator Paul Polak aka Paul Peters
Arie van Duyn, file HS9/1504/3.
Sjoerd Sjoerdsma HS9/1367/8  C428537 SQUEAK.
Arie van Duyn, file HS9/1504/3.
Haubrok questioned by Parlementary Enquete Committee.
Severla Networks
Severla Networks
Severla Networks
Severla Networks
What the German secret service knew about the resistance.
Network Jaap Beekman aka MAURITS.
Arie van Duyn, file HS9/1504/3.
Bureau Bijzondere Opdrachten.
Illegal network in the province of Overijssel.
Agent Lodo van Hamel.
Agent Hans Zomer.
WT Operator Huib Lauwers aka EBENEZER.
WT Operator for Contact Holland/SIS
Agent and WT Operator.
Agent and WT Operator.
Illegaal netwerk Orde Dienst, rsistance organisation.
Illegaal netwerk Radio Organisation
Resistance organisation in Delfzijl.
Dutch resistance, 7 April 1945.
Illegaal netwerk Overijssel.
Information about Dutch Gestapo Agents