II - RESISTANCE GROUPS

SQUEAK (second mission)        (W/T for Rotterdam KP)

SQUEAKís training name was SJOERDSMA (Sjoerd Sjoerdsma). He would be known in the field as GUNDER. In view of the important operational tasks to
be undertaken by resistance forces in Rotterdam, it was necessary to send further W/T operator to assure the communications of the NBS via Special
Forces HQ to Allied Command. SQUEAK would set as W/T operator to VICTOR, the commandant of the KP in Rotterdam, and would transmit his traffic and
that of such persons as he (VICTOR) might direct. The operator, who had already worked in the Overijssel area with EDUARD, was dropped in the
Rotterdam area on the night of April 11th. PING (ten Broek) was not proving very successful as a W/T operator; hence the need for SQUEAK.


W/T  traffic

On April 18th SQUEAK reported his safe arrival (60). He had a bad landing without a jumping helmet. He was at present al Kralingen. He was sorry that
initial contact was late, but the organisors had not given him speedy help. The remainder of SQUEAKís message were concerned solely with the
technicalities of transmissions.

(60)  From Squeak via Pike.
Arrived safely but had bad landing without jumping helmet stop Present location Kralingen stop DZRRY initial contact SP JATE (late) as organisors gave no
quick help stop Standing by for broadcasts stop VICTOR SHZZBBUBSCR (Victorís HZZBBUBSCR) called FRANS or FERDINAND wants JOS or me to contact
twenty first army group stop Do you agree otherwise give instructions stop

GRUNT (Second Mission) & FIZZ     (Organiser & W/T in The Hague)


GRUNTís training name was GEHRELS (Anton Marie Jacob Gehrels). He would be known in the field as JOOP. Arms and explosives had been sent to The
Hague for use by the NBS which had been asked to sabotage the German telecommunications system. There was urgent need of an adviser and instructor
in this area in connection with reception committee work and the use of equipment. GRUNT would act as adviser and instructor to the commandant of the
NBS at The Hague. He would work under Headquartersí own organizer DRAUGHTS-2 (Cor van Paaschen), through whom he would communicate with
London. He would also assist in the organization of reception committees, and give instruction on the use of arms and explosives.


FIZZís trainings name was STUVEL (Fernidand Theodorus Stuvel). He would be known in the field as HEIN. In view of an important operational tasks to be
undertaken by resistance forces in The Hague, it was necessary to send a further W/T operator to assure the communications of the NBS via SF HQ to the
Allied Command. FIZZ would act as W/T operator to The NBS commandant at The Hague, and would transmit his traffic and that of any such persons as he
might direct. 

GRUNT (second Mission) and FIZZ were dropped on the night of April 23rd to a DRAUGHTS-2 reception committee in The Hague area. Owing  to the
political intrigue which was then going on, and to the speedy German capitulation, their mission was not very successful. No material was dropped to them.

GRIND/SPLASH/YELP        (Instructors in Amsterdam area)

GRINDís training name was DAMEN (Willem Dinger). He would be known in the field as DICK. SPLASHís training name was PALSTRA (Floris Edmond Marie
van der Putt). He would be known in the field as JIM. YELPís training name was NIJDAM ( Bernardus Petrus Johannes Antonius Nijdam). He would be
known in the field as LOUIS.
The NBS in the Amsterdam area had been asked to sabotage the German communications system, and would eventually be called upon to undertake further
action according to the requirements of the Allied Command. They had urgent need of instructors who had been trained in the use of arms and explosives
and in the organization of reception committees. GRIND, SPLASH and YELP would be sent to the field to act as instructors under the orders of MAX, who
was acting as deputy to the commander of the NBS, or any other person whom he might appoint.


Warned Against Cribbage
London was pleased to make contact with YELP (61). He was warned that if he was in contact with a man named DUVEEN (Arie van Duyn), whose field
name was THEODOR, he should remember that if this man was free he was most likely under German control. YELP should, therefore, on no account have
anything to do with him or his contacts.

GURGLE & RUMBLE (Second Mission)       (Liaison in Noord-Holland)

GRURGLEís training name was BROEKMAN (Willem Bouma). He would be known in the field as DIRK. RUMBLEís training name was PLEYSIER (Wouter
Pleijsier). He would be known in the field as KLAAS. London had no direct liaison with the NBS in Noord-Holland, north of the Noordzee canal. According to
information received from the commander, the NBS was about 1450 strong in that area. Weapons and explosives had already been dropped in Noord-
Holland. GURGLE and RUMBLE would act as liaison officers between the commander of the NBS in Noord-Holland and the Allied forces. They would assist
the Commander of the NBS in Noord Holland (Westenacker) in the organizing of this forces for the execution in due course of the orders which already been
transmitted to him. GRING, SPLASH, YELP, GURGLE and RUMBLE (Second Mission) were dropped on the night of April 23rd, but owing to the food
dropping and the German capitulation their mission was short lived.

                                                                               III - CLANDESTINE PRESS



London advised DRAUGHTS-2 (Cor van Paaschen) (62) that three packages of penicillin had been included in the last dropping operation. Would he please
report whether he had received this load? He must advise London immediately of the result of every dropping operation. He pointed out (63) that it was
now impossible for resistance forces to free DRAUGHTS-1 (Biallosterski). Would London please send money immediately so that they might try to use
bribery to secure his release.

Bezique freed
On April 13th DRAUGHTS-2 reported (64) the release of BEZIQUE (Jan Steman).
He had been asked by the underground press to arrange for the dispatch of Allied periodicals into Holland as soon as possible after the liberation (65).

Agents dropped to wrong grounds
London believed that he had received in error three instructors destined for Amsterdam (66). Would he please put them in touch with PETER ZUID
(Borghouts)? The organisor and operator destined for The Hague had also been dropped on the wrong ground.

Dutch Gestapo agent shot
He reported (67) that the Dutch Gestapo agent VAN DE WAALS, alias DE WILDE, had been shot by the SD.
SEYSS-INQUART had arrived in The Hague with high-ranking staff officers of the SD and important Dutch traitors.

(62)  134 to Draughts 2 of 03.04.45
To Draughts-2  via night Elan.
On Tuesday twenty seventh March at Ground Cod we delivered to you twenty four containers and seven special packages including three packages
Penicillin stop Please tell use if you have received to load stop You must report immediately result of each and every dropping stop

(63)  268 from Draughts-2 of 12.04.45
From Draughts-2  via Validate.
My two six eight stop Received inclusive your one two two (122) my two six three (263) and four cancelled stop For resistance impossible to free HANS
stop Please send immediately money to try to free him stop

(64)  288 from Draughts of 13.04.45
From Draughts 2 via Sil.
My two eight eight of twelve FRANS released please listen for him on newest plan stop

(65)  313 from Draughts 2 of 25.04.45
From Draughts 2 via Spean.
My three one three stop Press asks to arrange possibility receiving soonest after liberation materials aoa papers week and monthlys and books for your
fighting forces organization stop

(66)  146 to Draughts 2 of 26.04.45
To Draughts 2 via night Spean
Believe you received in error three instructors destined for Amsterdam stop Please put them in touch with PETER ZUID care of CNBS stop The one
organisor and one operator for The Hague were dropped on wrong ground stop If they do not reach NBS Den Haag then let us know and give contact
address stop

(67)  Srl. A1556 from Draughts 2 of 30.04.45


Bezique released
London was delighted (68) at the news of BEZIQUEís (Jan Steman) release. It was considered, however, that he should not transmit or take part in any
clandestine activities as he might be watched by the SD, and thus bring danger to others.

Ready to carry on
He replied (69) that there was no danger at all of him being shadowed by the SD. He was therefore prepared to carry on with his W/T work. The remainder
of BEZIQUEís traffic was concerned with the technicalities of transmission.

(68)  104 to Bezique of 14.04.45
To Bezique via night Elan.
Delighted to hear good news stop AÖ sending reply to our message to PIETER consider you should not transmit or take part in any clandestine activities as
you may be watched by SD and bring others in danger stop

(69)  44 from Bezique of 21.04.45
From Bezique via Spean
Nr forty four (44) stop There is no danger at all of me being shadowed by SD PIETER will tell you more about this stop Give me own broadcast plan soonest
stop Am now listening to plan of BRAM stop

To Draughts-2 via night Elan of April 21st .
For FRANS stop Broadcast plan night Spean as follow stop We will transmit at zero zero three zero (00:30) hours on freqs three five six two (3562) and
four two two seven point five (4227.5) first indicator is five nuts five (5N5), second nine five Harry (95H) third seven five Easter(35E), fourth two seven
London (27L) stop Will send test message Sunday and Monday inform us soonest if reception OK stop