Orders voor Sjoerd Sjoerdsma.
ORDERS FOR:   SJOERDSMA                                                                                                                               copy No. 1


EVERT is the RVV (Raad van Verzet) commandant for the area SALLAND in OVERIJSSEL and has about 350 armed men under his control. EVERT's wireless operator is MAURITS who was sent by us in August 1944 and he has asked to return to LONDON by Lysander but as MAURITS has not been trained for the laying on of this type of operation it is impossible to bring him out by air. He will have to come out by land route.

a. Operation Name.

The name of your operation is SQUEAK and you will be known by this name at the station of your departure. You will never use this name when you are in the field.

b. Code Name in the field.

Your field name will be
CHRISTIAAN. This is the only name you or your organisation should use in messages from the field and it is the name by which you will be known to other members of the organisation.


You will go to HOLLAND as W/T operator and to replace MAURITS who wishes to return to the U.K. You will take all orders from EVERT but you have the authority to use your own direction in all matters concerning security of your own W/T work. All measures which you may consider necessary for the safeguarding of your channel of communication will not be interfered with by anyone.
You will teach EVERT the use of the One-Time-Pad and give him the codes which you will take with you for him. EVERT should do all the encoding and decoding of his own messages. You will only send such messages as are necessary pertaining to wireless technical matters.
You will also hand EVERT the following: HFl. 5000 for EVERT; HFl. 2000 for CHRIS (Hindering) and HFl. 2500 for MAURITS.


You will be dropped during the first week of January to an EVERT Reception Committee at a point which will be explained to you prior to your departure.
Immediately on landing you will ask te reception committee to look after your wireless equipment and ask to be put into touch with EVERT.


EVERT must be made responsible for seeing that you are put in a safehouse and to arrange for you safehouses from which you can transmit.


You will take with you HFl. 10.000 for EVERT, CHRIS and MAURITS in a bodybelt together with HFl. 5000 for your own personal use.

Package - Equipment - Camouflage

a) Your personal baggage will consist of one briefcase.

b) Your wireless equipment will be packed into two packages. See Annexe I

c) Your codes and plan have been camouflaged as per annexe I


See Annexe I


You will have received in accordance with your requirements.


You will have been interviewed as to your requirements for the field and will receive these plus your parachute equipment, at the station of departure. See Annexe II


You have been issued with a Dutch Identity Card.


a) You will use the various methodes you have been taught, postboxes, cut-outs, etc.

b) You will estalished W/T contact with ENGLAND, as soon as you consider it safe to do so. You will always destroy immediately that part of your One-Time-Pad which has been used for a previous message. If you do this without exception, the Gestapo will never be able to decode your past messages or be able to prove what you real security check is. Records of messages exchanged with us should not be kept. See Annexe V.

c) Messages by W/T.

You alone will judge the days on which you will transmit and you will inform EVERT if you consider his messages are too long.

d) W/T Plan. You will take with you a microprint of your W/T plan as per Annexe V.

e) Broadcasts. You will also receive a microprint of your broadcast plan as per Annexe V.

f) Identity Check.

If we have reason to suppose that you have been arrested and that the Germans are working your transmitter, we shall ask you an innocent question. If you are safe you will give the correct answer. See Annexe VII.

g) Safehouse. (Emergency Address)

It is important that we should remain in contact with you and if you cannot give us an address before you leave for the field you should let us have one at the first possible opportunity by W/T.


Your salary will be credited to your account by and with the Dutch Government.



a) General.

In view of the important operational tasks be undertaken by Resistance Forces in ROTTERDAM, it is necessary to send a further W/T operator to assure the communications of N.B.S. through Spacial Force H.Q. to Allied Command and H.R.H. PRINCE BERNHARD.

b) Operation Name: SQUAEK II.

This is your operational name, by which you will be known at the station of your departure. You will never use this name in the field.

c) Code Name in the Field:

This is the only name you should use in messages and the name by which you will be known by other members of the organisation.


You will act as W/T operator to
VICTOR (Dit moet haast Marinus van der Stoep zijn), Commander K.P. ROTTERDAM, and will transmit his traffic and that of such other persons as he may direct.


a) Reception.

You will be dropped to a reception arranged by VICTOR, at a point which will indicated to you before you leave.

b) Password.

You will give the Reception Committee the password: 'KOM VOOR ZWARTE WIM' and ask then to put you in touch with VICTOR.

c) Proof of Identity.

The message 'HEB JE AL EEN RIJBEWIJS, VICTOR?' will be broadcast by the BBC as follows for the first three days after your departure: - 13.30 hrs D.B.S.T in French programme; 20.15 hrs D.B.S.T. in Radio Orange programme & 20.30 hrs D.B.S.T. in Flemish programme.

d) Contacts.

The place of your residence will be fixed by VICTOR, who will make the necessary arrangements.


a) Funds.

You will carry HFl 5000 for your own expenses.

b) Equipment.

Your personal equipent and effects will be carried in a leg bag. You will receive your parachute equipment at the departure station.

c) Codes. These will be camouflaged. See Annexe I.

d) W/T equipment. Contained in a package. See annexe II.

e) Cover story. See Annexe III.

f) Documents. You have been issued with documents to fit your cover story.


a) Wireless.

You will have your code and equipment for the maintenance of two-way contact with LONDON. Your own code will only be used for messages to us concerning technical matters relating to contact and/or the acknowledgement of messages which we shall broadcast by W/T. See Annexe IV.

b) Messages by W/T.

In order to maintain the security of the W/T operator it is essential that messages should be kept as short as possible and limited to important information connected with the mission. Records of messages exchanged should not be kept.

c) Security.

If we have reason to suppose that you may have been arrested and that the Germans are working your transmitter we shall ask you an 'innocent' question. If you are safe, you will give us the correct answer, but if we do not receive this coorect answer we shall presume that you are in enemy hands. See Annexe V.

As far as possible you should aim at transmitting from various locations and distributing your transmitting sets accordingly. Enemy D/F activity is great and every precaution should be taken to defeat this.


Your salary will be credited to your account by the Dutch Government.