Captain ABEN and Jonkheer GEEVERS-DEYNOOD.
In the spring of 1943, Krimrat. SCHREIEDER of the SD, The Hague came one day to Referat III-F and explained that his V-Mann, Capt. ABEN (Camp 020 Case) had received instructions from the British Embassy in Stockholm to bring to Sweden the former Police president of The Hague, Jonkheer Van GEEVERS-DEYNOOD. SCHREIEDER was willing that GEEVERS-DEYNOOD should go to Stockholm as he hoped to arrest him on his return to Holland and thus learn the instructions that the latter had received from the British Embasy.
SCHREIEDER had instructed ABEN to engage GEEVERS-DEYNOOD as cook on board his ship the 'Hollandia', but a complication had arisenin that an espioage group had entrusted to GEEVERS-DEYNOOD a large number of Leica files. GEEVERS-DEYNOOD as a cook felt that it would be difficult to conceal these and had asked ABEN to put them in the ship's safe in the Captain's cabin. ABEN thereupon brought the film to SCHREIEDER who showed them to Abwehr III-F in order to determine whether they could be allowed to go forward to the British Embassy. On eximination, the films were dicovered to be of exceptional importance and under no circumstances could they be allowed to fall into enemy hands. The films were accordingly replaced with old paper and the sealed up envelope was given to ABEN for safe custody. The problem now presented itself how to get rid of the package en route and at the same time not let GEEVERS-DEYNOOD know that ABEN was working for the Germans.
It was therefore decided to stage a surprise search of the ship. Korv. Kapt. NENNECKE of Referat III-M of AST Niederlande, was instructed with the arrangement and HUNTEMANN at his request  accompanied him. Accordingly NENNECKE, HUNTEMANN and some SD officials boarded a tug and accosted the 'Hollandia' and another ship sailing in convoy with her.
The two ships were ordered to lay to and anchor, and the search of the second ship began. The unusual proceedings were, of course noticed by those on board the 'Hollandia', and ABEN called GEEVERS-DEYNOOD to his cabin and told him that such circumstances he could not keep the package in the safe. He therefore suggested to GEEVERS-DEYNOOD that the lattershould take it and hide it somewhere else. GEEVERS-DEYNOOD replied that he was unable to find a hiding place on board and agreed that the package should be thrown over the side, and this was done in the presence of GEEVERS-DEYNOOD. One of the Naval Guard on board the 'Hollandia' had however noticed the jettisening of the package and reported the matter to Capt. NENNECKE. An 'enquiry' was therfore held in ABEN's cabin, the latter declaring that he was smuggling cirgarette paper to Sweden and had thrown them overboard to avoid unpleasantness with the customsauthorities. The 'Hollandia' with GEEVERS-DEYNOOD on board was then allowed to proceed.
It is not known to GISKES or HUNTEMANN if GEEVERS-DEYNOOD returned to Holland from Sweden.