Weapon droppings
Locations in Amsterdam marked on a map.
SAS team Gobbo.
SOE transmission plan
Shooting at Rustenburg.
February first week.
January first week.
December first week.
October first week.
Second mission and landing in Spanbroek
After mission report and consequences.
SOE Agent/WT operator
Agenda kept in England
Time in England
First years of the occupation.
Wim Biallosterski
Life of Tobias before the war.
First mission and landing near Etten in Brabant.
Mission Fencing or Draughts?
Leaving The Netherlands.
From Paris back to Brussels.
From Paris to Gibraltar
SOE agent Johan Grün aka BRUTUS.
November first week.
SOE N-Section London.
BBO office London
BBO office London
Paul Polak aka Paul Peters.
SOE agent/WT operator.
Henk Veenklaas aka DR-X
wife Eva Skotting (DK)
SOE N-Section London.
Also known as JARD.
Coder/decoder Madeline van Geuns.
Anita aka ASPASIA
Arrest and consequences.
The last mystery.
March first week.
SOE agent, aka GUUS.
SOE agent, aka JOSEPHINE.
Chief dropzones
Chief editor illegal newspaper Je Maintiendrai.
Illegal worker from Vught.
SOE agent from T-Section.
Dropping fields.
Continuation Mission Draughts.
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April first week.
May first week
Transmitter location systeem by direction finding.
Unanswered question.
Bennie Biallosterski
Tobias Biallosterski Senior
E&E timeline
Details of the last leg of the journey to Gibraltar.
Network Cock van Paaschen.
Biallosterski Familytree
Escape out of occupied Holland.
Illegal paper Het Parool
Timeline 2.
Timeline 3.
friend Rein Bangma
October second week.
October third week.
October fourth week.
November second week.
November fourth week.
December second week.
December third week.
November third week.
December fourth week.
Message of Queen Wilhelmina that Tobias took along.
Maps and Pictures.
RAF attack on the Kleykamp building.
January second week.
January third week.
January fourth week.
september third week
September fourth week
Map of Amsterdam 1940.
February second week.
February third week.
February fourth week.
March second week.
March third week.
March fourth week.
Dropping field in Zuid-Holland.
secret messages
City of Enkhuizen during the war.
April second week.
Brothers Dijkstra both executed for transporting weapons.
April third week.
April fourth week.
May second week.
Network during first mission.
Network second mission.
Network Pieter de Vos
Network Hil Schipper
Network Paul Polak
Almost failed dropping in a village called Bovenkarspel.
Downed USAAF airman Merill S. Olsen.
Downed RAF airplane.
Downed RAF airplane.
Transmitter location systeem by direction finding.
Details of the last leg of the journey to Gibraltar.
Details of the last leg of the journey to Gibraltar.
Details of the last leg of the journey to Gibraltar.
Details of the last leg of the journey to Gibraltar.
After the war.
Articles about Tobs in Parool.