Radio group Packard.
Espionage group Leopold Vindictif.
The AC transmitter from Dr. Brouwer and WT operator Willem Tuyn.
A SOE radio operator in France.
Dropped WT material in The Netherlands.
SOE radiofrequencies.
Active WT stations in Holland during the war.
The B MkII SOE wireless set
Report by Ton van Schendel, Chief operator Radiodienst.
The transmitter of Frits Lokven in Amsterdam.
BI/SIS agent/WT operator Louis d'Aulnis.
The A Mk I wireless set.
Report written by LEO.
The British Radio Security Service.
American Voice Interceptors in airplanes.
Map German air defence.
German airfields in Holland.
German Anti Aircraft batteries in Holland.
German Radar stations in Holland.
German searchlights in Holland.
Communication during the war in Holland.
Transmitter location systeem by direction finding.
Transmitter location systeem by direction finding.