RAW/KV/3298                                                                                                      8th June, 1945

To: Major Hughes                                                                                             From: Major Wells

(Camp 020)                                                                                                               (S.O.E.)


With reference to the a/m case, I attach hereto note on S.O.E. Dutch Section codes and identity checks for the period April 1942 to March 1944.

I have been studying this case and think that the points in which this organisation is chiefly interested are as under:

Details of the initial penetration by 'JOHNNY' which enabled the Germans to shadow TACONIS and to supply him with false I(a) to the effect that 'The Prinz Eugen was lying at Schied (
Who was JOHNNY, and over what period was the penetration maintained and what results did it achieve.

Details of the liaison between the Abwehr in France, Belgium and Holland which enabled them to provide their interrogating officer, Untersturmführer MEY (
Georg Ernst May), with details of SOE trainingobtained from agents captured in France and Belgium.

Details of the supposed capture and death of the organiser MARROW (
George Jambroes) and his W/T operator (Sjef Bukkens) on the 8th or 9th February 1942.

The reason, possibly due to bad liaison, between the Abwehr and the SD, of the sudden cessation of the SPINACH/BONI (
Jo Buizer) message which was thought to be due to him having sent so many 'Victory Messages' over the Christmas period, 1942. The notional date of SPINACH's arrest was 2-4-1943.

Did the Abwehr know anything of our agent CARROT (
Gerrit Dessing), who in fact made the same contacts as SPINACH but did not follow them up and shortly afterwards left Holland for Switzerland.

Details of the RINUS organisation. (
Is dit de Rinus-Blaauw Groep?).

Information on penetration achieved by the notorious agent provocateur ANTON DE WILDE aka VAN DER WAALS, and whether this was indeed made possible by his mis0use of BBC messages. If so, the messages which he used and the contacts which he obtained.

Any information to show whether Mr. E.R. STAMP's deduction contained in his paper on Abwehr III-F, are as well founded as they appear to be.

Whether the BROADBEAN/GOLF (
Gerard van Os & Willem van der Wilden) escape route fitted in to the general scheme of the Abwehr and the dividents which they received from it.

j) The true identity of the passeur ARNAUD (
Richard Christmann).

Whether trough ARNAUD's activities the Abwehr succeeded in penetrating the VIC escape line through France and if so, liaison arrangements which were in force for information acquired in this way to be passed to those who could act upon it.

Any details of the activities of Colonel KOPPERT who was known to GEORGE RIDDERHOF aka VAN VLIET.

Administrative arrangements under which VAN VLIET worked for the Abwehr both in Brussles and Holland.

Any details of the RINUS organisation and its subsequent roll up. Which was accompanied by some very curious message to the UK.

Details of the two NORDPOL agents, alleged to be a Britisk Captain and a Dutchman, whom MIERSEMANN states that Unteroffizier HUNTEMANN brought fron Holland to Belgium in June or July 1944 to assist him with his work in that country; the two agents aer stated by MIERSEMANN to have agreed to co-operate but only against the Russians. (
Lauwers & Jordaan)

When the initial reports are available, we should be extremely grateful if we might be allowed to consult with our Signal Directors with a view to framing a questionnaire on the special aspect of these interrogations which is of interest to them.