NEW MISSIONS

WHIMPER & SNORT     (Liaison in Veluwe)

WHIMPER’s training name was BENDER (Rein Bangma). He would be known in the field as FRED. SNORT’s training name was VAN DER WEYDEN (Bobby van
der Weijden). His name in the field would be AAT. In the Veluwe were several small KP and RVV resistance groups which had received some arms, but owing
to arrests and German troop movements they had not been able to organize properly. The resistance commander of the Veluwe was “PAUL” - also known as
PIET VAN ARNHEM (IR. P.C. Kruijf) . London had no direct wireless link with PAUL and it was therefore difficult to get up-to-date news from him regarding
resistance matters and dropping grounds. When WHIMPER and SNORT had satisfied PAUL as to their bona fides, they would explain that their mission was to
act as liaison between him and the Allied forces, and to assist the NBS in reception of arms, and explosives and to forces via Special Forces HQ. They would
explain to PAUL that all matters relating to resistance would be passed through their W/T channel and not and not through the internal wireless net to
Eindhoven, except in cases of emergency, or if W/T communications broke down. If he had not already received them, they should convey to PAUL the
special instructions for action by resistance when the time came. They would be dropped on the first favourable night in March and they should not remain on
the dropping ground longer than was necessary. On a previous occasion the Germans arrived shortly after a dropping operation and were able to seize all the
equipment. WHIMPER and SNORT were successfully dropped to the field on the night of March 2nd . Their package containing the wireless equipment was
however lost on landing and it proved impossible to replace this before April. They were able to arrange only two deliveries before being overrun by Canadian


WHIMPER (Bangma) reported (62) that there were very few weapons in the Veluwe. The Germans were searching the area systematically. He later reported
(63) that transport difficulties were very great. The Germans had seized all the equipment dropped on the last operation except the codes and money.

RUMBLE & GRUNT          (Liaison in Achterhoek)

RUMBLE’s training name was PLEYSIER (Wouter Pleijsier). He would be known in the field as KLAAS. GRUNT’s training name was GEHRELS (Tom Gehrels). He
would be known in the field as JOOP. In the Overijssel area there were a considerable number of small KP, OD and RVV groups. Dropping operations had
already taken place in the central and northern areas of Overijssel, but little or nothing had been done in the Achterhoek. There was at present no direct
communication with the area, but resistance elements were reported to exist there. The commander of the whole of the Overijssel area was EDUARD (Hotz) ,
and the Commander of the Achterhoek came under EDUARD’s control. When RUMBLE and GRUNT had made contact with the Brigade Commandant of the
NSB for the Achterhoek and had satisfied him as to their bona fides, they would explain that their mission was to act as liaison officers between him and the
Allied forces, and to assist the NBS in the reception of arms, to instruct them in the use of arms and explosives and to organize W/T contact with the Allied
forces via Special Forces HQ. They would report to London any sabotage targets which could be attacked, but resistance would take no action until they had
been instructed by London to do so. They would explain to the OD that all matters relating to resistance questions should be passed through their W/T
channel and not via Eindhoven, which dealt only with intelligence matters. If he had not already received them, they should convey to the Commandant of
Achterhoek the special instructions for action by resistance when the time came. RUMBLE and GRUNT were successfully sent to the field on the night of
March 17th . They succeeded in arranging only one delivery of containers before being overrun by the Canadian Forces.


RUMBLE reported his safe arrival and that of GRUNT (64) and asked (65) that arms and tree spigots should be dropped on the following operation.

(64) 1 from Rumble of 24.3.1945
(62) 2 from Rumble of 24.3.1945

SWISH    (Assistant to Commandant of NBS)

SWISH’s training name was BURGER. He would be known in the field as PETER ZUID (Peter Borghouts). The Commander of the Netherlands Forces of the
Interior (Prince Bernhard) had already given details of the various ways in which his forces couls assist the Allied Command in the liberation of Holland. SWICH
would act as first assistant to the Commander of the NBS, and would assume control in the event of the Commander being arrested or killed. He would also
act as Commandant of the sabotage section of the LO. His mission would be an extremely difficult one in that regional commanders might not be willing to
impart to him their detailed plans - and would be justified in taking this attitude. He would also attempt to stop the dangerous flow of papers and orders which
were said to be circulating in occupied Holland. He would afford the Commandant all the assistance he could in carrying out of his extremely difficult task, but
it would be prudent to do as much as possible through cut-outs and, if meetings were necessary, to keep these to an absolute minimum. SWISH was dropped
on the night of March 17th and successfully contacted the Commandant of the NBS.

                                                                                        III - CLANDESTINE PRESS



Gestapo agent in The Hague
DRAUGHTS-2 (van Paaschen) reported (67) that VAN DER WAALS @ TONY DE WILDE was in The Hague. He now called himself BARON SWEERTS DELANDAS

Allied air blunder
With reference to a large-scale RAF raid on March 3rd, intended for rockets near The Hague, DRAUGHTS-2 cabled (68) on March 6th: “Please stop soonest
that crazy pirate work at The Hague. If you think it necessary to bomb rocket target that is your affair, but do not smash only houses again. So far not a
single rocket target has been hit. Germany lies some 100 kms more east.

Bezique arrested
DRAUGHTS-2 (Cor van Paaschen) reported (69) that BEZIQUE (Jan Steman) had been arrested, not as a W/T operator, but because he had a pistol on him,
and he was therefore considered a terrorist.

Rowing: another condemnation
He cabled (70) that ROWING (Frank Hamilton) had been highly compromised by events which led up to the arrest of DRAUGHTS-1 (Biallosterski). Although
he had technical qualifications, reports from all quarters showed that ROWING was incapable of working as an organizer. His working methods lacked
efficiency and security and led to disorganization.

Doctor X recommended
DRAUGHTS-2 considered the Doctor fully capable of carrying on the work of DRAUGHTS-1 and stressed the fact that London should appoint the Doctor
without further delay, so that the work could go on immediately and with safety.

Rowing makes trouble
The Commandant of The Netherlands of the Interior (Koot) cabled via DRAUGHTS-2 (71) that ROWING (Hamilton) had refused to accept his decision
regarding his appointment. ROWING wanted to have the leadership, although the Commandant did not consider him suitable. They had now “put him aside”
and the work was continuing under the Doctor. In reply London cabled (72) that ROWING should confine himself to his work as instructor and technical
adviser and would be attached to the Netherlands Forces of the Interior for that purpose.
The DOCTOR (Henk Veeneklaas) would undertake for the time being the organization and liaison work formerly carried out by DRAUGHTS-1 (Biallosterski).
ROWING (Hamilton) would be instructed to place himself under orders of the Commandant of the Forces of the Interior.

Hague raid casualties
The Commandant of the Netherlands of the Interior (Koot) reported (73) that according to the RAF authorities, casualties in The Hague caused by the raid of
March 3rd , were: - 800 killed, 1000 badly wounded and 50,000 families homeless. It was suggested that some explanation should be given via Radio Oranje
Station in London in view of the present mood of the population.

Protest to Air Force
London replied (74) that a strong protest had been addressed to the Air Force concerned, who regretted the casualties and the damage caused. A promise
had been received that a repetition of such bombing would be avoided, and that attacks would be reduced to an absolute minimum. It should be impressed
upon the population that these targets were of the utmost importance, but great care should be taken in future to avoid accidents as that of March 3rd .

Penicillin for the raid victims
London advised DRAUGHTS-2 (75) that special packages of penicillin would be sent on the next dropping operation. These were for urgent delivery to the
hospital at The Hague for people injured during the air attack on March 3rd.

(67)  239 from Draughts-2 of 01.03.45
From Draughts via Elan of 1.3.1945
239 stop Your three two code DOUWE stop Van der Waals at present in The Hague Sweerts Delanda Wyborgh address Stationsweg twenty six (26) or
twenty eight (28) stop What particulars will you specially know about him stop

(68)  47 from Draughts 2 of 03.03.45
From Draugts-2 via Towy of 6.3.1945
47 stop Please stop soonest that crazy pirate work about The Hague stop If you think necessary bombing rocket target that is your sake but do not smash
only houses again stop Until now not a single rocket target has been hit stop Germany lays some hundred kilometers more east stop

(69)  Srl. B3759 from Draughts 2 of 06.03.45
From Draughts via Towy
FRANS in German hands not as operator but arrested with pistol on him as such considered as terrorist stop Can only free him if show SD way to Brabant
stop In view of blackmail play since some months with SD relation in Brabant I accept this stop To be continued stop

(70)  253 from Draughts 2 of 07.03.45
From Draughts-2 via Elan of 7.3.1945
253 stop Aware Guus technical qualifications stop Guus highly compromised by events leading to Hans arrest stop Reports from all concerned show Guus
incapable in organizing function stop His working methods since appointment lacking efficiency and security have led to disorganization stop Not advisable to
send new organizer consider Doctor fully capable to carry on stop Important you should appoint Doctor without further delay in order work can go on
immediately and in safe way stop Suggest you appoint Guus as his subordinate technical advisor stop CNBS (Koot) expressed emphatically to me same
opinion stop Are sending messenger through the lines to explain ref my two five two (252) stop

(71)  254 from Draughts 2 of 07.03.45
From Draughts-2 via Towy of 7.3.1945
254 stop Following from DC stop Guus refused to accept my decision re appointment stop Wants to have leadership for which we consider him suitable stop
Have now put him aside stop Work continues under Doctor stop Please Guus to obey my orders stop

(72)  116 to Draughts 2 of 07.03.45 Don’t have this telegram.

(73)  Srl. B3897 from DC of 09.03.45
From Draughts 1 via Elan
Nr one stop ART report Hague eight hundred (800) killed one thousand heavily wounded fifty thousand roofless stop Please explain to us by Radio Oranje in
view present mood population stop The DC stop

(74)  118 to Draughts 2 of 09.03.45
118 to Draughts-2 via night Elan of 9.3.1945
Ref bombardment The Hague stop Strong protest addressed to Air Force concerned who regret casualties and damaged caused stop Received promise that
repetition bombing March third (3.3.45) will be avoided and bombing reduced to absolute minimum stop Must impress that targets are of utmost importance
but great care will in future be taken to avoid accidents like March third stop

(75)  130 to Draughts 2 of 22.03.45
To Draughts via night Elan.
Expect send on Saturday or Sunday on Cod special packages Penicillin for urgent delivery to Hospital at Hague for people injured during the air attack stop
We will send on same operation twenty four containers including eight containers medical stores marked red cross and also in one container marked white
cross small parcel codes for Sphinx (Jos Gemmeke) stop



Wants leadership
ROWING  (Hamilton) cabled (76) that instead of appointing the Doctor to carry on the work of DRAUGHTS-1, London should “leave all to him”. Everything
would than soon come right again. London should not place two captains on one ship.
The Commander of the Netherlands Forces of the Interior (Koot) (77) that DOCTOR X  (Veeneklaas) and Rowing had been appointed by him to look after the
organization of the reception and transport of weapons,
DOCTOR- X having the last word on account of his experience of this difficult work under DRAUGHTS-1 (Biallosterski), and his connections with normal
society which were necessary for this dangerous work.

Raid damage in The Hague
The Commandant of the Netherlands Forces of the Interior (Koot) reported via ROWING (78) that thousands were homeless in The Hague and great damage
had been done in the densely populated Bezuidenhout quarter, and in the historical town centre, after the raid of March 3rd. The fact that the Germans had
refused to allow Amsterdam Fire Brigade to assist in the fire fighting work, proved that there were no military targets in the immediate vicinity. London
pointed out to ROWING (79) that in the best interests of work in the field it had been decided to place him at the disposal of the Commandant of the
Netherlands Forces of the Interior. He would understand the necessity of avoiding friction at all costs. London accepted the request of the Commandant to
appoint DOCTOR X to carry on the work of DRAUGHTS-1 (Biallosterski) for the time being.

Squabble with Doctor X
ROWING was “very surprised” to hear of this decision (80). Would London expound its intention more clearly? DOCTOR X had been unfair in this matter and it
was impossible for ROWING to co-operate with him. He was quite sure he could manage things without the assistance of the Doctor, and hoped that London
would inform the Commandant that he, ROWING, might carry on as thought best.

(76) 5 from Rowing of 1.3.1945
From Rowing via Elan of 1.3.1945
5 stop Your nr one stop Guus asks leave all to him than everything soon right again stop Please do not place two captains on one ship stop Thanks
greetings Sally stop Message of Josephine love to Sybil (Bond) and all others Holland for ever stop

(77)  19 from Rowing of 05.03.45
From Rowing via Elan.
19 stop Doctor X and Lt. GUUS have been appointed by me with organization reception and transport of weapons whereby if necessary Mr. X has casting
voice on account of his experience in this difficult work under HANS and of his connection in normal society which are necessary for this dangerous task stop
This means in no way lack of appreciation for GUUS our only continuing with the most experienced and informed person stop For connection between OG AGD
SEI urgently request to send me a liaison officer older and much more military experienced than HANS stop The DC stop

(78)  18 from Rowing of 05.03.45
From Rowing via Elan of 5.3.1945
18 stop Bombardment The Hague March third cost several hundred dead and wounded comma thousands roofless and great damage in densely populated
Bezuidenhout quarter and historical town centre stop No military targets in immediate vicinity which is proved by German refusal to give petrol to
Amsterdam fire brigade for assistance in combating spreading fires stop DC stop

(79)  16 to Rowing of 09.03.45
16 to Rowing via night Elan.
In the best interest of the work we have placed you at disposal of CNBS to carry out work as in our fifteen (15)  stop You will understand necessity to avoid
friction at all costs stop We accept the request of CNBS to appoint Doctor X to carry out Hans’ work for time being stop

(80)  21 from Rowing of 09.03.45
From Rowing via Towy.
2 stop In view of your answering my five (5) I was surprised to learn that CNBS (Koot) proposed to appoint ARENT in the place of HANS stop This is the
way in which CNBS interprets your words quote All activities should be agreed by CNBS unquote stop Please expound your intention more clearly to CNBS
stop As ARENT has been too unfair in this affair it is impossible for me to cooperate with him stop CARELS LVAIS an officer and daily cooperator of HANS
now in my staff is of the same meaning and even HILL under HANS’ commander of dropping grounds in N Holland has informed us that on no account he will
work under ARENT stop
As I am sure to be able to manage things without the assistance of AREND I hope you will inform CNBS a new and clearly that I may carry on as I think best
stop ARENT is same person as Doctor X stop