Name: J. BEEKMAN.

            Operational name: MAURITS.

              Mission: W/T OPERATOR.
We arrived at 23:45 hrs on the 29th of August. We had a very bad landing because the windspeed was 40 m.p.h. and the dropping ground had plenty of barbed wire. I had a stiff right leg for about fourteen days. I found KRIS hanging in the barbed wire and helped him to get free of it. We buried our parachutes and looked out for LODEWIJK but did not find him.

We walked with the compass to the North in order to find a farmer called GERSEN. We could not find the railroad which we had to pass but heard later on that it did not exist anymore. We walked for several hours in a northerly direction, slept in a bush and went to a farm to ask for the way because we should have been at GERSEN's farm one hour's walking so we thought that we had been dropped at the wrong place. The farmer, to whom we spoke early in the morning, showed us the way and then we discovered that we had been dropped about 5 km too far south of our place. We were also unable to find our packages. The despatcher had had no time to fix the parachute for it so he wanted to drop it in a second run.

At the house of GERSEN we found LODEWIJK. We had despatched our three carrier pigeons early in the morning. At GERSEN's house we came in contact with
PIET, commander of the district Veluwe and at Voorthuizen we contacted LANGE JAN, the commander of the R.V.V.

I stayed a fortnight on the Veluwe (at Garderen and Stroe) until I went to a meeting at Hoevelaken with LANGE JAN, PIET,
ALEX and the other commanders. LANGE JAN asked for my reserve signal plan, Withram, in order to send it to Rotterdam . At the meeting it was decided that I should go as wireless-operator to EVERT, R.V.V. commander for Overijssel. KRIS, who at first was to go to North-Brabant also went to EVERT. Meanwhile, my package had been found by a farmer about 5 km south of the place where we were dropped. The farmer had damaged most of my wireless-equipmentdue t his curiosity, but he reported it to the L.O. (another resistance movement) and via (redacted) (British agent) with much trouble I got my package KO in the one-time-pad code and the V-plan Withram and went to Overijssel. I contacted EVERT at Hellendoorn and met KRIS. I stayed a few days at EVERT's home and in one of the nights DUDLEY and his party were dropped. I spoke to DUDLEY the day after he landed. I received a B mark II set from him and went to Marienberg in order to organise a reception at the new dropping ground 'Evert' at Stegeren' to transmit messages and to give weapon instruction.

After staying a couple of days in Vroomshoop at the house of
FRITS, the groupcommander, I got an address which was given to me by GERRIT, the 2nd groupscommander of Marienberg. the address was very neutral and the family never had any contact with the underground movement. The address was (redacted), Ommen and I stayed there (also transmitting) till January 1945.

We had several drops on ground Evert and had men working regularly on our ground. These were men who were chased by the Sicherheitsdienst and decided to live in a hidding place on ground Evert; they made defence works there and decided to defend themselves to the last man in case of discovery.

I also made contact with
(redacted) (B.I.) for whom I sent about sixty messages. But (redacted) was not very careful and I warned him several times and finallyrefused to work for him. He and his assistant (redacted) were arrested by the Sicherheitsdienst of Almelo at the house of (redacted) Vroomshoop in February.

I also made contact with
(redacted) (SAS), who lived in a caravan at Vroomshoop. He was attacked one night by K.K. of Ommen and was sent to my address after escaping. I bandaged his wounds and sent him and a comrade to a safe address.

In January the group BERGENTHEIM had some arrests and weapons were found. I heard that some of these people knew a bit too much and therefore I moved to Den Ham to the house of
(redacted), Meer, Den Ham. Meanwhile BUNNY the wireless operator of DUDLEY had by accident taken my duplicate signal plan Wensun and after a razzia at Zenderen the Germans got this dulpicate. I reported this to London and got every fortnight a message which included a signal plan. I asked permission to go back to Great Britain, but after a new wireless operator (Sjoerdsma) had been dropped. He arrived and his name was CHRISTIAAN, DUDLEY and HERMAN (groundcommanders of Raalte) arrived and took CHRISTIAAN with them.

Since there was no escape-line at that time I decided to carry on working for EVERT who was now districts commander of Salland and CHRISTIAAN was to work for
EDUARD (Hotz), now commander of Overijssel. I accordingly stayed at Den Ham and because my contact with London was broken off, I had to get back via CHRISTIAAN. I waited a month and although CHRISTIAAN had received a contact message for me it did not arrive at my address. Nobody knew my new address, except the group commander of Den Ham and ALEX. ALEX was arrested at the same time as FOPKONIJN (Buunk) (they were working together) and as there was not one address available I had to find my own way about. I broke off every contact and went to Zwolle where I Stayed for four weeks at the home of my brother J.J. BEEKMAN, de Genestestraat 44, which was one of the emergency addresses known in London. During this time EVERT and DUDLEY were shot.

HERMAN now contacted me again as he was then districts commander of Salland. He had new addresses in Heeten. While I was in Zwolle KRIS contacted me and we were surpriced to find that we were living very near each other without knowing it.
(redacted) were members of the resistance Zwolle and so via them HERMAN got into contact with me. I went to Heeten where I received a message from CHRISTIAAN and carried on again  at the home of VOORHORST, where HERMAN also was staying. During this time I heard that the S.D. was looking for MAURITS and had been at an address near Vroomshoop which looked much the same (redacted) as the address of WENSINK at Beerseveld.

I changed my name to
PIETER. I also spoke with three of the four agents who had been dropped on Ground Evert. One of them MARIA (Johannes Maria Christiaansen, mission HISS) was also staying at VOORHORST. In April were woken by Germans who came in the middle of the night to stay at our house, inclueding a Lieutenant-Colonel, a Major and other officers. We managed to escape with all our equipment and moved to the farm of (redacted) at Schoonheeten. On the 9th of April the front came near and German artillery and paratroops withdrew to a position near the farm. I sent my last message to London at 13:00 hrs and went with HERMAN into the cellar because Canadian shells came around the farm. At 15:00 hrs I left the farm, crawled through the German line and went, with a white flag, over to the Canadians at Nieuwheeten at 20:00 hrs. After saying the password 'Dublin' to an intelligence officer, I was taken to Holten where I made contact with Captain READ. The next day we went back to fetch my equipment and I left for England.

Jaap Beekman werd samen met Jaap Hinderink en Joop Luykenaar in de nacht van 28 op 29 augustus 1944 gedropt in de buurt van Voorthuizen.

                                                                      TERUG NAAR OVERZICHT