WR-C.4.a. (Mr. D.I. Wilson)

I have read this file with the very greatest interest. It is most amusing to read how the Germans encountered the same difficulties as we did in running double-agents. In this connection I think Christopher Harmer and Victor Rothschild would be extremely interested to see a copy of the report.

One of the most interesting features is that they only employed two of the agents themselves to operate their own wireless sets. the others, I understand were imitated by members of the German W/T organisation in Holland. IF SOE had employed their wireless fingerprinting method properly - which I know was in existence in about 1943 - they should surely have been able to discover that their own agents were not operating the sets.

One point I would like to have cleared up is - did they take the precaution of operating wireless sets from the districts where the agents were supposed to be located? This I think, is a very important point, as it was one which you remember was consideredof primary importance in cases which we were running.

So far as the distribution of this report is concerned, I think it is essential that Noakes should have a copy for his own private use, since he is after all respnsible for CI in Holland. Also RSS must see this report and I should be inclined to hand a copy to Norton-Evans.

There is a great deal of evidence in the report that the German D/F-ing and mobile unit system was exceedingly efficient, at any rate, in that area.

As for distributing this report to USFET, USGpCC and the French, I would not be prepared to allow this unless I had a clearance from SOE. Would you please take the matter up with Delaforce?

10-8-45                                                                                                                                      T.A. Robertson