HUNTEMANN claims that he surrendered in order to place his knowledge of the Abwehr at the disposal of the Allies; the interrogating officer feels that HUNTEMANN has justified this claim. Throughout interrogation, he has been helpful and co-operative, and where checking has been possible, the information he has given has been found reliable.

It must be remembered, however, that he has been indirectly responsible for the death of a number of SOE agents. If there is ant mitigation, then it is only fair to point out hat, according to Abwehr III-F personnel in Holland, and especially HUNTEMANN, were humane in their behaviour towards captured agents.

HUNTEMANN claims that he was never a Nazi and this is almost certainly correct, his whole background and carreer are in keeping with such a claim. He states that he is not aware of any long-term planning either by the German Staff or the NSDAP, but inclines to the opinion that the latter may have certain plans for the future, but he can give no definite grounds for this view.

HUNTEMANN is an optimist for he discusses the possibility of obtaining an appointment with a German firm after release and, in addition, has the intention of marrying the daughter of Rittmeister NÍLLE, 22 years younger than himself; such marriage was forbidden under Nuremberg laws.

Camp 020
July 45